GH Update Monday 3/9/09

General Hospital Update Monday 3/9/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jason returns home to his penthouse. Maxie is already in the apartment. Jason is shocked to find her there. Maxie says that she has already packed Jason’s bags so he can go find Spinelli.

Winnifred and Spinelli are sitting in a coffee shop when a woman approaches their table, urgently needing Spinelli’s help.

Patrick arrives home to find Lulu and Robin discussing something.

At home, Sonny and Claudia discuss Michael’s condition. Sonny stresses the point that Michael might never wake up.

At the Haunted Star, Nikolas listens in on Luke and Rebecca’s conversation. Luke notices Nikolas’ presence. Rebecca asks Nikolas how much he heard.

Back at Patrick and Robin’s house, Lulu explains that Luke hired a new bartender. Lulu claims that Ethan can’t be trusted. Patrick walks away from their conversation. Robin tells Lulu in private that she was at the casino in the afternoon. Lulu is clearly shocked. Robin maintains that she can’t tell Patrick the truth. Lulu asks Robin if she can live with the lie. Robin says she doesn’t have a choice.

Back at the penthouse, Maxie admits that she is worried about Spinelli. Maxie is upset that Spinelli didn’t tell her that he was leaving. Jason doesn’t know what to say to comfort Maxie.

Winnifred is uneasy about helping the woman at the coffee shop. Winnifred grabs her laptop and holds it in her arms. Spinelli looks at Winnifred strangely.

At home, Sonny and Claudia continue to talk about Michael. Sonny is angry that Michael’s condition appears permanent. Sonny reveals that he never stops thinking about Michael. Sonny appears to be very emotional when talking about his son. Sonny still questions if Ian Devlin acted alone in Michael’s shooting. Claudia looks terrified. Claudia doesn’t think that revenge is a good idea.

Maxie and Jason continue to talk at the penthouse. Maxie worries that Spinelli won’t survive on his own. Jason agrees with Maxie’s reasoning. Maxie stresses that Jason needs to find Spinelli.

At the coffee shop, the woman asks Spinelli for help with an issue regarding her ex-husband. Spinelli agrees to assist. Winnifred wants to speak to Spinelli in private. Spinelli questions why Winnifred was so blatantly rude to the woman. Winnifred says that she senses trouble.

Nikolas and Rebecca talk at the casino. Nikolas apologizes for his behavior. Nikolas acknowledges that he knows that Rebecca isn’t Emily. Nikolas leaves the casino.

Back at home, Patrick asks Robin how Lulu is doing. Robin bends the truth by saying that Lulu wanted some advice about her father. Patrick brings up that he has noticed how unhappy Robin is. Robin asks Patrick if he still thinks she has postpartum depression.

At the coffee shop, Spinelli comments that Winnifred is being paranoid. Spinelli remarks that Winnifred is acting jealous. Winnifred brings up that Spinelli appears to be attracted to the mystery woman. Spinelli gets up from the table and tells the woman he will help her. Spinelli leaves the coffee shop in a hurry. Winnifred looks upset. She begins to cry.

Carly pays a visit to Jason at his home. Carly explains that there is a procedure that could bring Michael back. Carly is unsure of what to do.

Back at their home, Sonny tells Claudia that he wants revenge on who was involved in Michael’s shooting. Claudia asserts that Sonny should remain positive. Claudia adds that Michael could come out of his condition if the experimental procedure works.

Robin and Patrick continue to discuss the postpartum depression issue at home. Robin thinks that Patrick is unrealistic to think that going to a psychiatrist is going to change anything. Robin is adamant that she does not have postpartum depression. Robin stresses that all she wants to do is go back to work. Patrick asks where Emma fits into all of this.

Nikolas pays a visit to Alexis at her office. Nikolas asserts that he wants to take Jax to court. Alexis is surprised that Nikolas is gung-ho on getting the court case settled. Alexis comments that Nikolas is just looking for a distraction.

At the Crimson office, Maxie and Sam discuss Spinelli. Maxie begs Sam to help her. Sam explains that her contact said that a plane ticket was purchased, with the destination being Los Angeles.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Carly that she needs to stand by her decisions regarding Michael.

Sonny shows up at the Haunted Star. Luke pours him a drink. Sonny mentions that Carly came to him about an experimental procedure for Michael.

Back at Alexis’ office, Nikolas doesn’t think that he is looking for an excuse to stay away from Rebecca. Nikolas brings up some good points as to why he wants to go to court. Nikolas finally admits that he has a hard time avoiding Rebecca. Alexis says that she loves her nephew very much. Alexis and Nikolas hug each other.

At the penthouse, Carly and Jason continue to talk about the experimental procedure process. Carly is worried about the procedure. Carly explains that they have to put a needle in Michael’s brain. Jason remarks that Michael might not wake up, even with the procedure. Carly starts to cry in frustration.

At the casino, Sonny describes the procedure to Luke. Luke mentions that Sonny wasn’t getting along with Carly for a while. Sonny acknowledges that he and Carly have recently patched things up.

Kate shows up at Sonny’s house. Claudia is unhappy to see her. Claudia comments that Kate can’t just show up anytime she wants. Kate threatens that she will tell Claudia’s enemies that she knows that Claudia was involved with Michael’s shooting.

Lulu returns to work at the Crimson office. Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli has left town. Maxie says that Spinelli could be on his way to Los Angeles. Maxie thinks that Spinelli could be traveling there by freighter. Lulu and Maxie make some calls. Maxie calls the coffee shop where Spinelli was earlier. Maxie tells Ralph, the coffee shop owner, that she is on her way there.

Outside, the mystery woman knocks Spinelli unconscious.

Sam shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Sam is worried that Spinelli is going to get into trouble. Sam wants to know if Jason will help her find Spinelli.

At home, Robin and Patrick argue about hiring a nanny. They are interrupted when someone knocks on their front door. It’s Carly. Carly wants some feedback about the procedure for Michael.

Back at Sonny’s home, Kate rambles on about Claudia’s guilt in Michael’s shooting. Claudia doesn’t want to talk about it. Sonny suddenly walks in. Sonny asks why Kate and Claudia are talking about Michael.

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