GH Update Tuesday 3/3/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/3/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Robin and Patrick’s house Patrick talks to Emma in her crib. Robin needs to go do errands but Patrick would rather she put them off a little bit.

Nikolas is in Rebecca’s upstairs room at Kelly’s changing his dirty clothes. Rebecca knocks and enters and sees a shirtless Nikolas. She can’t help but stare at him.

Sam is waiting at Jason’s door. It seems Maxie and Spinelli told her there was going to be a party to celebrate how grateful Spinelli is to Jason. Jason lets Sam know that the Feds haven’t let them off the hook yet so there’s no reason to celebrate.

Sonny and Claudia continue to kiss and she starts to unbutton his shirt. He grabs her hands and reminds her of the time he found her in his room and told her “if I want you here, I’ll ask.” She remembers and the next thing we see is them entering a room and kissing.

Patrick wants to stay in with Emma but Robin says she needs to do a lot of stuff. Robin says that she and Patrick need to alternate between staying with Emma and going out until they get a nanny. Patrick agrees, with a hint of guilt that Robin senses.

Rebecca flips through a magazine and makes small talk until it’s time for Nikolas to change his pants. She goes to wait for him downstairs and he asks her not to go far.

Jason fills Sam in on how he got to Anthony and gave him to the Feds but Raynor still wants Sonny. Sam says there’s only two choices, give up Sonny or let Spinelli go to jail, but Jason won’t do either.

Claudia pushes Sonny away. She tells him she doesn’t need him to love her or even like her, but she needs to know that at that moment he wants to be with her and only her. He walks towards her unbuttoning his shirt and they start kissing again. They fall onto the bed.

Rebecca comes back up and brings Nikolas his shoes. Nikolas apologizes for taking over her room and asks if she’s comfortable there. She says the room is cozy and she travels light, but mostly it’s cheap. Nikolas offers to comp her a room at the MetroCourt but Rebecca doesn’t want it especially since she knows he looks at her and sees someone he used to take care of. Nikolas goes to leave but she stops him and says she’s ready to talk.

Claudia and Sonny lay in bed after they have had sex. Claudia wants to pretend that this was their first time together and just forget about that one night last year. Sonny thinks he can do that. They talk about Anthony and Sonny wants to know what Anthony meant when he told Sonny there was something he didn’t know. Claudia says she doesn’t know and that Anthony is a good actor. They hear Johnny call for Claudia from downstairs.

Claudia goes downstairs. Johnny tells Claudia that now that Anthony is behind bars she can leave her fake marriage, he wants to take her right then. Claudia says she’s not leaving and Sonny comes downstairs. He tells Johnny he can stay because he needs to go somewhere anyway and he leaves. Johnny doesn’t care what Claudia says, she is leaving.

Jason says he needs to get Spinelli out of the country. Sam says Spinelli wouldn’t last very long and he’d be devastated to leave his life and Maxie. Jason says he’ll make Spinelli understand. Just as they are speaking Maxie and Spinelli come in to begin the festivities of being freed from “the federal ones.”

Patrick tells Emma that Robin has been better since Emma was sick and reassures Emma that Robin loves her. Sonny drops in to see Robin and Emma. Patrick gets a call about a hospital emergency but he says he can’t go.

Claudia wants to know what motivation Anthony has to not tell Sonny about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Claudia says she and Sonny are getting along and not just because they are sleeping together. Johnny wants to know why she’s bothering.

Spinelli and Jason play pool and he talks about how glad he is to not be going to prison. Spinelli asks Sam to join forces so they can start an agency. Jason says it’s not a good idea to rush into anything. Maxie wants to propose a toast to Jason. Jason obviously feels bad and uncomfortable for all the praise he’s getting.

Rebecca and Nikolas discuss his life and past and how he’s a prince. Rebecca laughs at his title and says that she always thought princes were just from fairytales. She realizes from Nikolas’ face that this is something Emily used to say. But Nikolas jumps to saying that he needs to move on from Emily and learn from Rebecca on how to move forward.

Sonny is babysitting Emma. He tells her that he had to leave home because he got a little too close to his wife. He tells Emma that she is the essence of life and thinks of Michael. Robin comes home and Sonny explains why he’s babysitting and offers Emma to her. Robin tells Sonny she can hold on to her. Robin tells Sonny she knows that Anthony was arrested and hopes he will end his marriage to Claudia.

Johnny doesn’t understand why Claudia would stay but she says things have changed. Johnny is worried for her life. Claudia tells Johnny what Sonny went through to get her back safely. Johnny agrees that maybe Sonny does have feelings for her but that won’t matter when Sonny learns the truth.

Spinelli and Maxie light candles on a cake. Spinelli presents it saying that while he knows Jason’s “body is a temple” he also knows that he used to eat special cake that Emily would bring him so he bribed Cook to make the cake for Jason. Jason is clearly touched by the sentiment. The cake says, “Stone Cold Rocks.” Jason interrupts the celebration by saying he and Spinelli need to talk alone. Sam and Maxie leave and Maxie is very upset that she’s being forced to leave. Spinelli misunderstands Jason and thinks Jason is allowing him into his inner world of crime.

Nikolas tells Rebecca that he ended up in Port Charles because Lulu needed a heart transplant and his uncle wanted to move to be close to his mom. Rebecca goes to clean up and Alexis enters.

Sonny tells Robin he’s not divorcing Claudia because there are advantages of having her as his wife. He says he gets her and she’s smart. Robin asks about Kate, and Sonny says it’s better this way. Sonny says Robin isn’t hearing him because she doesn’t like what he’s saying. Claudia knows the business and he doesn’t have to worry about shattering her expectations and that this might actually last. Robin tells him he won’t be happy with Claudia.

Spinelli tells Jason how glad he is to be a part of Jason’s world and how happy he is in his life and he thanks Jason for that. He is ready to hear what Jason has to say.

Alexis says she did some research on Rebecca. Alexis says there is no evidence that she was adopted and she is not tied or related to Emily.

Sam comes back to Jason’s and Jason tells her he couldn’t tell Spinelli. Spinelli overhears Jason say that Spinelli is the leverage to bringing Sonny down and how Spinelli needs to get out of the country. Jason doesn’t care that he might get arrested for aiding and abetting because he owes Spinelli a second chance at life.

Sonny comes back home and asks what Johnny wanted. Claudia tells him Johnny wanted her to leave him. Sonny says Robin felt the same way. They agree not to listen and to stay and try.

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