GH Update Friday 3/20/09

General Hospital Update Friday 3/20/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Jason’s penthouse, Rayner tells Jason that he needs to wear a wire. Jason refuses. Rayner continues to use Spinelli as leverage. Rayner threatens to arrest Spinelli tonight if Jason doesn’t cooperate.

At Maxie’s apartment, Winifred and Spinelli discuss Spinelli’s current situation involving the Feds.

Jax and Carly start to kiss in their hotel room. Carly finds a package on the bed, but Jax throws it on the ground.

At home, Sonny implies that he wants Claudia to pack her bags and leave. Claudia boldly asks Sonny if he wants her to get ready for the cocktail party instead. Sonny brings up Johnny. Claudia says that Johnny trusts Sonny. Sonny says that the party is the perfect opportunity for everyone to know that he is running the organization again.

Back at the penthouse, Jason adamantly refuses to wear a wire. Rayner says that Jason should help Spinelli, an innocent, instead of a dangerous criminal like Sonny. Jason feels torn between helping his friend or his boss.

Winifred explains to Spinelli that he can’t leave the apartment. Spinelli wants to be heroic in his own way. Winifred reminds Spinelli that he is better off not going out in public.

Patrick, Mac, and Maxie are waiting in the Drake living room, wondering where Robin is. Mac is confused since Robin would never leave willingly. Maxie says that when Robin returns, Robin won’t admit she has post-partum depression. Maxie explains that Robin thinks that what she is doing is normal.

At the bar in Rochester, Robin asks Brad if his date offer still stands.

Carly and Jax grab some champagne and make a toast in their hotel room. Carly throws the glasses on the bed and grabs Jax, kissing him.

Back at the Drake home, Patrick blames himself for Robin’s condition. Mac pipes in that Patrick could have been more supportive. Maxie plays peacemaker and says that Robin wouldn’t want Patrick and Mac to fight. Maxie has to leave and wishes the two of them good luck. Mac says that he is going to find Robin.

Robin tells Brad about working as a pharmaceutical rep. Robin says she plans on traveling to Port Charles next for her job. Brad and Robin leave the bar together.

At Rayner’s office, Sam storms in. Sam wants Rayner to back off and leave her alone. Rayner admits that if Sonny is brought down, Sam will be able to get her PI license. Sam is outraged. Sam brings up the point that Rayner will never back down. Sam is determined to get her PI license.

Back at the penthouse, Jason tells Diane that he can’t go see Spinelli at Maxie’s place. Jason remarks that Spinelli showed up at Rayner’s office, of all places. Jason says that thankfully, the FBI agent didn’t spot Spinelli. Diane is surprised that Winifred is willing to help. Jason is unsure of how to help Spinelli.

At home, Sonny tells Max to make sure that the party runs smoothly. Claudia reassures Sonny that the party will go well. Sonny and Claudia discuss the menu and drinks. Sonny is still suspicious as to why Claudia needs Johnny at the party. Claudia appears guilty of something.

While in bed, Jax finds the package. Jax tells Carly that the packaging looks familiar. Carly kisses him. Jax is curious about the package and suggests that they open it.

Jason asks Diane how he should deal with the situation regarding Spinelli. Diane says that it wasn’t smart for Spinelli to show up at Rayner’s office. Diane is blunt and says that Spinelli is in big trouble if the FBI still has the evidence against him.

Maxie returns home to the apartment. Maxie asks if Spinelli can hack in and destroy the evidence against him. Winifred says that the whole thing is too risky. Winifred leaves Maxie and Spinelli alone. Maxie divulges that she has put everything on the line to help Spinelli. Maxie adds that Jason has been trying everything he can to free Spinelli, as well. Spinelli says that he is thankful that Maxie believes in him. Winifred returns. Winifred tells Spinelli that they need to go. Maxie kisses Spinelli.

Back in the hotel room, Carly tells Jax that she doesn’t want to watch the DVD from the package. Jax finally agrees with Carly. Jax sets the DVD on the table. They kiss again.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Claudia discuss Johnny. Sonny says he wants two things from Claudia: honesty and loyalty. Claudia questions whether Jason can take orders from Sonny. Sonny says he trusts Jason completely. Claudia asks Sonny if he will ever completely trust her. Sonny tells her he doesn’t know. Claudia goes upstairs to get dressed for the cocktail party.

Robin and Brad return to the bar. Robin says she can’t believe that they had different reactions to the movie they just saw together. Brad thinks that the movie got to Robin.

Ric shows up at the Corinthos home. Sonny says if Ric isn’t going to work for him, Ric might as well leave the premises. Outside in the foyer, Diane and Max are talking. Diane tells Max to keep his mouth shut and not say anything to Jason.

Jason decides to wear the wire. Rayner explains that they will be listening to Jason’s conversation with Sonny. Jason and Rayner leave the penthouse.

At the Drake home, Mac says that he and Patrick should be a united front when Robin returns home. Mac gets a call. Patrick wants to know if someone found Robin. Mac says that Robin is in Rochester. Mac demands that Patrick bring Robin home safely.

Robin and Brad discuss the movie. Robin talks about taking chances and being spontaneous. Brad makes an implied comment. Robin leans over and kisses Brad.

Jason arrives at Sonny’s home. Jason looks nervous.

In another room, Ric speaks to Claudia. Ric shows her one of Jerry’s DVDs. Claudia is horrified.

In bed, Carly and Jax talk about Michael. Carly brings up a memory of Michael. Carly says that she wonders if there was someone else involved in Michael’s shooting. Jax brings up that they have a dinner reservation. Carly thanks Jax for loving her. Carly leaves the room to get dressed. Jax puts on a robe and eyes the DVD sitting on the coffee table. Jax grabs the DVD and turns on the TV. Jax is shocked that Jerry is on the DVD. Jerry states that he has a confession to make.

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