GH Update Monday 3/16/09

General Hospital Update Monday 3/16/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

In the Los Angeles hotel room, Sam and Jason argue over what to do about Spinelli.

In a courtyard outside the L.A. hotel, Maxie professes her love to Spinelli. Spinelli admits he feels the same way about her. Spinelli praises Maxie’s good qualities. Maxie is crying. Maxie threatens that if Spinelli doesn’t come home, she will make a move on Johnny.

At Mercy Hospital, Patrick tells Elizabeth that he and Robin had a serious talk. Patrick adds that he is taking Robin out on a date later that evening.

Robin shows up at a bar. She orders some drinks. The female bartender asks Robin where she’s from. Robin lies and says that she is a pharmaceutical rep.

At the Crimson office, Lulu makes a call to Clarice. Johnny shows up at Lulu’s work. Lulu vents to Johnny about problems at work regarding Clarice. Kate walks in and wants to know where Johnny has been.

Maxie and Spinelli continue to talk in the courtyard. Maxie admits that during the blizzard, she kissed Johnny. Spinelli looks hurt.

Winifred shows up at the hotel room. Winifred demands to know where Spinelli is. Sam says that Maxie and Spinelli are talking in the courtyard.

Back at Mercy, Patrick updates Elizabeth about his huge argument with Robin earlier in the day. He explains that Matt confronted Robin about having postpartum depression. Patrick adds that he and Robin talked it out and now everything is okay. Their conversation is interrupted when Patrick is paged about a surgery. He asks Elizabeth to call Robin to say that their date will have to be cancelled. Elizabeth tries Robin on her cell, but Robin isn’t answering. Elizabeth leaves a message that the dinner date has been cancelled.

At the bar, Robin doesn’t answer her phone. The bartender makes a comment. Robin lies and says that she doesn’t have any children.

Back at their home, Carly and Jax spend some quality time alone together. Carly is grateful that Jax is back home. Jax kisses Carly, but they are interrupted by a knock on the front door. Diane walks in. Diane says that the couple needs a post-nuptial agreement if they are going to stay married.

Over at Sonny’s house, Sonny and Claudia discuss Claudia’s idea for hosting a party to help Michael’s foundation. Sonny admits that he appreciates Claudia’s input.

At the Crimson office, Kate tells Johnny that he needs to escort Maxie to another important event. Johnny offers for Lulu to go with Maxie, but Kate doesn’t like the idea.

In the courtyard, Spinelli can’t believe that Maxie kissed Johnny. Maxie starts to cry again. Maxie maintains that she didn’t want to hurt Spinelli. Spinelli wants to know if the kissing went any farther. Maxie discloses that her and Johnny only kissed. Maxie explains that Johnny doesn’t think he deserves Lulu. Maxie says that she would be helping Lulu in the long run if she (Maxie) slept with Johnny. Spinelli looks upset.

Back at the hotel room, Jason says that Winifred could get into serious trouble by helping exonerate Spinelli. Sam brings up that Winifred is a willing participant.

Robin keeps lying to the bartender. All of a sudden, there are cries coming from another room. The bartender brings out a baby. Robin just stares at the two of them.

Back at home, Jax asks Diane why he and Carly need a post-nuptial agreement. Carly thinks that Alexis sent Diane over with the idea. Diane apologizes to Carly about the unsuccessful procedure for Michael. Diane says that if Jax and Carly sign a post-nuptial agreement now, that a possible future divorce wouldn’t be as complicated.

In the living room, Sonny and Claudia discuss the party. Claudia wants Sonny to trust her. Claudia brings up that she told Sonny the truth about Anthony’s role in Kate’s shooting. Sonny questions if Claudia has any other secrets he doesn’t know about.

Someone is watching one of Jerry’s DVDs.

In the hotel room, Jason admits that he is still upset about Michael’s failed procedure. Sam praises Jason for always being there for Michael. Jason stresses the point that he always let Michael know that guns were dangerous. Jason says that Michael still ended up shooting Kate, though. Jason questions if he protected Michael enough.

Back at the bar, Robin asks the bartender questions about being a mother. The bartender says that she has a hard time paying for daycare, since the costs are so high. The bartender explains that she used to have a good paying job, but things changed. Robin is listening while the bartender comments about how stay-at-home mothers are so lucky.

At home, Carly says that she wants to move on with her life. Carly promises to Jax that she won’t let Sonny come between them ever again.

Over at Sonny’s, Claudia gets defensive about Sonny’s suspicions that she is being evasive. Sonny says that Claudia won’t be too involved in the business. Claudia reiterates that Sonny needs someone he can completely trust - her.

Sonny calls Jason. Sonny says that he needs Jason’s help. Jason inquires about Carly. Jason gets off the phone just as Spinelli and Maxie enter the hotel room. Jason is adamant that they are leaving Los Angeles immediately. Winifred rushes in and says that she can help Spinelli. Maxie isn’t impressed. Winifred says that she got a promotion and has higher security clearance at the FBI. Jason looks like he has an idea.

Back at the bar, the bartender puts her daughter down for a nap. Robin hands the woman some money for the drinks. Robin says that she hopes that everything works out for the bartender and her daughter.

In the hotel room, Winifred is adamant that she can help Spinelli. Sam is unsure of this, as well as Jason. Jason thinks that Spinelli might have other options. Jason asks Spinelli if he is willing to risk everything to come back to Port Charles. Maxie offers for Spinelli to hide out at her place. Winifred pipes in that she will free Spinelli. Maxie admits that Jason needs Spinelli, too. Jason finally relents. Jason tells them all that they need to get back to Port Charles. Spinelli thanks everyone in the room for their support.

Over at Sonny’s house, Claudia and Sonny discuss the plans for the party. Claudia comments that she wants Johnny at the party. Sonny doesn’t like the idea. Claudia says that Johnny needs to be there. Sonny agrees to think about it.

Back at Mercy, Patrick asks Elizabeth how Robin took the news of the cancelled date. Elizabeth informs Patrick that she couldn’t get a hold of Robin.

Robin enters a hotel room. Sighing, she lies down on the bed.

It is revealed that Ric is the one watching Jerry’s DVD.

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