GH Update Wednesday 3/4/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/4/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Nadine joins Nikolas at Kelly’s. She says they haven’t seen each other in a couple days. Nadine points out Nikolas has been at Kelly’s a lot because Emily’s double works there.

Lulu questions Ethan’s presence on the Haunted Star. He explains that he works there but Lulu accuses him of stealing. Luke stops Lulu from calling Lucky to have Ethan arrested.

At Crimson Maxie is waiting on Lulu and mistakenly thinks Robin is her as she walks in. Robin offers to take Maxie to lunch and Maxie inquires about Emma.

Spinelli is trying out different forms of digital facial hair on his computer as disguises when Jason walks in and asks what he’s doing.

Luke doesn’t believe Ethan wasn’t trying to steal from him. Luke fills Lulu in on how he and Ethan met but Lulu can’t believe he hired someone who steals from him. Just as they are talking about how Tracey has fallen for all of Ethan’s lies she walks in.

Patrick checks in on Elizabeth. Patrick comments that while Elizabeth can’t wait to get back to her kids, Robin can’t wait to leave Emma.

Robin sees Maxie’s inquiry as criticism that she can’t have a life outside of Emma. Maxie says she just thought that since Robin was so excited to have Emma she thought she’d want to spend every waking moment with Emma. Maxie says things have seemed off lately but she knows she’s wrong. Robin says she’s been feeling judged and then gets defensive and says nothing is wrong.

Nikolas defends his Kelly visits just like he did to Rebecca. He admits he’s intrigued by Rebecca and tells her that Alexis found out Rebecca is not related to Emily. Rebecca comes over to take their order and she and Nikolas talk easily and maybe border on flirting. Nadine says she can’t do this anymore.

Winifred meets Sam outside Kelly’s but Winifred says this needs to be a secret. They are worried Spinelli will do something rash and Winifred wants Sam to help.

Jason asks if the image adjustment has something to do with Maxie and Spinelli says yes because of her and Johnny spending time together and he‘s afraid he will lose her. Jason says they need to talk but Spinelli dodges it and leaves.

Nadine knows Nikolas never got over Emily and Rebecca’s appearance is making him relive all of that. Nikolas tells her how wonderful she is but that he’s not ready for a relationship. Nadine is understanding but knows there is no future for them. Nikolas agrees and she leaves.

Robin tells Maxie she loves Emma but it’s harder than she expected but that doesn’t make her a bad parent. She apologizes for being defensive but Patrick keeps questioning her. Maxie thinks it could have to do with being away from work.

Tracey seems to be siding with Ethan in his dispute with Luke. She again brings up how Luke was absent when she and Lulu needed him. Tracey takes Luke away because there is a future crisis. Lulu calls Ethan out on his phony charm.

Spinelli meets up with a guy on the pier and exchanges money for a passport. Winifred takes photos.

Sam goes to see Jason and tells him about Winifred’s concern and asks if he’s told Spinelli. Jason says he’s giving Spinelli another day to say goodbye. Sam suggests there may be another option.

Patrick asks Elizabeth’s opinion on Robin. Elizabeth she seems nervous but that’s normal plus Robin is home all day with Emma and that could contribute to her anxiety. Elizabeth says the nanny might help but he should allow her to find her own way. Lucky brings Jake and Cameron to see Elizabeth.

Edward is concerned about Monica for his own hospital rebuilding motives. Tracey says she doesn’t want a freeloader in the house but Monica doesn’t know who she’s talking about. Just then Rebecca knocks on the door and enters. Tracey and Luke thinks this will only lead to disaster. Edward introduces her as their new guest.

Spinelli arrives to see Maxie at Crimson. He lets her ramble about movies and dinner as he just looks at her sadly.

Sam suggests that maybe Winifred can help them but Jason knows it’s a bad idea and doesn’t want to take advantage. Sam reminds him that he believes people have the right to make their own choices.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that she can be released. Lucky wonders if Patrick is ok. Cameron is excited for ice cream and cake.

Ethan tells Lulu how he ended up in Port Charles. Lulu knows he’s a con artist and that he’s working one over on Luke. Lulu knows something is going on with Ethan and wonders what the connection is. Ethan suggests that she’s jealous.

Sam argues in favor of asking Winifred for help. Jason won’t ask. He says if someone is going to get in trouble for Spinelli it’s going to be him because its his fault.

Maxie senses something is wrong and thinks it’s because she went out with Johnny. Maxie doesn’t want Spinelli to think she prefers Johnny because even if she’s not with him she’s thinking about him. She’d rather be with him then anybody and says he’s stuck with her forever and ever. He kisses her passionately and tells her she’ll always be in his heart. He’s about to say something when Federico calls. She tells Spinelli she’s swamped but that she’ll see him at 7. He walks away and looks at her longingly.

Robin goes to the Haunted Star and finds Ethan, she asks if they are open. He pours her a drink. Robin asks where he’s from in Australia and he pretends like it take s a genius to know he’s Australian. She tells him her father and uncle are Australian. He asks her what her job is that she can go clubbing in the middle of the day.

Matt is ready to leave the hospital but Nadine says they’ll need him soon for rounds. She starts crying in front of Matt but tries to play it off because he seems uncomfortable.

Lulu gets to Crimson and tells her about Ethan. Lulu wonders why Maxie isn’t mad at her. Maxie says things were fine and Lulu asks if this is the “new Zen Maxie.” Maxie confides that Spinelli is acting really weird and thinks he may still be in trouble.

Spinelli walks to Jason’s door with bags, he places his key on Jason’s desk and writes a note.

Tracey tells Edward to be careful and to investigate her before letting her stay. It doesn’t matter that she looks like Emily. Rebecca doesn’t want to cause trouble. Monica thinks it’s a good idea. Luke offers Rebecca an ear. Rebecca clarifies that she’s just here for a visit since she’s staying at Kelly’s They all start asking her questions while Tracey makes bad side comments and questions her motives. Nikolas arrives and the fighting ensues.

Jason arrives home and Spinelli is gone, he finds his note. Spinelli explains that he knows the position Jason is in and is moved beyond measure that Jason would give up so much for him. But he cares too much for Jason to let him make that sacrifice so he has left on his own. He “has become a fugitive fated to wander the world helping those in peril and seeking and seeking adventure.”

Spinelli gets on a plane and sees Winifred is on the same flight.

Robin tells Ethan she’s a doctor but her hospital is being rebuilt. Ethan sees her ring and knows she’s married. Robin agrees with Ethan when he assumes she doesn’t have kids.

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