GH Update Monday 3/23/09

General Hospital Update Monday 3/23/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jax watches Jerry’s DVD in the hotel room. Jerry admits that he left DVDs all around the Corinthos house for Claudia to find. Jerry reveals that he worked with Claudia in the past. Jerry adds that he and Claudia hired Ian Devlin to shoot Sonny. Jax looks horrified as he is watching the DVD. Jerry says that he never intended for Michael to get shot. From the bathroom, Carly calls out to Jax.

Winifred and Spinelli break into Rayner’s office. Spinelli opens Rayner’s laptop and finds that all access is denied.

At the Corinthos house, Jason and Sonny talk while Rayner is listening from a van.

While Claudia is getting ready for the party, Ric surprises her by bringing up Jerry’s DVD.

Patrick asks Elizabeth to come over to the house. Patrick fills Elizabeth in on where Robin has been all this time: Rochester. Elizabeth asks Patrick what he is going to do. Patrick is unsure of what to say to Robin.

Robin invites Brad to her hotel room. Robin pours a drink for Brad and herself.

Jax yells to Carly that everything is alright. Jax quickly puts the DVD back into its case.

Sam goes to Rayner’s office, where she finds Winifred and Spinelli trying to access the incriminating files.

Back at the Corinthos living room, Sonny talks to Jason about business. Jason is acting totally out of character. Sonny is growing suspicious.

Ric threatens to give Sonny the DVD that Jerry made. Claudia wants to know how her and Ric can work things out. Claudia thinks that Ric wants to blackmail her.

Lulu returns home to her apartment. Johnny is about to leave. Lulu asks if Johnny has another event to attend with Maxie. Johnny says he was invited to a cocktail party at Sonny’s home. Lulu doesn’t understand why Johnny would want to go. Johnny says that Claudia needs his support. Lulu implies that Johnny wants to get back into the business. Johnny walks out as Maxie is coming in. Lulu explains that Johnny is on his way to Sonny’s. Maxie tells Lulu that she needs to be a more supportive girlfriend.

Ric and Claudia continue to talk in the Corinthos home. Ric says that he will keep quiet in exchange for something. Ric kisses Claudia. Claudia pulls away. Ric tells her that she needs to get dressed for the cocktail party.

In the hotel room, Carly asks Jax what is wrong. Jax lies and says that he is bothered about a business deal. Carly makes a comment that Jax is just like Jerry. Jax and Carly start to kiss. Jax asks her if she is still hungry. Carly goes to get dressed for their dinner reservation.

In Rayner’s office, Winifred keeps an eye on the door. Sam and Spinelli try to hack into the laptop. Winifred tells Spinelli to hurry up.

People are starting to arrive at Sonny’s cocktail party. Rayner is continuing to listen in. A few mob bosses congratulate Sonny for being back in business. Sonny talks about shipments, but Jason doesn’t want to go into detail. Ric interrupts their conversation. Ric tells Sonny that everyone needs to know that Sonny is in charge, not Jason. As Claudia is walking down the staircase, she notices Ric talking to Sonny.

Jax and Carly are dressed to go to dinner. Jax tells Carly that she looks beautiful. Jax can’t believe that he ever wanted to end their marriage. Carly reassures him that everything worked out in the end. Carly promises to never keep any secrets from Jax. Jax agrees to do the same.

At the cocktail party, Claudia interrupts Sonny and Jason’s conversation. Claudia points out some of the guests. Rayner is growing impatient because Sonny isn’t saying anything incriminating. Ric makes a comment, which infuriates Sonny. Jason ends up having his wire turned off. Rayner can’t hear anything. Johnny shows up. Claudia tells him that she is grateful that he has come to the party.

Back at the apartment, Maxie tells Lulu to chill out about Johnny. Lulu is tired of Johnny being drawn back into the mob business. Maxie remarks that Johnny is close to Claudia, so it is normal that she would invite him to a party. Lulu suggests that Maxie knows more about Johnny than she does.

At the Drake home, Elizabeth and Patrick talk about Robin. Patrick is still shocked that Robin left Port Charles willingly. Elizabeth says that Patrick needs to have a serious talk with Robin before anything will get better.

In the hotel room, Robin tells Brad about a childhood memory involving a tree house. Robin and Brad kiss. They start to kiss on the bed until Robin pushes Brad away. Brad says that he really likes Nancy (Robin). Robin apologizes for laying all of her baggage on him. Robin divulges that she thought she had found true love once. Robin explains that one day she woke up and realized that her life was a mess. Robin says that she is running from her problems.

Elizabeth talks to Patrick about Lucky’s past drug problem. Elizabeth tells Patrick to be supportive of Robin no matter what. Patrick confides that he wants Robin home and hopes that Robin can get well. Elizabeth says that Patrick needs to bring Robin home.

At Rayner’s office, Spinelli continues to look for the files on the laptop.

Rayner and the other agents are still unable to hear anything from Jason’s wire.

Sonny makes a speech to everyone at the cocktail party. Sonny announces that he is running things again. Jason concurs that he is second-in-command again. Johnny pipes in that he wants to say something. Claudia looks worried. Johnny admits that he trusts Sonny and will be supportive in any way he can.

During the party, Jason gets a call from an irate Rayner.

Back at their apartment, Maxie tells Lulu that she isn’t interested in getting to know Johnny. Spinelli returns. Maxie wants to know if Spinelli successfully hacked into the laptop.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Ric talk to Sal about business. Claudia grabs her brother to speak to him in private. Sonny tells Ric that Claudia’s idea for the party was a good one. Ric implies that Sonny doesn’t know his wife very well.

Jax and Carly return to the hotel room. Jax suggests that he has a present for Carly. Jax says that he has to go back and get it. Jax leaves. Carly finds the DVD on the couch. Carly decides to call home and ask about Morgan. Jax returns to the hotel room and sees the empty DVD case.

Ric tells Sonny that he has information that could change Sonny’s life.

Jason goes to Rayner’s office, where Rayner lets him hear the tape of the conversation. Rayner is mad that there is nothing incriminating on the tape. Therefore, Rayner says he is going to have Jason arrested.

Brad is about to leave Robin’s hotel room when Patrick shows up. Patrick hides out of sight while Robin gives Brad a goodnight kiss.

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