GH Update Thursday 3/5/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/5/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Patrick snaps at a nurse at Mercy. Matt tries to calm Patrick down. Patrick admits he’s disturbed with Robin.

Robin is at the casino with Ethan. Robin says she hasn’t got time for children right now.

Carly and Jax are at the hotel. Carly looks upset and admits it’s about Michael.

The Q’s bicker at the mansion over Rebecca. Monica and Edward want Rebecca to stay with the family. Nikolas is there and he says Rebecca means the family no harm. Tracy is against having Rebecca as a houseguest. Tracy suggests that the family have Rebecca investigated.

Back at Mercy, Patrick tells Matt that Robin has no interest in the baby. Patrick back steps and feels like he’s said too much. Matt is sympathetic. Patrick says Robin “shuts down” around Emma. Matt brings up PPD. Patrick is very frustrated with the situation. Matt suggests Patrick and Robin get some therapy. Patrick blames himself for pressuring Robin. Matt says something needs to be done.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan talks about children with Robin. Robin says she isn’t “ready to have kids.” She claims her life is about her career. Robin starts to talk about Anna and Robert without mentioning their names. She proceeds to tell Ethan that her parents are secret agents.

At the hotel, Carly shows Jax a monthly report on Michael’s condition. Carly reminisces about Michael. Carly is emotional. Carly seems to have no hope that Michael will wake up. She says she prays for a “change” every month. Jax offers to go along for the next visit. Carly wonders if it would be better for her not to visit Michael.

Back on the Haunted Star, Robin tells Ethan more about her parents. Ethan seems interested in Robin’s childhood. Robin asks Ethan about his childhood. Ethan says he was adopted, and then put in foster care. Ethan seems satisfied with his childhood. Robin gets edgy and leaves.

Back at the mansion, Edward tries to convince Rebecca to stay. Tracy objects. Rebecca apologizes and leaves with Nikolas. Edward blames Tracy. Monica is disappointed. Tracy wonders what Luke thinks.

Back at the hotel, Jax feels helpless with Michael’s situation. Carly wonders if she should continue to hope for Michael to recover.

Nikolas walks on the pier with Rebecca. He apologizes for what happened. Rebecca accuses Nik of being “overbearing.” She tells him to “respect the fact” that she’s Rebecca, not Emily. Rebecca asks Nik to leave her alone.

Luke goes back to the Haunted Star. Ethan wonders what’s on Luke’s mind. Luke starts talking about “history.” He sits at the bar and has several drinks. Luke proceeds to tell Ethan about Nikolas. Luke says he should give Nik some “advice.” Lulu arrives.

Sonny is at home giving Max orders to arrange a meeting announcing his return to the business. Max says the men felt that Sonny was disloyal to them. Max isn’t sure how the men will react to Sonny’s return. Sonny is upset that the men don’t “trust” him. Carly arrives with news about Michael. She asks Max to stay. Carly tells Sonny and Max about an “experimental procedure” that may help Michael.

Claudia goes to the hospital to see Michael. The doctor says he “doesn’t expect any improvement.” The doctor comments about how nice it is that Claudia visits Michael “every week.”

Back on the Haunted Star, Lulu accuses Ethan of trying to get Luke drunk so he can rob him. Lulu tells Luke that Ethan “is a con.” Ethan makes Lulu a drink, which she refuses. Luke says he’s leaving so Lulu can get to know Ethan. Luke leaves.

Nik is still on the pier with Rebecca. He apologizes for his recent behavior. Rebecca says Emily has no connection with her. Nik promises to keep his distance but says he will keep getting his morning coffee at Kelly’s. Nik leaves.

Claudia goes in and talks to Michael. She says Carly and Sonny “miss” Michael. Claudia apologizes to Michael.

Back at Sonny’s, Max is happy with Carly’s news. Carly says there’s a slim possibility that the procedure will help Michael. Max says he will keep good thoughts. Max leaves. Carly tells Sonny more about the procedure. Sonny wants details. Carly says there will be “minor surgery” that will involve shocking Michael’s brain. Carly says it’s a way of “waking up the brain.” Carly says Michael must first be tested to see if the procedure is right for him. She says the risk is small. Sonny compliments Carly for having “hope.” Sonny is skeptical and Carly understands. She says even “false hope” is better than nothing. Sonny tells Carly to go ahead with the testing. Sonny blames himself once again for Michael’s condition. Carly says she still has “hope.” Sonny says he feels “empty” and he deserves to feel that way. Both Carly and Sonny feel “helpless.” Sonny encourages Carly to go through with the testing. Carly says she’s been “praying for a miracle.”

Rebecca goes to the mansion to see Monica. Rebecca visits with Monica for a while. Monica wants Rebecca to stay in town. Rebecca apologizes for her attitude earlier. Monica apologizes “for Tracy.” Monica praises Nikolas.

Robin walks on the pier and has memory flashes of Emma. Some of her memories are good and some are bad. She calls home to check on Emma. Robin gives the sitter some instructions.

At Mercy, Matt gives Patrick the name of a doctor who treats PPD. Patrick isn’t sold on putting Robin through therapy. Matt walks away after suggesting that Patrick see the doctor as well.

Luke meets Nik on the pier. Luke tries to advise Nik on Rebecca. He tells Nik there’s no going back. Luke calls Rebecca a “clone.” He reminds Nik that Rebecca isn’t Emily. Luke says there’s no bringing back Emily. Nik doesn’t disagree with Luke. He says his heart came to life when he first saw Rebecca. Rebecca is close behind Nik while he talks.

Lulu is still with Ethan. She notices Robin’s wallet on the bar. Lulu thinks Ethan stole Robin’s wallet. Lulu accuses Ethan of lying when he says Robin came by for a drink.

Sonny goes to Mercy to see Patrick. He runs into Robin who appears to be working. Sonny tells Robin about the experimental procedure for Michael. Robin is very interested. Robin tells Sonny she’s returned to work “full time.” Patrick stands in the background and watches Robin talk to Sonny.

Claudia is still with Michael. She continues to apologize for ordering the shooting. Carly is about to enter Michael’s room.

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