GH Update Friday 3/6/09

General Hospital Update Friday 3/6/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jason is frantic that Spinelli has disappeared. Sam arrives at the penthouse so Jason fills her in.

Spinelli is with Winnifred in a restaurant.

Robin is at Mercy Hospital talking to Sonny about Michael. Robin insists on helping Sonny. Patrick comes over and Sonny fills him in on the experimental treatment.

Claudia is still with Michael when Carly arrives. Carly turns to speak with Michael’s doctor. Claudia is horrified that she’ll be discovered.

Luke and Nikolas continue their discussion of Emily and Rebecca on the pier. Rebecca stands behind them unnoticed and listening. Nik says he’s not sure what he was “looking for” in Rebecca. Nik says he had “hope” of finding “comfort” in Rebecca’s being related to Emily. Luke tells Nik he “cannot recover the past.” Luke leaves and Nik notices Rebecca standing behind him. Rebecca walks away.

Winnifred tries to figure out a place for her and Spinelli to go. Winnifred insists on accompanying Spinelli. The two decide on Singapore to start off. Spinelli says he must help others from now on.

Back at the penthouse, Jason shows Sam the note from Spinelli. Spinelli insists he will “help those in peril” in his note. Jason is worried and says he has nobody to help “track” down Spinelli. Sam thinks Spinelli is close by.

Claudia hides so Carly won’t catch her in Michael’s room. When Carly heads off with the doctor, Claudia takes off.

Back at Mercy, Robin insists on helping Sonny. Patrick thinks Robin’s time is too slim. Sonny heads off. Patrick is upset that Robin didn’t tell him she was returning to work full time. Patrick wonders what Robin plans to do about Emma.

Sam tells Jason he’s “a hero to Spinelli.” Jason blames himself for Spinelli’s troubles. Sam has an idea so she takes off.

Spinelli and Winnifred are in a restaurant talking. Spinelli has only good things to say about Jason. He calls Jason his “friend and mentor.” Winnifred says Jason “treasures” Spinelli’s company. Winnifred says she “regrets” what she did to Spinelli. Spinelli takes responsibility for his actions. Spinelli thinks he caused “trouble” for Jason.

Lulu is still on the Haunted Star with Ethan. Lulu still doubts that Robin was at the casino. Ethan insists Robin told him he she has no children. Lulu says Robin would never be at the casino “in the middle of the day.” Ethan thinks Lulu is looking for an “excuse” to spend time around him. Luke returns. Lulu warns him about Ethan.

At Mercy, Robin tells Patrick she wants to help with Michael. Patrick wants Robin to stay home and care for Emma. Patrick accuses Robin of “avoiding” Emma. He says Robin “gets no joy” from Emma. Patrick wonders how Robin would have handled motherhood on her own. He brings up PPD and suggests that Robin gets some “help.” Robin isn’t interested in Patrick’s suggestion and she storms off.

Back at the casino, Luke tells Lulu that Ethan is an amateur con man. Lulu says Ethan is unworthy of Luke. Ethan insists that he didn’t steal Robin’s wallet. Lulu leaves.

Sonny goes to see Jason at the penthouse. Jason fills Sonny in about Spinelli. Sonny isn’t concerned about Spinelli’s safety. He advises Jason to let Spinelli stand on his own two feet.

Winnifred has an Indiana Jones type daydream about her and Spinelli. When she comes back to reality, the two are still in the restaurant. The owner tells Spinelli and Winnifred he’s going out of business. Spinelli says he must “right” the man’s “wrong.” A woman in the restaurant seems a little too interested in Spinelli and Winnifred.

Back at the hospital, Carly talks with Michael’s doctor. Carly goes into Michael’s room and notices that the chair is in a different spot. Jax comes in.

Maxie pays Robin a visit at home. Robin tells Maxie about her argument with Patrick. Robin tells Maxie about her chat with Sonny. Robin tells Maxie that Patrick wants her to get some therapy. Maxie says Patrick most likely feels “helpless.” Robin resents that she’s expected to stay home and play mommy. Maxie says Robin did a great job with Emma the night of the storm. Maxie wonders if Patrick’s expectations of Robin are unrealistic. Robin talks about her own expectations about motherhood. Robin says motherhood is much different in reality than it is in a person’s imagination. Robin says she was “mean” to Patrick. Robin thinks Patrick will come around to her idea of returning to work full time.

Back at the penthouse with Sonny, Jason again blames himself for Spinelli’s trouble with the FBI. Sonny understands that Jason relies on Spinelli. He says it’s best that Spinelli has gotten out of the mob. Sonny says Spinelli should be free to makes his own choices.

Jax and Carly are still with Michael. Jax talks about how he finally “won” Michael “over.” Jax says it’s time for him to step up as far as Michael is concerned.

Rebecca comes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. She admits to overhearing Luke’s conversation with Nik on the pier. Rebecca tells Luke that Nik looks at her like she’s “an answer to some prayer.” She wonders if she can “help” Nik in any way. Luke says he knows how Rebecca can “help Nikolas.” Luke says Nik’s been “frozen in grief” for a year. Luke advises Rebecca to keep her distance from Nik if she really wants to help him. Nik overhears the conversation between Rebecca and Luke.

Carly and Jax discuss Michael’s shooting. Jax regrets not staying closer to Carly when Michael got hurt. Carly is forgiving. Jax says he must right those wrongs now – he promises to be present for Carly from now on. Jax promises to stay by Carly’s side until she tells him not to.

Spinelli offers his help to Ralph, the restaurant owner. Spinelli accesses the Ralph’s bank records as the other woman in the restaurant listens in.

Sonny is still at the penthouse with Jason. Sonny says Jason has to focus on the business. Jason says he plans on finding Spinelli. Sonny talks about the past, when he and Jason first met. Sonny says he understands how Jason feels about Spinelli. Sonny says Jason will “tie” Spinelli to the mob, “forever” if he goes after him.

Maxie comes to the penthouse looking for Spinelli. Maxie finds Spinelli’s letter.

On the pier, Sam tells Jason that Spinelli is in California. Jason says he won’t be going after Spinelli. He says Spinelli can choose to live his life however he wants to.

Back in California, Spinelli succeeds in helping Ralph with his financial problem. Winnifred is impressed. She leans over Spinelli’s computer for a kiss but Spinelli is oblivious.

Sonny comes home. Claudia is there waiting. Sonny tells Claudia about the possible treatment for Michael. Sonny wonders if Michael is aware of what’s going on and if the testing will “disturb” him. Claudia says, “Michael is fine.” Sonny wonders what Claudia means by that statement.

Lulu goes to return Robin’s wallet. Robin is grateful. Robin offers no explanation for Lulu finding her wallet at the casino. Just as Lulu mentions how Ethan said Robin is childless, Patrick comes into the house.

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