GH Update Tuesday 3/24/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/24/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Raynor’s office Raynor accuses Jason of screwing up the wire tap. He demands Jason get the evidence he needs or Spinelli is going to jail.

In their hotel room Jax stops Carly from playing the DVD player by giving her a watch.

At Sonny’s house, Ric begins to tell Sonny that he has information regarding one of his guests at the party. Claudia walks in and Ric invites her into the conversation.

In the hall outside Robin’s hotel room Patrick overhears Brad and Robin discuss their evening and Robin telling Brad that she needed him that night. Patrick then leaves before talking to her. Brad wishes Robin well after realizing she’s not over another man.

Raynor starts to threaten Jason with prison. Raynor thinks putting Jason away might be just what he needs.

Inside the FBI Sam is being questioned about why she’s there by another agent when Winifred comes and calls her Agent Samuels.

At Lulu and Maxie’s Maxie, Lulu and Spinelli are eating. Spinelli says something about Maxie and Johnny to which Maxie accuses him of being jealous and tells him not to hurt Lulu’s feelings. Johnny comes in and Lulu says that now that he’s back in the mob he shouldn’t have to go out with Maxie anymore.

Claudia tries to stop Ric from spilling anything by saying he’s being petty and that since the night went so well he shouldn’t ruin it.

Jax and Carly talk about not taking anything for granted. They talk about learning from their mistakes and agree to work through anything that comes up.

Ric points out his attributes to Sonny and how he could be an asset especially since he knows a lot about the Zacharra organization. Ric wants to know if he’s allowed in or not, when Sonny doesn’t answer he asks Claudia clearly seeking her support.

Johnny doesn’t know why Lulu is jumping to conclusions and Maxie tells them they should talk in private but Lulu doesn’t want to. She attacks Johnny going to the party because it’s hypocritical. He yells that if Claudia needs him he’s going to be there and when Lulu has more to say he says he’s not going to explain himself anymore to her. Lulu leaves. Spinelli and Maxie urge Johnny to go after Lulu. Spinelli doesn’t want Johnny and Lulu to break up and leave Johnny free to pursue Maxie since he knows about their night in the garage.

Diane arrives to help Jason. Raynor announces that Jason and Spinelli are under arrest.

Johnny wants to know why Maxie told Spinelli. Johnny thinks it might be better for Lulu to find out. Spinelli says no matter what Johnny won’t have Maxie. A knock at the door comes and it’s the FBI, they are there to arrest Spinelli who opens the door and lets them in.

Jax watches more of the DVD from Jerry.

Ric thinks that since Sonny values Claudia’s opinions he may want to hear her out. Claudia tells Ric she despises him and thinks he’s a parasite.

Patrick arrives home and tells Elizabeth about seeing Robin kissing another man. Patrick says he’s made a mistake trying to help Robin and going to her family and friends for help while she’s off sleeping with someone else.

Jerry tells Jax that none of this is his fault and hopes that Jax and Carly can work through this.

Claudia continues that Ric is a traitor and disloyal. She doesn’t think he can be trusted but she thinks Sonny may be able to use him since Zacharra’s lieutenants like him and he may have information that is useful. Sonny says he’ll think about it.

Winifred dismisses Sam to meet her in her office and gets the other agent to leave with her. Sam gains access to a room with the pass card she stole from Raynor.

Maxie freaks out to Johnny about Spinelli getting arrested again. She says its all her fault because she was selfish. Johnny understands being there for someone because he was there for his sister.

Patrick wonders if Robin told this man about her HIV. Elizabeth tries to calm Patrick down but he’s not having it. He doesn’t know how not to take this personally and attacks Elizabeth by comparing it to Lucky cheating on her. Elizabeth knows how he feels. Patrick says he never thought he’d find Robin with another man. Elizabeth tries to explain that post-partum can make women create fantasy worlds. Patrick is not so sure Robin will come back. Elizabeth assures him that Robin loves them. Patrick says he’s not going to talk about this when she gets home, he says no one can know that he found her with another man.

Robin leaves the hotel.

Johnny shares his concerns for Claudia with Maxie and tells her he’s not giving up on his car shop dreams. Maxie says she doesn’t care if she’s not good enough for Spinelli, she wants him anyway. She says if she loses him she’ll close her heart forever. Without Spinelli she’ll go after anyone or anything she wants, including Johnny.

Spinelli is brought to Raynor and Jason and Diane. Spinelli starts to ramble and nearly says too much. Diane intervenes.

Sam gets into the case files and pulls out a file with a flash drive in it. She uploads it and sees it is the evidence against Spinelli. She takes the flash drive and returns the folder.

Patrick talks to Emma about Robin. He says he thought happiness would come after he gave up his bachelorhood for a wife and family. He doesn’t know what Robin wants anymore and he doesn’t think she knows either. He promises to take care of Emma no matter what. Robin comes home.

An agent interrupts and tells Raynor that the evidence on file has been corrupted by a tape worm. Raynor accuses Spinelli. The agent also says that the back-up flash drive has been erased. Raynor’s pass card is the last one used to access the file room. Raynor tells Jason and Spinelli they can go but he’s not backing off.

Claudia sees if Sonny is coming to bed. She defends her decision to back Ric because he’s useful. She then says that her and Sonny are becoming pretty good partners.

Carly wakes to find Jax is not next to her. Jax tells her nothing will ever come between them again.

Robin folds clothes and Patrick tells her “Emma is fine, by the way.” He then tells her that he knew where she was. He says he was going to come and find her and she says it’s better that he didn’t. She needed to come back on her own. She tells him she wanted to get away from things that made her feel like a failure. She tells him about Ruth the bartender and about how she made up a life for herself with no strings. She doesn’t tell him about Brad. She tells him that she was scared and admits to having PPD and that she needs help.

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