GH Update Wednesday 2/25/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/25/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Sonny’s house Sonny tells Claudia that she and Ric need to be over because he doesn’t trust Ric. Spinelli comes to see Sonny since Sonny called him because he has a job for him.

In their hotel room Jason is sleeping with gun in hand in a chair as Sam sleeps on the bed. They are woken up by a maid for their complimentary honeymoon champagne breakfast.

At the MetroCourt Carly and Jax are very happy to be reunited and about spending the rest of their lives together. There is a lot of kissing.

At a rebuilt Kelly’s Rebecca orders from Mike, who is shocked to see “Emily,” Rebecca is very frustrated by this. Nikolas walks in and Rebecca accuses him of following her and rants at him for bothering her and how she’s been trying to be nice but is sick of it. Nikolas says he’s not following her, he comes every morning for coffee and Mike confirms.

At Crimson Lulu looks at a picture of Maxie and Johnny as Maxie talks about all the press the dress got and Lulu tries to shut her down. Maxie insists she didn’t go on a date with Johnny as Lulu was in the limo the whole time. Both girls wait to see what Kate will think. Kate arrives and wants to know what happened with the dress screw up. Kate says they should have let her know about the problem but Maxie says they took initiative since Kate was coming home from the hospital. Both girls actually compliment the other about their decisions and give each other their due. Kate says Maxie and Johnny were quite a team.

The staff at the MetroCourt look on at Jax and Carly. Jax worries they are setting a bad example but Carly assures him it’s good the staff knows they are back together because now the hotel won’t be fought over in their divorce battle.

Spinelli is coughing but Sonny doesn’t want Claudia to give him coffee because it will only make him stranger. Claudia gets him tea. Sonny asks Spinelli to trace Anthony Zacharra’s off shore accounts because Sonny doesn’t want him to get the wire transfer he has scheduled. Claudia, “Vixinella”, gives Spinelli the account numbers. Spinelli is concerned about hacking since he’s not supposed to without Jason’s permission.

Jason thinks Anthony will be hard to reach but Sam thinks it might be easier since Anthony assumes he’s gotten away. Sam suggests luring him with an itty-bitty pink bikini. Jason thinks this is all a bad idea.

Carly and Jax think they should change since they are wearing the same clothes as they were yesterday. Carly suggests sending someone to Jax’s to pack his things and move them back to her house but Jax is hesitant. He thinks they need to talk things out and make sure they agree about the life they are going to make together.

Spinelli says he would like to help but he needs Jason’s permission. Claudia tells Spinelli that Jason and Sam are looking for Anthony in Florida. Spinelli is not convinced but they try to convince him it’s the only way for Jason and Sam to find Anthony to keep Spinelli out of prison. Claudia tells him if they don’t find Anthony then Jason will have to choose between Sonny and Spinelli. Spinelli agrees to help.

Kate is impressed by Maxie and Johnny and wants them to go to a club opening in Tribeca. Lulu steps in and says Johnny is not doing it. Maxie tries to appease Lulu by suggesting Spinelli go instead. Kate doesn’t like it, she says Maxie and Johnny will be at the club.

Carly says she doesn’t want to talk things to death but Jax just wants to make sure they are rebuilding slowly and says he wants to move back in for now but still wants to pursue building a house together so it’s their home and not just Carly’s.

Johnny arrives and Maxie tells him he needs to attend the opening with her. When Kate says something to Johnny he declines but Kate offers him $1,000 to go.

Sonny thanks Claudia for helping him with Spinelli. Claudia seems to understand Spinelli’s idiosyncrasies. Claudia questions if Jason should be trusted with this since Anthony knows Jason won’t shoot him.

Jason doesn’t think the pool is a good idea because it’s too public. The maid knocks and Sam asks her if she recognizes Anthony from a photo. Whe the maid says no Sam yells at Jason, “I can’t believe you paid her to say that. You promised we would work things out with Daddy.”

Anthony is on the phone. He yells that he needs to get out tonight and that the accounts can’t be frozen because not one knows about them.

Spinelli goes to see Bernie. Spinelli tells Bernie he froze Anthony’s accounts on Sonny’s orders because Sonny told him Jason would want him to. Bernie asks if Jason told him that he and Sonny were working together, Spinelli says no. Despite this Bernie says he did the right thing but in the future he shouldn’t do anything without Jason’s permission.

Sam tells the maid that Anthony is her dad and they had a big fight because of her wedding but she wants to patch things up with him. After slipping the maid a tip she tells them he spends time in Cabana 3.

At the MetroCourt Lucky tells Nikolas that he and Sam broke up and that maybe Nikolas should also consider being alone for a little while. Lucky defends Rebecca needing space and tells Nikolas to back off a little.

Rebecca tells Mike that Kelly’s has a good vibe and she hopes to come back. Sonny walks in and she has to explain again that she‘s not Emily. Sonny is very taken aback and can’t stop staring at her. He tells her that his relationship with Emily was complicated but she seems intrigued by him and wants to know if he was in love with Emily too. He explains they were close when she was apart from Nikolas and Rebecca offers to buy him coffee.

Sam is dressed like a maid to get close to Anthony. Jason tells Sam to take the shot if she can.

Sonny tells Rebecca how great Emily is. He also says Nikolas didn’t deserve her but she loved him anyway. Rebecca wants to know if she had any faults. Sonny says yes but not as bad as other people’s mistakes but that she did love too much gave too much of herself. Sonny tells her about the losses Emily suffered in her life like Alan and her mom and how everyone was devastated when she died. Emily made everyone better. Sonny has to leave and Rebecca seems like he’s the first person she’s met that she wouldn’t mind meeting again. Lucky walks in and tells her to stay away from Sonny, she asks why since he’s the only person she’s met that seems to know who Emily really was.

Jax and Carly discuss his wardrobe and that Carly is hoping to have him moved in by the afternoon. She has something to tell him.

Lulu helps Johnny get ready for the opening and thanks him for going along with it. He tells her he loves her and she asks why he acts like he wishes he didn’t. Maxie comes in and fixes Johnny’s hair after Lulu just had, Lulu looks like she‘s going to cry. Spinelli comes in and is very upset by the news of Maxie and Johnny going anywhere together and pulls them apart.

Carly tells Jax that him working with Kate Howard makes her uncomfortable and wants him to sell his share of Crimson and kick Kate out. But she knows that by doing that Lulu would be out of a job and Jax would feel like she was putting conditions on their reunion, which Jax agrees with. So she doesn’t ask that, just asks that he remembers it’s hard for her and that she needs reassurance. Jax tells her she has nothing to worry about and he’s not going to let anything come between them.

Lucky tells Rebecca he understands it’s been hard for her. Lucky tells Rebecca that Emily wasn’t an angel but Rebecca doesn’t really want to talk about Emily. Lucky asks her about herself ad she says that’s the first someone has asked her that. She then admits to being shy about herself.

Sonny needs to know where Jason is from Bernie. Bernie says he can’t tell him and Sonny tries to bully him with the news that Sonny will soon be back in control. Bernie tells Sonny that the men like Jason running the organization and that Sonny shouldn’t expect to be welcomed back with open arms.

Sam and Jason, with their guns, go the cabana and only find broken glass. Jason thinks he got tipped off.

Claudia returns to the house from a run and Anthony holds her at gun point. He knows she tipped Sonny off about the off shore accounts. He threatens to kill her.

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