GH Update Tuesday 3/10/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/10/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.


At Crimson Maxie is waiting for a cab with luggage. She and Lulu go over what Lulu should do while Maxie is away and Maxie asks Lulu to check in on Robin for her.

Spinelli wakes up in a room facing three computers. Cassandra from the coffee shop comes in and threatens Spinelli, make her rich or die.

Carly talks to Michael about the test she has decided he is having. Carly promises that even if the test doesn’t help she’ll accept his condition.

In Sonny’s living room, Sonny questions why Kate and Claudia are talking about Michael. He tells Kate about the test. Both Claudia and Kate seem genuinely interested in the decision to go ahead with the test. Sonny wants to know what Claudia has to do with Michael’s situation since Kate keeps bringing her into it.

Cassandra is an art thief and demands Spinelli’s help. She wants him to hack something that even he thinks he can’t do to get to a painting inside a vault controlled by a beta uplink, she says he can if he‘s on the premises.

Patrick interrupts Carly reading to Michael. He warns her he doesn’t want to give her false hope and doesn’t think Michael will wake up.

Sonny doesn’t want Kate to pick fights with Claudia. Kate wants Sonny to know the truth but Sonny says he already does, it’s his fault. Sonny doesn’t think Kate coming around helps. Kate calls him arrogant and doesn’t understand why he thinks he deserves what he gets.

Elizabeth and Rebecca talk over pie at Kelly’s. Rebecca tells Elizabeth about her family and where she grew up. Elizabeth wants to know what brought her to Port Charles, Rebecca says she just wanted to get away from home. New York City was the original destination but money ran out. Rebecca wants to know if everyone would be happier if her being there wasn’t a coincidence.

Jax arrives at the institute to be with Carly. Jax has done research and thinks the procedure is worth a try.

Kate and Sonny fight. She feels like he’s dismissing her and he says it’s not about her. Kate says she can’t do this anymore, she has finally realized that he won’t give up his life of crime even after what happened to Michael. She says she’s finished and she’s not coming back, she tells Claudia it’s over before leaving. Sonny asks Claudia what this was all about.

Rebecca doesn’t know what people want from her. They talk about their careers in medicine and about Elizabeth’s kids. Rebecca says she’s never been married and doesn’t have any kids. Rebecca and Elizabeth both think Nikolas needs to accept reality. Lucky enters and Rebecca asks him to sit down so she can try out her witnessing skills. Elizabeth notices the way Rebecca looks at Lucky.

Spinelli is kept in the dark about when this hacking will take place. Cassandra doesn’t want Spinelli to take all day. When she leaves Spinelli has some computer problems. A tiny Maxie figure in red appears to Spinelli on his key board.

Kate comes to Crimson and asks Lulu why Johnny isn’t there, he then walks in. Kate was going to ask him to go to some events but now Maxie is gone. Johnny suggests he take Lulu.

Robin shows up to scrub in on Michael’s test. Patrick questions her and she reminds him that Sonny asked for her consult. Patrick tells her she can’t just scrub-in in an unfamiliar OR. Robin says she just wants to observe. Patrick says his team is set and he can’t change things. Robin is sure Sonny would want her there but Patrick knows Sonny wouldn’t Michael put at risk. Robin wants to know when Patrick stopped respecting her as a doctor.

Sonny asks Claudia why she’d mention Michael to Kate. He says he goes over things over and over in his head about how things could have been different. He would rather Michael be without a father than be the way he is.

Rebecca and Lucky bond over running and Hoover street and a spot he told her about. She seems interested in having Lucky show her around but he says he‘ll make her a list of places. When she leaves Elizabeth point blank tells Lucky that Rebecca wants him to ask her out.

Maxie, in a devil costume, tells Spinelli to seduce Cassandra. Then an angel version of Maxie tells Spinelli to wait for Winifred to discover what has happened and go to Jason for help. They argue over what Spinelli should do. The devil builds Spinelli up, but the angel is telling Spinelli he can’t get out of this himself. They discuss whether they would be mad if Spinelli slept with Cassandra. He gets frustrated at the Maxie’s and tells them he will find another way.

Lulu says wearing the dress to a couple clubs with Johnny would be a good idea. Kate takes out her anger on Lulu by telling her not to let her emotions dictate her career. She wants Lulu to finish calls and then go home.

Patrick doesn’t want to argue since he’s getting ready to open up a child’s head, but Robin is adamant. Carly and Jax come into the hallway and Carly is not happy to hear Robin plans to observe. Carly tells Robin to go home to her own child. Jax pulls Robin aside and Carly tells Patrick she doesn’t want him distracted by Robin.

Lucky asks Elizabeth if it would bother her if he went out with Rebecca. She reminds him of the Emily resemblance but when he suggests it bothers her she says he should ask her out if he wants. Elizabeth leaves and Rebecca asks Lucky if he wants to go hear some music.

Johnny brings Lulu to the garage he and Maxie found. She is excited to hear Johnny put his Crimson checks into buying the garage for his own business.

Claudia goes to see Kate at Crimson. Claudia wants to know why Kate didn’t tell Sonny. Kate says she doesn’t want anything from Claudia.

Robin pushes wanting to be in the OR but Jax thinks this is bad timing. Robin insists but Jax is not swayed and thinks Robin needs to step aside. Jax says she should have made arrangements long before with Carly because Sonny doesn’t have any legal rights to Michael. Sonny comes to ask Robin a question and she says she’s been taken off the case.

Patrick offers to postpone the procedure but says he is able to do it now if Carly is comfortable. Carly says Patrick needs to get Robin some help. Patrick is sure he can to it. Sonny and Jax enters and Sonny wants to know what happened with Robin. Carly says she didn’t want her involved. Patrick apologizes for what has happened and reiterates it’s up to then when the procedure happens. Carly says to go ahead.

Winifred fears Spinelli is in danger. As she’s telling the coffee shop owner that Spinelli is her soul mate and practically her boyfriend Maxie walks in and shuts that idea down. Maxie asks Winifred where Spinelli is but Winifred says she doesn’t know, but is sure a femme fatale is involved.

Spinelli manages to unlock the door to his room but Cassandra is waiting. She is sure now that he can open the vault door.

Claudia knows there has to be a catch as to why Kate hasn’t told Sonny her secret. Kate has decided that she can’t pursue this because she doesn’t want to cause Sonny more pain. And she’s realized that she’s only hurting herself. Kate doesn’t want Claudia’s death on her conscience. Kate knows Sonny will find out eventually just not from her.

At Sonny’s house someone in black takes one of Jerry’s DVD’s.

Patrick takes Michael to his procedure. Carly tells Jax and Sonny that they need to believe with her. They need to believe Michael will wake up and come home.

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