GH Update Wednesday 3/11/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/11/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the Haunted Star Luke and Ethan seem to be critiquing women but are really just picking horses.

Jax brings Carly coffee as she lays in Michael’s intensive care bed waiting for news of Michael.

Patrick tells Robin over the phone that the procedure went smoothly. He inquires about Emma and Robin snarkily (I know it’s not actually a word, but it seemed to fit) says she’s fine otherwise as a “responsible mother” she would have had to give Patrick a full report. Robin tells Patrick that she and Emma are going to have a bonding day.

Sam is now in California. Just as Maxie is saying how surprised she is that Jason didn’t come too Jason walks into the coffee house.

Ethan wants Luke to pay him early so he can bet on horses also but Luke says no. Ethan wants to make a side bet with Luke about the horses they’ve picked. Lucky spies their easy banter and interrupts. Lucky says he can’t bet because it’s illegal.

Jason has no news on Spinelli but wants to know what happened. Maxie keeps attacking Winifred that she should have known Cassandra was bad news. They discuss Cassandra and know she must be involved.

Spinelli can’t unlock the code for the vault no matter what he tries. As he says this his computer gets a message and it seems like something has worked.

Patrick tells Carly and Jax that Michael didn’t respond the way they had hoped. He says that in his opinion Michael’s condition will not improve. Jax wants to have someone else look at the tests, but Carly says she doesn’t want to do anything else.

Robin prepares Emma for a day of shopping and the park. She tells Emma she loves her. Matt stops by to see Emma. Matt says Patrick told him he could stop by and Robin takes that to mean Matt is checking up on her to report to Patrick. She apologizes for her bad mood but Matt says her moodiness is typical of women with post-partum depression.

Luke introduces Ethan and Lucky. Lucky seems suspicious of Ethan just as Lulu was. Luke is sure that Ethan will lose all his bets and end up not paying for Ethan’s bartending services in the end. Tracey enters and Lucky asks her how she feels about Ethan.

Spinelli and Cassandra discuss art. She tells him he will have 20 minutes to complete his task.

Jason wonders if Spinelli would have left on his own. Winifred says he wouldn’t have left her, to which Maxie scoffs that Winifred isn‘t the most important thing on Spinelli’s mind. Winifred is searching for Cassandra in the FBI database. Jason is a little distracted and tells Sam about Michael’s test. The database comes up with 24,000 matches for Cassandra based on what Winifred could input.

After Patrick apologizes for the results and leaves, Carly tells Jax how much she was looking forward to Michael waking up. Carly says she promised Michael if this failed she would let go. Carly says she will accept Michael’s condition like Sonny has and move on.

Robin incredulously asks Matt why he’s saying she has PPD. Matt tells her to look it up and says Patrick is worrying. Robin of course attacks Patrick. She again brings up how she’s stuck at home while he gets to work. Matt says Patrick is going through a lot too. Robin yells at Matt and orders him to leave.

Jason wonders if Winifred may be able to think of any more details to narrow their search. Maxie asks what Cassandra was wearing. Winifred describes her coat to Maxie’s questions, at first she seems to think the questions are stupid but then remembers the coat had an emblem on it. Maxie thinks she can find them.

Spinelli says he needs privacy. Cassandra tells him not to try anything funny because she has a man in the next room monitoring every key stroke.

Matt tells Patrick about talking to Robin. He says he might have made things worse by bringing up PPD. Patrick is furious.

Robin shows up at Kelly’s with Emma. Mike asks about Michael’s test. Robin tells Mike it didn’t have the desired result and that Patrick didn’t want her to consult. Elizabeth is there too and seems very comfortable picking Emma up. Robin asks Elizabeth if Patrick has asked Elizabeth to watch out for her and Emma because of PPD.

Patrick is mad at Matt for spilling something he was told in confidence. Matt thinks Patrick needs to accept that his family is in crisis but Patrick says he doesn’t know for sure that Robin has PPD. Matt is sure something is wrong and thinks Patrick is in denial and is taking his anger for Robin out on Matt.

Maxie knows the coat Cassandra was wearing is only available at one LA store so she’s calling the store. Maxie finds out that 3 women bought the coat last week and she also got their names and credit card numbers. Winifred pulls up Cassandra the art dealer and Jason knows she would want Spinelli to crack a safe.

Spinelli brings up Sonny’s name to say that he has connections. Cassandra recognizes it and is glad to hear she may be able to use his mob ties for her art dealing.

Tracey asks Ethan how things are going and he sweetens her up some more. Lucky is obviously sick of this whole Luke/Ethan teacher/apprentice relationship and decides to leave. Before he does Luke knows Ethan stole Lucky’s wallet. Lucky threatens to arrest Ethan. Luke says that neither he nor Tracey will be eye witnesses and Lucky should just let it go. Lucky blows up at Luke saying Lucky has been a disappointment and embarrassment by being a cop and not living up to Luke’s boozed up standard of crime. Tracey says maybe if Lucky was a better son Luke would have been a better father.

Winifred is researching art houses in the area. Spinelli presses send on his computer and Winifred receives a pop-up for Christie’s. Maxie knows it’s a clue from Spinelli. Cassandra comes in to get Spinelli.

Carly isn’t ready to leave Michael when Jax comes to get her. Jax says he’ll stay with her.

Elizabeth says Patrick has never asked her to check up on her, she is only being a friend. Robin tells her that she feels Patrick has unrealistic expectations. Elizabeth says it’s normal to feeling like you’ve lost your identity a little when you become a mom. Robin wants to go back to work, she says that she needs to get back because the hospital is where her and Patrick have always been able to connect and he used to respect her decisions and abilities. Elizabeth says Robin should cut him some slack. Elizabeth offers Emma to Robin so she can get her take-out but Robin defers telling her to put Emma in her stroller.

Tracey says if Lucky wants respect from Luke he shouldn’t treat him with such disdain and that Luke enjoys Ethan because Ethan actually likes him. Lucky thinks Ethan should have been Luke’s son instead. Luke says he respects Lucky’s path but Lucky doesn’t believe him. Tracey tells Luke she’s sorry for what Lucky said. Luke says he doesn’t want Tracey involved in his dispute with Lucky.

Winifred finds the painting “Woman in Hat" from Spinelli's clue. Maxie wonders if Spinelli will get in even more trouble by doing what Cassandra wants him to do.

Spinelli is sure he can hack in less than 20 minutes. They move out to the location.

Carly talks to Michael about how the doctor’s say he’s not coming back but she’s not sure how to let him go. She says she loves him.

Robin says bye to Elizabeth and then receives a phone call about an accident where the victims are headed to Mercy. She goes right for her coat and exits Kelly’s still on the phone leaving Emma behind in her stroller.

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