GH Update Wednesday 3/18/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/18/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Elizabeth comes over to Patrick’s house to stay with Emma so Patrick can go look for Robin. Patrick receives a call from Mac and Mac tells him that Robin called him and said not to worry. Patrick is obviously upset that Robin didn’t call him.

Robin goes back out to the bar and a man calls her sexy.

Jax’s MetroCourt staff is helping him clear his schedule and set up for his vow renewal with Carly.

Sonny shows up at Carly’s house to tell her something. She comes down the stairs in a beautiful white dress, Sonny is speechless.

In Raynor’s office Alexis bends down to pick up her purse and sees Winifred but does not rat her out to Raynor who is going on and on about Alexis’ associations with the mob.

Robin checks out Brad, the carpenter’s hand and offers a diagnosis. When he questions how she knows about his fracture she says her brother had the same injury from football. The bartender calls her out on sounding like a doctor.

Patrick is very upset that Robin took off and didn’t even call him. Elizabeth tells him not to jump to conclusions but Patrick believes that he and Emma should be her first concern. Elizabeth fills Patrick in on the fact that to Robin Patrick is the problem she’s running from.

Jax and Olivia run through a check list for the vow renewal, which Olivia is completely on top of.

Sonny wonders why they are renewing their vows since they haven’t been married that long anyway. Carly says they want to make a big deal about it. Sonny puts his jokes aside and tells Carly that he’s very happy for her.

Maxie and Johnny exit the elevator into Crimson discussing that the dry cleaner said they could get the lip gloss out of his collar. Lulu wants to know how the lip gloss got there. Maxie brings up that it’s probably from one of the many models that hugged Johnny when they were introduced. Lulu asks Maxie how many times she hugged Johnny and says that she is done with them doing this, she wants their dates to stop. Johnny wants to know why she’s so mad and she says she doesn’t like sitting through the latest recap of him and Maxie in the back of a limo.

Raynor thinks he hears something but Alexis says she didn’t hear anything but then says it was her stomach. Alexis tells Raynor that he’s taking advantage of his position, he then sees her out but not before she tells him to walk her out to her car and talk to her for 10 minutes (which she says loudly so Winifred can hear) he agrees and they leave. Spinelli, hiding behind a plant, then goes into the office to help Winifred.

The bartender leaves the bar to care for her baby, leaving Brad in charge. Accident prone Brad hurts himself again. Robin offers to hand him tools. When he questions her she asks if he’s one of those men that thinks women should just stay at home barefoot and pregnant all the time.

Elizabeth tries to explain that it’s not necessarily Patrick but what he represents that Robin needs to get away from. Patrick is of course reeling and wants answers but Elizabeth says it’s not that easy. Elizabeth is sure Robin is suffering from post-partum.

Sonny tells Carly he can’t make it to Morgan’s karate thing because Claudia is throwing a party for his business. Carly thinks Claudia is in for a rude awakening when Sonny sends her away during the party when it’s time to talk business just like he did to Carly. Sonny says Claudia is different because of her family ties and her knowledge of the business. Carly doesn’t need for Sonny to explain, she’s happy for him if he’s happy.

At Jake’s Coleman gets an autograph from Jeff Burton, Nascar driver, when Patrick walks in. Patrick tells Coleman that maybe he’ll just head to the speedway and blow off some steam, but he doesn’t seem to recognize Jeff Burton and questions his knowledge of racing.

Brad compliments Robin’s knowledge of tools and she says she used to date a guy that fixed motorcycles and also used to be much better with babies back then. Brad says some things just aren’t meant to be. He then tells her that his wife abandoned him two years ago.

Jax offers Olivia a comp weekend at the hotel for her help. Olivia asks if he and Sonny always hated each other. Jax tells her it used to be worse because Sonny trashed Jax’s relationship with his first great love. But he doesn’t want to worry about Sonny now because Carly is too important.

Sonny tells Carly that he asked Robin to keep up with Michael’s condition and any changes, and of course Carly doesn’t like it. Sonny wants to keep their options open for Michael but understands if Carly doesn’t want to. Before he leaves he tells Carly she makes a lovely bride.

Robin apologizes to Brad and then asks if he’s ever forgiven his wife for leaving. He says you never really forgive but it was probably for the best if she didn’t want to be with him, although he’s glad they didn’t have kids because that would have been a tragedy. Robin apologizes again and agrees to be asked some questions. She gives the same San Francisco and pharmaceutical sales rep bio and says her diamond ring is only a family heirloom.

Patrick keeps questioning Jeff Burton’s driving experience. Jeff Burton leaves and Patrick finds out who he was, and knows he’s an idiot for telling him how to race.

Johnny defends himself for doing what he’s paid to do. Maxie causes more problems by bringing up movie stars. Lulu apologizes for being insecure and says she knows they’d never hook up for her sake and because they are not well suited. Maxie says Johnny could easily fall for her. Johnny assures Lulu that he loves her and Lulu leaves Maxie on “Kate duty” to spend time with him.

Spinelli is able to get into the computer system. He thinks he’s succeeded but then there seems to be a problem.

Carly waits in a beautiful courtyard and Jax arrives, he says it’s time to do this right.

Patrick goes back to his house and apologizes to Elizabeth for leaving. Elizabeth gives him some print-outs on PPD. Patrick is clearly at a loss on how to help Robin.

Brad asks Robin more questions but she quiets up when he asks about her family. He invites her on a road trip.

Sonny arrives at the MetroCourt and Olivia tries to keep a secret about the vow renewal but Sonny already knows about it. Sonny makes a mean dig at Olivia, “always a bridesmaid never a bride.”

Jax and Carly decide to say their vows with out a minister present. Carly tells Jax she’s grateful for him, his patience, and his generosity. He has taught her love doesn’t have to hurt, it can heal.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that she and the babysitter can help Patrick until Robin gets home.

Brad tells Robin that he has Opera tickets and wants to know if she’d like to go. Robin hesitates and he says maybe there first date should be something different. He senses that she is uncomfortable.

Olivia knows Sonny is messing with her because he knows she could have been married if she’d wanted to and had been willing to settle. Sonny wants to know why she has to sort Jax’s mail. As she’s doing it she comes across an envelope that looks a lot like a Jerry Jax DVD and says personal.

Jax tells Carly that she is strong and inspires him to be strong. He never wants to lose her again and is honored to be her husband. They kiss.

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