GH Update Thursday 3/12/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/12/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Carly sadly sits at Michael’s bedside. Sonny arrives and Carly rushes to him, crying.

Luke and Tracy are at the casino. They’re discussing Lucky. Luke says Lucky needs to get on with his life.

Lucky runs into Ethan on the pier and the two ends up fighting.

Robin arrives at Mercy for an emergency.

Emma sits sleeping in her stroller at Kelly’s

Back at Mercy, Robin discusses the injuries of the victims with another doctor. Robin takes charge of the situation. Nikolas arrives for a GH board meeting. Nik says Edward wants “costly improvements” for GH. Robin says to let Edward call the shots since he’s donating so much money. Nik worries that the Q’s will be at the meeting and most likely grill him about Rebecca.

Rebecca breaks up the fight between Lucky and Ethan. Lucky says his feud with Ethan is “personal” then he walks away to make a call.

Back in Michael’s room, Carly sadly realizes that there’s no hope for his recovery. Sonny does his best to comfort Carly. Carly feels helpless. She wonders if it’s time to “let go.”

Winnifred, Sam, Maxie, and Jason arrive at the building where Spinelli is being held. Maxie and Winnifred bicker. Jason breaks the girls up. The group wants to rescue Spinelli before he breaks into the vault. Winnifred says she “should be directing the mission.”

Spinelli is inside the building with Cassandra and a man. Cassandra insists that Spinelli unlock the vault where the painting is being held. Spinelli suggests that Cassandra “ask for ransom” instead. Cassandra tells Spinelli to use his “expertise” without talking.

Back in Michael’s room, Carly and Sonny reminisce. Carly remembers what a logical argument Michael could propose. Carly and Sonny discuss the “difference” between Michael and Morgan. Carly says Michael “worshipped” Sonny. Sonny says he wanted Michael to live a normal life, free of his business. Jax arrives. Sonny thanks Jax for his support. Jax and Carly leave.

Sam, Jason, Winnifred, and Maxie are still in the garage of the building. Winnifred wonders if Jason has a permit for his gun. Maxie warns that Spinelli better not get hurt in the rescue. Sam locates the room Spinelli is being held.

Back at the Haunted Star, Luke says Lucky is old enough to run his own life. Johnny arrives in time to interrupt a kiss between Luke and Tracy. Lulu arrives. Lulu announces that Johnny’s opened a car repair shop.

Ethan tells Rebecca that Lucky feels like he’s being replaced. Lucky calls the station and learns that Ethan isn’t a wanted man. Ethan leaves. Lucky tells Rebecca he made the first move in the fight. Rebecca looks at Lucky’s cut on his face.

Back at Mercy, Robin talks with Nik about Rebecca. Nik says he’s staying clear of Rebecca. Nik heads off to his meeting, telling Robin to “give Emma a hug.” Robin suddenly remembers leaving the baby alone at Kelly’s.

Back at the casino, Lulu talks up Johnny’s mechanic skills, hoping to drum up some business for him. Tracy isn’t interested. Luke offers to help. Johnny is embarrassed. Luke and Tracy leave. Johnny isn’t too happy with Lulu.

Spinelli works his magic on the computer to conquer the vault. Cassandra rushes him. Spinelli is able to break the code on the vault.

Maxie and Winnifred continue to bicker in the garage. Jason tells Maxie to wait in the car. He takes the other two off to find Spinelli. Maxie resents being left behind.

Lucky heads to Kelly’s with Rebecca. Robin rushes inside to check the baby. Lucky comes inside and wonders if everything is ok. Robin says she went briefly to get her phone, leaving the baby with Mike. Robin says Lucky may need stitches on his face. Rebecca offers to accompany Lucky to the hospital. Robin apologizes to Emma.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny isn’t happy that Lulu begged for business. Johnny resents that he looked “like a charity case.” Lulu says if the garage is a success, Johnny won’t have to “go on dates with Maxie.” Ethan arrives and offers himself up to date Lulu.

Carly and Jax walk outside and discuss Michael. Jax suggests they take a vacation.

Maxie talks with Clarice from the car. She lies and says she’s shopping in LA. A police officer motions for Maxie to roll down the window.

Jason, Sam, and Winnifred are outside of Spinelli’s room. After Cassandra leaves, Spinelli is left inside with a man. He tries to talk the man into setting him free. Spinelli suddenly jumps the man.

Maxie gets a parking ticket inside the garage. Maxie tries to distract the officer with a slinky top she finds in her bag. The officer leaves.

Spinelli fights with his captor. Jason and company burst in and Jason knocks the man out as Winnifred is reading him his rights. Spinelli is thrilled to learn that Maxie is waiting in the garage for him.

On the Haunted Star, Johnny loses his patience with Ethan. Ethan taunts Johnny. Lulu apologizes to Johnny for her behavior. Johnny says he just wants Lulu to “believe in” him. Johnny leaves. Lulu reads Ethan the riot act. Ethan flirts with Lulu.

Maxie is in the garage as Cassandra comes down with the stolen painting. Maxie approaches Cassandra and claims that Brad Pitt is waiting for the painting. Maxie orders Cassandra to put the painting in her car.

Jax and Carly discuss taking another honeymoon. Jax says he wants to marry Carly “again.”

Robin is still at Kelly’s with the baby. She tries to make excuses for leaving Emma behind.

Sonny calls Robin from Michael’s room. He says he has something confidential to ask.

Jason ties up Spinelli’s captor. Winnifred insists on calling the “authorities.” Jason ignores her comments. Jason takes the computer keyboard with Spinelli’s fingerprints.

Back in the garage, Maxie tells Cassandra she’s Brad Pitt’s “first assistant.” She says the painting is for Brad Pitt. Maxie rattles on. Cassandra plays along and says she will deliver the painting to the airport. Cassandra sees through Maxie. Spinelli arrives just as Cassandra’s partner tries to grab Maxie. Jason and Sam arrive, guns blazing. Winnifred places the art thieves under arrest.

Nikolas stands by at Mercy as Rebecca fusses over Lucky. Rebecca and Lucky laugh over a story from her past.

Jax wonders if Carly accepts his proposal. He says they can go through with the divorce and then remarry. Jax hands Carly a piece of paper claiming it’s the divorce papers. Jax is kidding about everything but says he wants to “renew” their wedding vows. Carly smiles.

Sonny is still on the phone with Robin. Sonny asks Robin to look at Michael’s test results and do another exam. Sonny says he has a feeling “it’s too soon to give up on Michael.”

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