GH Update Monday 3/2/09

General Hospital Update Monday 3/2/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Over the phone, Jason tells Rayner that the FBI Agent can’t arrest Spinelli. Rayner reminds Jason that he needs to bring him Anthony Zacchara. Rayner warns that he better have Zacchara in police custody tonight or Spinelli will be detained indefinitely.

Sonny tells Anthony that he better not hurt Claudia. Sonny says that Anthony should take the money and run. Anthony hints that Claudia is in grave danger.

Claudia is gagged and bound. Unfortunately, there is a bomb strapped to her body.

Alexis and Nikolas arrive at Kelly’s. Alexis notices that Rebecca is the new waitress working there. Nikolas keeps looking over at Rebecca while his aunt talks about the menu choices. A different waitress asks for their orders, but Nikolas wants Rebecca to wait on them. The waitress says that she can take their orders. Nikolas asks for a different table.

Carly and Jax discuss Sonny’s troubles. Carly is tired of worrying about Sonny. Jax says that he isn’t happy about the drama that always surrounds Sonny. Olivia interrupts. Jax leaves to make a business call. Carly says that Jax needs a distraction. Olivia wants to know what Sonny is up to.

Spinelli and Rayner talk in the interrogation room. Maxie, Lulu, and Johnny show up at the police station. Maxie bursts into the interrogation room. Maxie reminds Rayner that he needs to honor the deal he made with Jason. Rayner isn’t happy. Rayner says he could charge Maxie with obstruction of justice.

Anthony, with his duffle bags in hand, approaches his vehicle. Jason stops him. Jason points a gun right at Anthony.

Sonny finds Claudia. Claudia insists that Sonny should save himself. The timer on the bomb is showing less than five minutes left.

Alexis apologizes for Nikolas’ rudeness. Nikolas doesn’t think there is anything wrong with wanting Rebecca to be their waitress. Nikolas pays the waitress to switch tables with Rebecca. Rebecca comes over to their table. Alexis brings up that Nikolas is being ridiculous.

Rayner gives Spinelli and Maxie a moment alone. Maxie promises she will get Spinelli out of the situation. Rayner tells Johnny that the only way to help Spinelli would be to find his father, Anthony.

Claudia keeps reiterating that Sonny should leave. Sonny says that he knows someone who can help her.

Anthony brings up that the FBI will be coming after Spinelli. Jason is still aiming the gun at Anthony. Jason gets a phone call. Sonny says he needs Jason to talk him through disarming a bomb.

Alexis tells Rebecca that Nikolas paid the other waitress to switch tables. Rebecca thinks that Nikolas had no other choice. Nikolas is surprised by what Rebecca says.

Elizabeth is happy to see Lucky. Lucky divulges that Cameron thinks that they will all be living together once Liz leaves the hospital. Elizabeth admits that she was thankful that Lucky was by her side during the biotoxin threat. Elizabeth says that she’ll always be there for Lucky.

Carly tells Olivia about the situation with Sonny. Olivia says that she told herself many times that she didn’t care what happened to Sonny. Olivia admits that she was fooling herself. Olivia adds that Sonny can take care of himself. Carly says that she will always be connected to Sonny because of Morgan.

Maxie brings up that she might have to break Spinelli out of jail.

Lulu defends Johnny. Rayner isn’t impressed.

Anthony keeps talking as Jason is listening to Sonny on the phone. To shut Anthony up, Jason hits him in the face. Jason gives Sonny instructions as to how to disarm the bomb. Sonny asks which wire to cut, the green or black one. Claudia yells that Sonny should cut the black one. There is ten seconds left. Sonny cuts the black wire. Luckily, the timer stops. Claudia and Sonny are both relieved. Claudia hugs her husband.

Jason orders Anthony to get up. Jason informs him that Sonny cut the right wire. Anthony hints that Claudia is playing Sonny. Claudia and Sonny show up. Anthony implies that he has something important to reveal.

Rayner gets a call from Jason. Jason says that he has Anthony Zacchara. Rayner lets Johnny know that they have his father.

Lucky lets Elizabeth know that he and Sam broke up. Elizabeth admits that she needs to let go of Jason. Lucky and Elizabeth both agree that they will always care about each other.

Rebecca comments that Nikolas will have to get used to seeing her face. Rebecca says she will be right back with their orders. Nikolas thinks that Rebecca is going to leave and not come back. Nikolas gets up and bumps into Rebecca. Nikolas ends up getting ketchup all over his clothes. Rebecca is embarrassed. Rebecca says that she was counting on this waitress job. Nikolas apologizes profusely. Rebecca begins to laugh.

Anthony is brought into the police station. Johnny tells Lulu that this might be the last time he gets to see his father. In the interrogation room, Anthony says to Johnny that he almost told Sonny about Claudia’s secret.

Olivia says that Sonny deserves what he gets. Olivia can’t believe that Sonny actually married Claudia. Carly reminds her that Sonny wed Claudia for the power.

Jason calls Carly. He updates her on the situation with Anthony and Claudia. Carly wants Jason to give her a heads up about any future dangerous situations. Jax asks what’s going on. Carly says that Anthony was arrested and that they are all safe. Carly and Jax kiss.

Claudia and Sonny return home. Claudia is grateful to Sonny for saving her life.

Spinelli is released. Maxie says that she doesn’t want to hurt Spinelli. They leave the police station together.

Rayner tells Jason that he let Spinelli go. Jason is relieved. Rayner says that Jason needs to bring him Sonny now. Jason isn’t happy.

Anthony tells Johnny that Claudia didn’t confess to Sonny. Anthony divulges that he is protecting Johnny. Anthony warns that the truth will come out eventually.

Claudia says that she was shocked that Sonny paid the ransom. Claudia wants to know the reason why Sonny saved her. Claudia kisses Sonny.

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