GH Update Thursday 3/19/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/19/09


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Elizabeth brings Emma in to Patrick. Patrick thanks Liz for printing out the information for him. Liz says that the experts suggest that both parents seek the help of a professional. Patrick says that it is a little difficult when she isnít there.

Robin says that she shouldnít have stayed so long. Brad says that he is sorry if he crossed a line. Robin says that she hasnít been totally honest about her situation.

Jax tells Carly that he wants to be married to her for the rest of her life and hopes that she feels the same way. Carly says that she does and the minister says that it looks like his work is already done.

Sonny criticizes Olivia for opening Jaxís mail. Sonny says that everyone has secrets and Olivia says that she will never tell. Sonny asks if Olivia is going to open Jaxís envelope or not.

Jax and Carly talk about being impatient and wanting to start early. The minister says that they are still married, so his services arenít necessary. Carly says that they want to make it official. The minister starts the ceremony and Jax and Carly recite their vows. The minister says that Jax may kiss his bride again.

Winifred points out that Spinelli has let 3 phone calls go to voicemail. Spinelli says that he canít talk to Jason and that was who was calling. Spinelli says that he hacked into secret FBI files to erase all evidence they had against him, but ironically, he was committing the same crime that he was being hunted for. Spinelli says that Jason would be very displeased if he found out and he would find out because Spinelli canít lie to him.

Alexis shows up to see Jason about Spinelli. Alexis tells Jason that she ran into Spinelli at Agent Raynerís office. Alexis says that she distracted Agent Rayner so that Spinelli could do whatever he was going to do with Winifred in Agent Raynerís office. Alexis says that she should report the incident, but she isnít going to because she has a soft spot for Spinelli. Jason thanks Alexis.

Robin says that there is someone back home that loves her very much and they have had a lot of changes in their life recently and that they havenít been handling things well. Brad says that he is sorry that she was hurt by someone who loved her and that he knows how that feels. Robin says that she over thinks things sometimes. Brad says that he doesnít want her to leave on his account. Ruth comes in and asks Robin to hold the baby for a second while she grabs the crib. Robin says that she doesnít have much experience with babies and that she doesnít think that babies like her very much. Ruth says that the baby seems to like Robin. Robin asks what the babyís name is and Ruth says that it is Anna. Ruth thanks Robin for holding Anna and says that Robin will be a wonderful mother someday. Robin says that she has to go.

Patrick says that he wants to help Robin, but he doesnít know how. Elizabeth says that Patrick helps with love and patience. Patrick says that he tried that already and Liz says that was before he was sure that Robin had postpartum. Patrick and Liz talk about Robin. Liz says that Robin thinks that she is a bad mom and that she is helping by walking away from Emma. Patrick says that he thinks that Robin is being selfish. Liz tells Patrick to have some faith in himself because she knows he can fix the situation. Patrick asks how he is supposed to get Robin through this.

Winifred suggests they view their endeavor at the FBI headquarters as a level reached and another to achieve, but Spinelli says that he isnít sure they can compare it to a computer game. Winifred starts talking about Spinelliís computer game. Spinelli says that it would have been time better spent fortifying his firewall so that he would have never been placed in this position of peril. Winifred says that she likes to think that good can unexpectedly blossom from bad. Someone knocks on the door and Winifred tells Spinelli to hide. Winifred opens the door and Jason asks where Spinelli is. Spinelli says that he knew Jason would be displeased. Jason says that he is displeased because Spinelli was seen by Alexis Davis. Jason asks if they got rid of the evidence.

Claudia tells Johnny that he needs to take a shower because she will be in trouble if he doesnít come to the cocktail party she is throwing with Sonny. Claudia tells Johnny that the cocktail party is for business associates and that she wants him there for support and it will show that Johnny is on board with Sonnyís takeover. Johnny reminds Claudia that he is out of the family business. Claudia says that she wonít make it without Johnny because her whole life is riding on this. Johnny says that Claudiaís life is riding on something, but that it isnít this.

Spinelli says that they erased all incriminating evidence that was on file. Winifred says that they didnít foresee that the evidence would be backed up on a flash drive with an undisclosed whereabouts. Jason says that as soon as Rayner canít find the files, he will know exactly who erased them. Jason tells Spinelli that if he keeps this up, he will get Spinelli and Winifred out of the country. Maxie walks in and realizes that Winifred wants Spinelli to be in danger so that they can go on the run together. Maxie says that she wonít let that happen.

Jax asks Carly to dance. Carly says that she likes this better than their first wedding. Jax says that they are going to make it this time and that no one is ever going to come between them.

Olivia says that she should respect the fact that the mail is marked personal. Olivia tells Carla what Jax wants for the wedding suite. Alexis shows up to see Sonny. Sonny says that he is throwing an event tonight for all the territories. Sonny says that he and Jason are back and the city will be at peace.

