GH Update Thursday 2/26/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/26/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Lucky and Rebecca talk at Kelly’s. Nikolas arrives and Rebecca wants to leave.

Sonny is with Bernie. Sonny says he’s taking over the business again, despite what Bernie says. Bernie says “the men” won’t be happy with the news.

Anthony takes Claudia to Kate’s house.

Jason and Sam are in Florida. They discover that Anthony has fled. Sam has a plan.

Back at Kelly’s, Nik offers to help Rebecca find a job. Rebecca says she was hired at GH. Nik says Rebecca can work at the clinic until the hospital is rebuilt. Rebecca says she’s uncomfortable with the idea.

Luke and Ethan are still in a jail cell. Ethan is trying is best to dig through the wall. The two start to argue about their circumstance. Tracy arrives. Luke introduces Tracy to Ethan.

Jax and Carly are in the hotel lobby. Carly gets upsetting news on the phone. Jax assumes it’s about Sonny.

Sonny is still in Bernie’s office. Sonny asks Bernie straight out if he wants to work for him (Sonny). Bernie says the business has been “working well” with Jason. Sonny says he knew what he was doing in the past but he had some personal setbacks. Sonny claims that he “dismantled” the Zacchara organization. Sonny says he’s ready to take over the business.

Back in Florida, Sam pretends to be Anthony’s daughter. She pretends that Jason and Anthony got into a fight in front of the hotel maid. Sam tries to get the maid to find out where Anthony went when he left.

Back at the jail, Tracy is told she must pay all the fines for Luke and Ethan. Tracy asks for “an itemized bill.” The guard goes off to oblige. Tracy gives Luke an ear full. Ethan tries to smooth things over with Tracy.

Back at Kelly’s, Nik offers to get Rebecca a job at the hotel. Rebecca is hesitant. She thanks Nik but says she can find a job on her own. Nik leaves. Lucky suggests that Rebecca try her luck as a waitress.

In Florida, Jason and Sam hope the maid can help. The maid returns and says Anthony went to Port Charles.

Back at Kate’s house, Anthony and Claudia discuss their relationship. Anthony compares Claudia to her mother. Claudia is visibly shaken. Anthony wants his money so he can leave the country. Claudia says her father has “miscalculated.”

Back in Bernie’s office, Sonny admits he’s made mistakes, including killing Karpov. Sonny says he and Jason “have reached an agreement.” Jason calls and tells Sonny about Anthony returning to Port Charles. Jason says Anthony has to stay alive. He asks Sonny not to make a move until he gets back home. After Jason hangs up the phone, Sonny says he can’t make any promises about Anthony.

Nikolas goes to the hospital to see Liz. Nik offers Liz a temporary maid while she recuperates. Nik proceeds to tell Liz that Lucky teased him about his “kingdom” in front of Rebecca. Nik says Rebecca thinks he’s crazy.

At Kelly’s, Lucky suggests Rebecca work for Mike as a waitress. Mike is all for it. He warns Rebecca that most of the customers were friendly with Emily. Edward arrives. He’s not happy with the news.

At the hotel, Carly calls Jason. It seems guards are suddenly watching Morgan. Jax suggests leaving town to visit his mom. Jax is upset that everything revolves around Sonny and his violent life.

Back at Kate’s, Anthony wonders if Sonny will pay to “save” Claudia. Anthony blames Claudia for getting Johnny involved in Michael’s shooting. Claudia is upset. Anthony insults her. He says he’s running for his life, thanks to Claudia.

Bernie tells Sonny that he’s put guards on everyone. Sonny wonders about Claudia. Claudia calls Sonny and tells him she’s with Anthony. Claudia says Anthony wants a large amount of money right away. Anthony takes the phone and threatens to kill Claudia. Anthony gives Sonny two hours to pay him off.

Back at Mercy, Liz says it’s normal for Nik to be interested in Rebecca. Nik says he expected some sort of reaction from Rebecca. Liz says Emily was “unique” and she “can’t be duplicated.”

At Kelly’s, Edward offers Rebecca use of the Q mansion. Rebecca is shocked and surprised. Edward insists, but Rebecca says the offer makes her uncomfortable. Mike suggests that Rebecca work at Kelly’s and Edward can come in “more often.” Rebecca accepts Mike’s offer.

Back at the jail, Tracy fills Luke in on the hospital crisis. Luke is unaffected by the story, which makes Tracy mad. Tracy tells Luke that the poison affected her and he takes a sudden interest. Tracy is still upset with Luke. Ethan tries to smooth things over with Tracy. The guard returns with the itemized bill. Tracy offers to bail out only Ethan.

Back at the hotel, Jax and Carly bicker over Sonny. Carly says she and Sonny are on the path to forgiveness. Jax wonders why Carly needs forgiveness. Carly says she’s just as much to blame for Michael’s shooting as Sonny is. Carly says she understands if Jax has second thoughts about reconciling with her.

Jason arrives at Bernie’s office. Bernie tells Jason he’s concerned about Sonny taking over again. Sonny tells Jason about Claudia. Jason tells Bernie to “take orders from Sonny.” Bernie leaves the office. Jason wonders if Claudia is “in on” the money request.

Ethan and Luke are still in jail. Luke accuses Ethan of “working” Tracy. Ethan promises to return and bail out Luke.

Nik continues to confide in Liz. He wonders if Rebecca is at all “curious” about Emily. Edward arrives and tells Nik that Rebecca refused his offer. Liz warns Edward that Rebecca is a stranger to all. Edward is certain that Rebecca is “related to” Emily.

Back at Kelly’s, Rebecca thanks Lucky for his help. Sam arrives and Lucky fills her in. Rebecca walks away. Sam compliments Lucky for helping Rebecca. Sam tells Lucky she’s been doing some investigative work. Lucky says he’s “happy” for Sam. Lucky leaves. Rebecca asks Sam if she’s “involved” with Lucky.

Tracy returns to bail out Ethan. Ethan thanks Tracy with a hug. Luke tells Tracy to “check” her purse. When she does, Tracy sees that her money is missing. Luke says to look in Ethan’s pocket.

At the hotel, Jax is frustrated that Carly always “defends” Sonny. Jax thinks Sonny should walk away from his kids. Jax wonders if it would be “worth killing Sonny” just to save the kids. Carly says it wouldn’t be worth losing Jax that way.

Back at Bernie’s office, Sonny seems to be on Claudia’s side. Jason wonders if Anthony will kill Claudia. Sonny thinks it’s a possibility.

Back at Kate’s, Claudia thinks Anthony will finally get what he deserves when he goes to jail. Anthony is smug. Anthony thinks Claudia wants Sonny to pay the ransom out of care and concern for her.

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