GH Update Friday 3/13/09

General Hospital Update Friday 3/13/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Robin fusses over Emma outside of Kelly’s. Robin feels guilty for leaving Emma alone at Kelly’s. Patrick arrives, saying he knows “what happened.”

Lucky and Rebecca are still at the hospital. Nikolas listens as they talk and laugh. Lucky calls Nik over to look at his “new scar.”

Claudia calls the hospital to check on Michael. She tells the person on the phone that she’s “Monica.” Claudia hangs up in a hurry when Sonny returns home.

Back outside of Kelly’s, Patrick says he was wrong for talking to Matt about PPD. Patrick says he’s nervous about fatherhood. He compliments Robin as a doctor and as a mother.

Back at the hospital, Nik hopes Rebecca doesn’t get the wrong idea and think he’s “following” her. Rebecca says she and Nik are “adjusting” to being around each other. Lucky tells Nik about getting hurt while fighting. Lucky and Rebecca invite Nik to join them at a jazz club. Nik declines and leaves.

Back in LA, Jason and company restrain Spinelli’s captors. Winnifred and Jason “talk” as Maxie lectures Spinelli for worrying her. Spinelli says he knew Jason would come to his rescue. Maxie blames Winnifred for everything. Jason tells Winnifred she has to lie and say she caught the art thieves on her own. If not, he says Spinelli will be arrested since he’s on the “FBI’s most wanted list.” Winnifred doesn’t want to lie. Maxie says Jason is right. Winnifred says she’ll be in huge trouble for going off on her own on the caper. Winnifred places the thieves under arrest.

Sonny tells Claudia that the “test failed.” He confides his feelings in Claudia. Sonny says he won’t “give up.” Claudia says they “should throw a party.” Sonny says nobody will show up. Claudia says the party will be “business.”

Carly tells Jax she’s “thrilled” to renew their vows. Carly says she won’t put Michael “through an endless series of experimental tests.” Carly refuses to give up “hope.” Jax agrees and says he loves Michael like a son. Carly says Michael would want her to be happy and “focus on the future.” Carly vows to “be a better mom and wife.”

Outside of Kelly’s, Robin says she was upset about Matt’s accusations. Patrick says he “didn’t mean to upset” Robin. Robin admits that she “needs to spend more time” with Emma. She tells Patrick about their day together. Patrick seems happy.

Jax and Carly discuss where they should renew their vows. Carly wants to return to the place they were married the first time. Carly suggests a private ceremony. Jax agrees.

Claudia suggests they “invite the five families” to their party. She says they can get some “silent donations” for Michael’s foundation. Claudia says the other business people will see that Sonny is back in charge.

Winnifred gives her verbal report to a police officer in the garage. She’s told to wait for the Federal agents to arrive.

Jason and company head to a hotel. Jason says they must “keep a low profile.” Maxie suggests some spa treatments for the group. Jason says Spinelli won’t be returning to Port Charles.

Robin and Patrick are still outside of Kelly’s. Patrick asks Robin some questions about her day. Robin says they spent the day in the park. Liz arrives and lets it slip that Robin saw her that afternoon. Liz says she’s working at Mercy temporarily. Nik arrives and Liz heads inside with him. Nik asks her opinions about the hospital renovations.

Outside, Robin says she forgot about “running into” Liz earlier. Patrick suggests he and Robin go out for dinner.

Back in LA, Jason says Spinelli is “a flight risk.” Jason says he’s sending Spinelli out of the country. Maxie objects. Sam asks if Maxie has “a better idea.”

Still at home with Sonny, Claudia tries to sell her party idea. Sonny calls Claudia “a terrific trophy wife.” Sonny sarcastically compliments Claudia. He says if the party “solidifies” his leadership and “benefits Michael’s foundation,” he’s all for it.

Carly and Jax are at home. Jax says Carly looks exhausted. They kiss.

Back in LA, Maxie says she isn’t “qualified” to solve the problem. Spinelli agrees with Jason. He says Jason “has gone above and beyond” to help him. Maxie blames Jason for Spinelli’s predicament. Maxie wonders what will become of her. She turns to Spinelli and blames him for “being there” for her all the time. Maxie gets upset and leaves.

Agent Rayner arrives in LA to see Winnifred. He says he was in LA on vacation anyway. Rayner says Winnifred isn’t “a field agent.” He says she is supposed to work at her desk. He’s upset with Winnifred for taking it upon herself to solve a crime. Rayner says if Spinelli ends up “missing,” Winnifred is in hot water.

At Kelly’s, Nik and Liz discuss Lucky and Rebecca. Nik says he can’t let it affect him. He says Lucky is more comfortable with Rebecca. Nik says he can’t object to Lucky’s friendship with Rebecca.

Rebecca and Lucky are still at Mercy hospital. Rebecca looks at Lucky’s stitches. Lucky says they should reschedule their “date.” Lucky says Nik “needs a little cheering up.” Rebecca says her “resemblance to Emily” is a continued problem. She tells Lucky they can cancel their plans if it makes Lucky uncomfortable.

Jax and Carly get romantic in their bedroom.

Sonny and Claudia start to go at it in the Corinthos living room.

Back in LA, Spinelli runs after Maxie. Maxie calls Spinelli “annoying” and “a drag.” Spinelli says Maxie should “achieve her dreams” while he’s gone. Maxie says nothing has meaning without Spinelli. Maxie says she’s afraid to lose Spinelli. Maxie tells Spinelli she loves him. Then she kisses him.

Back at the hotel, Jason and Sam try to come up with an idea. Sam wonders if they can “destroy” the evidence against Spinelli. Sam says they need help from the “inside.”

Winnifred is still with agent Rayner. Winnifred resigns. Rayner says there’s no need and the “bureau” is “very impressed with” Winnifred. Rayner says Winnifred will receive a promotion for capturing the art thieves.

Patrick gives Matt the silent treatment at the hospital. Matt says he “over stepped” but his “intentions were good.” Patrick says Matt’s “indiscretion” gave him the ability to talk with Robin. Patrick casually mentions that Robin spent the day at the park with the baby. Patrick says he thinks Robin is fine. Matt says it’s still possible that “Robin might have some issues.” Matt is skeptical. Patrick asks Matt to cover his rounds so he can spend the evening with Robin.

Robin is in her car – she drives in the opposite direction instead of heading home.

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