Claudia says that she needs Johnny at the party because he is the only person she can count on and really trust. Claudia says that she knows what she is doing. Johnny says that Claudia could end up having a couple glasses of wine one night and saying something about Michael. Claudia says that she will never tell Sonny about her role in Michaelís shooting. Johnny says that the truth is out there and when Sonny finds out that Claudia is responsible, he will kill her.

Liz says that Robin wants to be a good mom. Patrick thanks Liz and says that he doesnít know what he would have done without her. Liz says that Patrick and Robin will get through this and tells Patrick to call her. Mac shows up as Liz is leaving. Mac asks what Patrick said to Robin to make her run off and leave her baby behind.

Robin says that she is checking out early.

Alexis talks to Kristina on the phone. Carly and Jax walk up. Jax says that they just renewed their wedding vows. Alexis congratulates them and says that there is no discount on the next round of divorce negotiations. Jax says that there wonít be a next round and that happiness could be just around the corner for Alexis. Alexis asks Jax not to wish that on her. Alexis leaves and Jax says that they could still jump on the jet and take a few days honeymoon in Fiji, but Carly says no. Olivia says that the honeymoon suite is ready and waiting. Olivia asks Jax if he has a minute for a couple of business issues, but Jax says that business can wait.

Claudia says that she wants to make sure that Jason is going to be at the gathering tonight. Jason says that he already told Sonny that he would be there. Claudia says that backing out isnít an option. Jason says that he doesnít even know why Sonny is having the gathering and Claudia says that when she pitched it to him, she didnít think heíd go for it either. Jason realizes that the whole thing is Claudiaís idea.

Johnny says that Claudia invited him there to invite him to the party. Johnny says that Claudia wants him there to make it public that he is backing Sonny in front of Anthonyís old lieutenants. Johnny says that he will attend the party on one condition: that Sonny divorces Claudia. Johnny says that he has a lot of influence over the people Anthony used to work with. Sonny says that Claudia doesnít want to leave him and Johnny says that is why Sonny will leave Claudia.

Claudia says that the party was her idea and that Sonny wants to secure his position. Claudia says that she owes Sonny for saving her life more than once.

Spinelli and Winifred search for the incriminating flash drive. Spinelli says that once he knows where the flash drive is, he will go get it. Spinelli says that the flash drive is in the security wing of the local federal building and Winifred asks what the security clearance is. Spinelli says that it is grade 7 and Winifred says that she is only grade 5. Spinelli says that they will have to get back into Agent Raynerís office and upgrade her status.

Patrick says that he loved and supported Robin, but her behavior has gotten more and more erratic. Patrick says that Robin has postpartum depression, but Mac doesnít believe it. Mac says that Robin is a happy, well-adjusted mother. Patrick says that Robin might be that way around Mac, but it isnít that way when she is around Emma. Mac says that Robin loves Emma and wanted a child more than anything. Patrick says that Robin can barely bring herself to pick Emma up. Maxie shows up. Mac says that he has the department working on finding Robin, but until then, he is taking Emma out of the house. Patrick says that nobody is taking his daughter from him. Patrick tells Mac to concentrate on getting Robin some medical attention. Mac says that there is nothing wrong with Robin, but Maxie says that there is. Maxie says that the night of the hospital crisis, Robin didnít even know where Emma was and was acting like she didnít know she had a child. Maxie says that Robin needs help.

Robin apologizes to Brad for taking off like that. Robin says that she realized that she had a conference call with suppliers in California. Brad asks if she made it back in time and Robin says that she did. Robin says that if the invitation to go out is still open, she would like to take him up on it.

Agent Rayner shows up at Jasonís. Agent Rayner says that Sonny is having a mob summit tonight and is practically sending out engraved invitations. Jason says that maybe Agent Rayner should go. Agent Rayner says that their man will be Jason and will be hiding in plain sight, while wearing a wire.

Claudia says that she found something fabulous to wear, but will need help putting it on and taking it off. Sonny says that before she does it, she might want to get Johnnyís approval. Claudia asks if Johnny is going to the party. Sonny tells Claudia that Johnny said the only way he would show up is if Sonny divorced Claudia.

Jax tells Olivia that he needs the pool closed immediately because his wife would like to take a swim in private. Jax says that he will take a look at the business matters that she mentioned. Olivia says that they have to RSVP to the invitation to speak at the management conference and something came for Jax. Olivia asks if Jax recognizes those markings and he says that he isnít sure. Olivia says that she thinks she has seen them somewhere before. Carly comes out and asks if Jax is ready for their swim. Jax says that they are clearing the pool right now and tells Carly to look at something first.

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