GH Update Tuesday 3/17/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/17/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

In Jason’s apartment Jason and Sam discuss the decision to bring Spinelli back to Port Charles just as Agent Raynor arrives with a search warrant for the apartment looking for Spinelli.

Spinelli is hiding out in Maxie and Lulu’s apartment. He is on the phone with Maxie, who is at Crimson, and she wants to make sure he’s not going to tell Lulu what she confided in him about her and Johnny. Johnny arrives at Crimson as Maxie hangs up with Spinelli.

Lulu tells Spinelli that Maxie and Johnny are supposed to go to another event together and Spinelli slips by saying, “What if Maximista can’t help herself?”

Nikolas meets Alexis at Kelly’s and tries to assure her he’s over the Rebecca/Emily resemblance but it is hard to get used to. Alexis thinks Nikolas should take some time away. Lucky walks in and Rebecca asks him if he’s as exhausted from last night as she is.

On the docks Kate calls Maxie to check on a meeting with Jax as Carly walks up and Carly says their meeting will have to be postponed because Carly and Jax are renewing their vows. Kate says she doesn’t want Jax and she doesn’t even want Sonny, but she does have info on Claudia, and of course Carly’s interest is piqued.

Johnny overheard Maxie say Lulu’s name and wants to know what it was about. Maxie changes the subject and tells him he should be excited about the fashion show.

Spinelli spins the story to Lulu that Maxie’s desire to help Spinelli could lead to her asking for Johnny’s mob connection help. Lulu buys it. Winifred arrives with snacks and is ready to talk business.

Raynor suspects Jason is willing to give Spinelli up for Sonny’s freedom. He then threatens Sam’s P.I. license. Sam leaves. Raynor calls in an APB on Spinelli and has him listed as armed and dangerous. Raynor is trying to leverage Jason, all he wants is Jason’s cooperation.

Winifred tries to speak in code to Spinelli because Lulu is in the room, although it turns out Lulu knows the situation. She does leave however to allow them to speak privately.

Nikolas is distracted watching Lucky and Rebecca bond over music and Lucky’s childhood. Nikolas breaks a pencil when he sees their easiness with each other.

Kate says she’s done with all of this drama and she doesn’t want to be involved anymore. Before Kate leaves she says she hopes Carly can drag herself out of the past because Jax deserves it but she doubts it given her compulsion to Sonny.

Johnny leaves a message for Lulu while he’s in a limo with Maxie on their way into the city. Maxie tells Johnny he doesn’t hate what he’s doing, and he likes hanging out with her because she’s hot. She also says that unlike Johnny and Lulu, she and Spinelli don’t lie to each other. Spinelli knows Maxie is human and looks at Johnny’s butt, but she’s sure Lulu would see something wrong with it. Maxie says Johnny should admit he thinks Maxie is hot too and if he admitted it he wouldn’t feel so bad all the time.

Winifred sees the risks she’s taking for Spinelli as completely worth it. She is getting ready to say that she has more than friend feelings for Spinelli when she gets a message about Spinelli’s APB. Spinelli takes this as a good ting because the FBI sees him as dangerous until Winifred brings him back to earth by telling him this allows the FBI to shoot him on sight.

Alexis and Sam meet up at the docks. Sam tells Alexis about Raynor’s threats, and Alexis says she will talk to Raynor.

Jason tries to explain to Spinelli on the phone that the APB is a bad thing. Carly comes to see Jason just as he’s calling her. Carly tell Jason she is going to move on from Michael’s surgery but she wishes Jason could have been there.

Winifred enters an office but has trouble getting onto the computer. She calls Spinelli for help but they encounter complications.

Kate explains to Lulu that it isn’t her intention to cause problems between Lulu and Johnny but Maxie and Johnny are good for Crimson. Kate says they will continue for as long as they are needed and Lulu should stop pouting. She also says it’s better to find out now if their relationship isn‘t a happily ever after love story.

Nikolas meets up with Sam on the docks and asks where her and Lucky stand. Sam says they aren’t getting back together. Nikolas questions Lucky being “all over” Rebecca if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

Winifred and Spinelli continue on the phone as Raynor approaches his office. Winifred is unable to escape before Raynor and Alexis arrive discussing the situation with Sam and Spinelli.

Johnny and Maxie are clearly tipsy waiting for their driver after the fashion show. Johnny admits the event was fascinating, in a weird way. Maxie helps him find the fun in the evening. As he mentions he needs to call Lulu Maxie asks him to say what he liked about her that night. He says she’s beautiful but that’s not why he wants to kiss her. This makes Maxie go in for the kiss. They kiss and then break it up. Maxie tells him to call Lulu.

Sam goes to Kelly’s and talks to Rebecca. Sam brings up the situation with Lucky and Nikolas. Sam doesn’t want to get involved or tell Rebecca what to do she just thinks that maybe Rebecca could be a little sensitive to Nikolas. Rebecca gets defensive and says it’s no one’s business.

Lucky catches up to Nikolas at the docks. Nikolas lets Lucky know he’s mad about his relationship with Rebecca.

Carly and Jason continue to talk about Michael.

Maxie and Johnny get back to Crimson and agree to keep quiet. It turns out that Johnny has lipstick on his collar and Lulu wants to know why.

Spinelli dresses in a suit and tries on sunglasses until he finds a pair that work for his Federal Agent look.

Winifred continues to hide. Alexis knows Raynor really wants Sonny, which she doesn’t really care about. She just cares about the means he’s using.

Lucky says Rebecca isn’t Emily and that Nikolas needs to get over it. Nikolas explains that it’s like watching Lucky flirt with Emily. Nikolas thinks Lucky should back off just because it bothers him this much, Lucky seems unmoved.

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