GH Update Wednesday 3/25/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/25/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Lucky and Nikolas run into each other on the docks. Nikolas asks if Lucky is on his way to Kelly’s since that’s where Rebecca works. Nikolas can’t believe Lucky is hitting on the Emily look-alike, Rebecca hears this exchange.

At their house Robin tells Patrick that she sent Emma to the park with Judy not because she’ avoiding her but because Laney is coming over. Robin wonders if it’s not enough that she’s doing what he wants.

Johnny is waiting for Claudia in the living room of Sonny’s house. He says that he saw fear in her at the party and wants to know what’s wrong. Claudia tells him about Ric discovering her involvement in Michael’s shooting.

In his penthouse Jason talks to Bernie on the phone. Ric comes to see Jason. They both agree that they don’t like each other but Ric suggests that they put their differences behind them and ban together, but Jason doesn’t want to. Ric reminds Jason that Jason and Sonny’s rekindled relationship is still new. Jason says he will find leverage to get rid of Ric.

Johnny wants to know what Ric wants from Claudia but she says she doesn’t know yet although she thinks part of it includes sleeping with her. She still refuses to leave Sonny and thinks she can figure out how to deal with Ric.

Robin thought Patrick wanted her to get help so she doesn’t know why he’s mad at her, but he says he can’t be nice after she abandoned him and Emma. She apologizes and doesn’t think Patrick is being fair. Robin says that things are different now because she has admitted she has a problem and has called someone to help. Patrick wants to know if Laney even knows why she’s coming over, if she knows that Robin has been “completely out of control.”

Edward shows up on the Haunted Star looking for Tracey but Ethan says he hasn’t seen her. Edward bad mouths Luke and asks Ethan to call him when Tracey gets in and offers him $20 for his trouble. Ethan refuses the money and Edward says what a nice boy he is. Ethan drops a pen and as he goes to pick it up bumps into Edward, I can only imagine to steal his wallet. Luke witnesses it from the stairs.

Lucky tells Nikolas that he doesn’t have a problem with Rebecca’s resemblance to Emily and likes her for who she is. He also says they are not dating. Lucky says his friendship with Rebecca has nothing to do with Emily, but Nikolas seems unconvinced. Lucky asks him if he’s accusing him of having had secret feelings for Emily that he’s working out by dating Rebecca. Nikolas says it’s not a bad theory but he’s still stuck on how Lucky could be so insensitive to his feelings and its also creepy. Lucky points out that Rebecca is nothing to Nikolas so it shouldn’t matter what they do. Elizabeth shows up at the pier and sees Rebecca listening to the two fight, and informs Nikolas and Lucky that they have an audience. Elizabeth says that she walked in on Rebecca getting an ear full and Rebecca calls her melodramatic and that she just happened upon them. Elizabeth questions why she just stood there and listened and Rebecca says the fight had just started and she was hoping they would come to some sort of consensus. Elizabeth seems exasperated as she asks how they don’t understand why this would be a problem for Nikolas. Nikolas says it’s not Rebecca’s fault so Lucky jumps in and says that it must be his then to which Nikolas says he expects some consideration from his brother, which Elizabeth says is reasonable. Rebecca says she wishes she could do it over and have chosen to live somewhere else and not be caught between two brothers. Rebecca leaves. Lucky tells Nikolas he intends to see Rebecca again. After Nikolas leaves Elizabeth gives Lucky a judging look.

Lucky pulls Ethan away from Edward and tells him to give him the wallet. Edward finishes his note to Tracey and Luke and Ethan argue. Luke is upset with Ethan.

Patrick asks Robin if there is anything she wants to tell him. He wants to know if all of her actions have felt out of her control and she says its probably because of her depression. She wants assurances that Patrick will be able to forgive her. Laney arrives expecting brunch but knows something is wrong by the looks on Patrick and Robin’s faces. Patrick leaves for work and Robin tells Laney that this isn’t a social visit. She tells Laney that she needs help with her PPD.

Ric tells Jason that Sonny needs both of them to make his deals. Jason says that he will make sure Sonny never trusts him. Ric tells Jason he no longer runs anything and that Sonny knows he has ambition.

Spinelli thanks Sam for her help at Kelly’s. Spinelli propositions Sam to go into business with him as private investigators. Sam is skeptical as she works best alone. Winifred interrupts and says there is a disaster.

At Mercy Patrick apologizes to Matt for getting mad at Matt for seeing the truth of Matt’s condition. Patrick isn’t sure if talking to Laney is right but hopes it’s a step in the right direction.

Robin apologizes for putting Laney in the position of treating her friend but says she’s not sure if she could talk to a stranger. Laney asks her to start from the beginning. Robin starts at the beginning and how Emma would cry when Robin held her, but would be fine with Patrick. She says she didn’t feel magically connected to Emma, she didn’t feel that instant bond instead she felt overwhelmed and incompetent. Robin closes up when Laney suggests that she felt like having Emma was a mistake and leaves Laney in her house.

Winifred tells them that she has been fired because she’s a security risk. Sam says it makes sense but Spinelli says since there is no proof Raynor is just being spiteful. Raynor also told her that if she fights her termination he will open a new investigation against Spinelli. Spinelli invites Winifred to join McCall and Jackal private investigators.

Luke tells Ethan that he has to return the wallet because the Quartermaine’s are off limits. Tracey comes in and demands Ethan return the wallet. Tracey says Ethan is good at fooling people and she could use his skills.

Laney shows up at the hospital and Patrick asks how things went. Laney says that Robin started to talk but then ran out. She thinks Robin is in real trouble.

Robin is crying on the pier as Jason walks up. He calls her name and she runs into his arms for a hug.

Ric visits Agent Raynor. Ric tells him he can give him information that could be useful against a major crime figure.

Nikolas arrives at the hospital and tries to walk past Rebecca but she calls after him. She says he doesn’t have to avoid her and she apologizes for eavesdropping. She didn’t realize it would be so difficult. She says she likes Lucky but that’s as far as it goes, it’s not anything to fight over.

Tracey wants Ethan to help her investigate Edward’s stock options. Tracey doesn’t know why Luke cares since he’s the king of cons. Luke brings up Edward’s heart but Tracey doesn’t seem to consider that. Luke says Ethan is not going to help and tells Ethan that Tracey won’t give him a cut. Instead he wants to work with Ethan and cut Tracey out.

Ric says he’s risking a lot. Raynor offers immunity and witness protection, but Ric says he won’t testify, he wants something else. Raynor guesses that Ric wants to take over organized crime in the area and for the FBI to look the other way but Raynor is skeptical that Ric can get the information. We see a picture of Claudia on the table.

Robin tells Jason about her PPD. She remembers how she used to talk about Carly and now she knows what its like. She tells Jason about leaving Emma at Kelly’s for hours. Jason seems very concerned. Robin says she has no right to have a child.

Ric comes to see Claudia at the mansion. Ric tells Claudia he wants her to strat gathering information he can use against Sonny and Jason or he’ll give the DVD to Sonny.

Robin tells Jason about going to Rochester and lying about her life. Jason says that Carly got better, but Robin wonders if she should just admit that she’s a terrible mother and get out of Emma’s life. Jason asks if she really wants to give up Emma and Robin says no, she wants to get better.

Elizabeth comes over to Patrick’s to help him out because Judy left. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Robin tried to talk to Laney but ran away. Patrick wouldn’t mind being able to get away right now either.

Nikolas admits to Rebecca that he’s hurt that she prefers Lucky. She says that she just knows Lucky better because he just accepts her as her, like Nikolas is doing at that moment. A nurse comes in and tells Rebecca they are ready for her mammogram.

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