GH Update Friday 2/27/09

General Hospital Update Friday 2/27/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the jail cell, Luke insists that Ethan took Tracy’s money from her purse. Tracy wants to take Ethan and leave since she doesn’t believe Luke. Tracy finds her money in Ethan’s pocket but she thinks Luke is responsible.

At the hotel, Jax and Carly talk after tucking Morgan into bed. Carly brings up Michael. She’s worried for Morgan but Jax promises to keep him “safe.”

Jason and Sonny head to the Corinthos house. Sonny worries for Claudia’s safety.

Anthony takes Claudia to another location. Claudia is certain that Sonny is on his way but Anthony isn’t so sure.

Back at the jail, Luke is offended that Tracy is taking Ethan’s side. Ethan admits to taking Tracy’s money. Ethan claims he can’t help himself. Tracy listens to Ethan while Luke sees right through him. Tracy seems to have a soft spot for Ethan.

Claudia is still with Anthony. Anthony reminds Claudia how Sonny feels about her. Anthony is sure Sonny is setting a trap for him. Claudia says she doesn’t “expect” Sonny to “rescue” her.

Sonny gets a call from Bernie. Jason and Bernie don’t want to give up the money for Claudia. Jason wonders if Sonny really “cares about” Claudia.

At the hotel, Carly wonders if her custody battle with Sonny was all in vain. Carly blames herself for choosing Sonny as the father of her kids. Jax says Carly isn’t a hypocrite. Carly wonders if she should cut Sonny off from the kids. Jax says the idea should come from Sonny. Jax says, “Sonny is in the middle of a hostile takeover.” Carly agrees with Jax. She tells Jax about forgiving Sonny and letting go of her “anger.” Carly says she doesn’t want to “lose” the “peace” she now feels.

Spinelli and Lulu wait at Crimson for Maxie and Johnny to return from the club opening. Spinelli seems jealous but Lulu says they are nothing more than “friends.” Kate arrives and wonders if Maxie has been heard from. Spinelli threatens to “crash” Kate’s computers if she sends Maxie out with Johnny again. Kate isn’t amused.

Back at the jail, Ethan “takes full responsibly” for taking Tracy’s money. Luke isn’t impressed but Tracy is. Tracy compares Ethan to Luke. Tracy says she “forgives” Ethan’s debt to Luke and says he’s now “free and clear.”

At the hotel, Jax says Morgan is safe and they need to take things as they come. Carly heads upstairs to check on Morgan. Olivia arrives to see Jax. They discuss business. Jax asks Olivia to open the pool for Morgan in the morning. Jax tells Olivia the reason Morgan is staying at the hotel.

Jason and Sonny discuss Claudia. Sonny says he doesn’t “like” Claudia but he “understands her.” Claudia calls and tells Sonny to bring the money to Warehouse 9. Anthony takes the phone and taunts Sonny. He gives the phone back to Claudia.

At Crimson, Lulu apologizes for Spinelli’s threat. Spinelli is stubborn. Lulu asks him not to mess with the computers. Kate says she has no interest in Spinelli’s personal problems. Maxie and Spinelli return. Maxie says things went really well. Kate wants to send the duo to a movie opening. Spinelli objects. Johnny says he isn’t interested, unless Kate makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

At the jail, Luke wonders why Tracy has forgiven Ethan. Tracy blames Luke for Ethan’s trouble. Tracy thinks Luke should stay in jail for a while longer. Ethan speaks up for Luke. Ethan tells Tracy that Luke loves her. Tracy is skeptical. Tracy leaves Ethan and Luke alone. Luke warns Ethan to find his own meal ticket.

At Crimson, Kate says she can’t pay Johnny the same amount of money for another job. Finally Kate gives in so Johnny agrees to accompany Maxie to the movie opening.

Jason and Sonny get the money together at the house. Sonny says he must make certain that Claudia is safe. Jason is worried about capturing Anthony.

Claudia is still with Anthony. Claudia is shaken but Anthony seems amused. Anthony claims Sonny has no “feelings” one way or the other about Claudia. Anthony proceeds to tell Claudia what a miserable daughter she’s always been. He says Claudia “deserves” the treatment she’s gotten. Anthony threatens to tell Sonny about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting.

At Crimson, Maxie looks at the pictures from the club opening on the Internet. Spinelli shows his jealousy. Johnny tells Lulu he can’t refuse the money from Kate. Lulu seems to understand. Spinelli thinks the whole thing is a bad idea.

Back at the jail, Luke warns Ethan that Tracy will figure him out soon. Tracy bails both Luke and Ethan out. Luke takes Ethan’s cash that Tracy gave him. Tracy worries for Ethan as she and Luke head off alone.

Claudia gets agitated watching Anthony pace. Anthony claims to have done everything “for John.” Claudia thinks her secret about the shooting is safe because Johnny was involved. Anthony asks if Claudia fears death. Claudia says she “hates” Anthony for making her what she is. Anthony blames Claudia for ruining his plan. Claudia says Sonny will kill Anthony.

Sonny gets ready to head out. Jason makes him wear a vest. Sonny says emotions won’t be involved in the rescue. Jason wonders if Sonny is “willing” to lose his life to save Claudia.

Tracy and Luke take Ethan with them. Tracy wants Ethan to work at the casino to bring in more women. Luke and Tracy disagree on Ethan’s rate of pay. Ethan promises not to “skim” from Luke’s “till.” Tracy seems to be using Ethan to punish Luke.

Back at Crimson, Spinelli and Lulu don’t agree with the new escort setup. Maxie tells Spinelli it will benefit her. Maxie says she would rather be escorted by Spinelli. Johnny tells Lulu he would rather be with her than Maxie. Spinelli seems to have a solution.

Back at the hotel, Olivia again discusses business with Jax. Sonny comes up in conversation again. Olivia tries to explain how much fatherhood means to Sonny. She also says Sonny is “possessive” of his children. Jax has a difficult time accepting what Olivia says. Olivia tells Jax to do what is necessary to protect his kids. Carly arrives and Jax tells her about the pool. Olivia offers to send champagne to Carly and Jax’s room. Olivia leaves.

Jason and Sonny arrive at the warehouse. Sonny intends to go in alone. Jason isn’t happy with the terms. He asks Sonny not to kill Anthony. Sonny says if he must choose to kill someone, it will be Anthony. Jason gets a call from Spinelli. Spinelli is looking for help with the Johnny and Maxie situation. Someone comes into Crimson and Jason can hear the commotion as Spinelli calls out to him.

Sonny finds Anthony. Claudia isn’t with him. Anthony doesn’t trust Sonny. He says he’s got some “irony” for Sonny. Anthony says Sonny must choose to “save Claudia” or “grab” him. Meanwhile, Claudia is bound and gagged with a bomb strapped to her.

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