GH Update Tuesday 2/24/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/24/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

In Spinelli’s pink bedroom, Maxie is still reeling from her great night of bringing awareness to women’s heart health on the arm of Johnny, although she wishes Spinelli would have been there. Maxie thinks that if BJ had survived instead of her everyone may have been better off. Spinelli tells her that his life would not have been better. He tells her that he loves her but she has fallen asleep.

We now see Maxie walking in a cemetery in her red dress. She stops at a grave and the headstone reads “Mariah Maximilliana Jones.” Maxie wonders aloud if maybe she didn’t get BJ’s heart, that would mean BJ is alive and Maxie is dead.

We see a brunette Maxie, I’m guessing she’s supposed to be BJ, and Matt outside Kelly‘s. They are in love and Maxie (Maxie’s parts for most of this episode consist of her in a cloudy frame sitting on her bed) can see even though she’s dead people are still happy.

BJ and Matt walk into Kelly’s and Lulu makes a comment about the love birds. Spinelli suggests she is jealous because she doesn’t have a significant other. Lulu scoffs and says she’d rather be single then in a relationship like that. Maxie (in that cloudy frame) jokes that Lulu and Johnny are just as sappy. Spinelli suggests that Lulu only gets men interested in having carnal relations with her.

We learn that BJ and Matt are engaged. BJ makes fun of Lulu for still being a waitress. BJ and Matt discuss their wedding plans and honeymoon. Maxie also thinks BJ and Matt are “gag worthy.” Lulu tells BJ she won’t be in her wedding because marriage is a waste of time and doesn’t believe in love. Like the rest of us Maxie wonders when that happened.

Carly is at Jake’s and a biker is touching her and suggesting they go upstairs. Patrick swoops in and pulls her away. Maxie wants to know why Patrick would care. Then he asks if she’s coming home tonight, Carly says he‘s always at the hospital so it shouldn‘t matter. Guess in this world Patrick and Carly are married. Patrick calls Carly a tramp and says he shouldn’t be surprised since she cheated on her first husband with him. Carly says at least Tony still wanted her after he put a ring on her finger. So before Carly was married to Patrick she was married to Tony. Patrick says Carly squeezed Tony dry of his money and Carly reminds him that she used that money to help Patrick fund his career and now he’s sleeping around with nurses. Maxie is not happy with Patrick’s choice of wife in this word. Carly calls Patrick selfish and Patrick calls Carly the town slut. Maxie wants to know where Robin is.

Robin talks to Maxie’s headstone. Robin talks about how nothing was right after Maxie died and how her life is on permanent hold. She still lives with Mac. She thinks Maxie could help her in her life.

Mac, in a policeman’s uniform, meets up with BJ on the docks. He’s on the night shift that night which surprises Maxie since he’s supposed to be the commissioner. BJ is in medical school and says she wants to be a cardiologist to find the cure for what killed Maxie.

Lulu and Spinelli are at Kelly’s. Spinelli calls Lulu the “Bitter One” and tips her badly. Matt goes over to Lulu and tells her she’s down on everyone. Lulu complains about how great BJ is and how she’s not like her. Mike thinks Lulu should look into the anger management classes that Lucky found for her. Just then Johnny walks in. Maxie is glad Lulu’s true love has arrived, but they don’t seem to be in love. He orders coffee and offers her a proposition.

Patrick says he has a reputation to uphold and Carly says he’s too self centered. Carly says maybe things would have been different if he’d wanted to have kids, and he makes some comment about how having kids with Carly would be like giving kids to a boa constrictor. Patrick wonders how Bobbie and BJ even talk to her after what she did to their family. They continue to fight and Patrick leaves saying she never has to come home.

Bobbie!!! Sorry. Bobbie is here and she’s talking to Monica, in Patrick‘s office. They both say how horrible Patrick is. Robin walks in and wonders what the women are doing. They are looking to find out who Patrick is planning to fire after he had just fired people last year. Robin says she’ll talk to Patrick, but Monica says it won’t matter. Bobbie says his marriage to Carly is affecting him because Carly is out of control.

BJ and Spinelli run into each other and Spinelli yells at her. Maxie is surprised by Spinelli’s attitude. BJ apologizes and offers to bake him a cake.

Robin brings Patrick some files and he makes fun of her for not having anything else to do with her life. They argue because she questions his opinions. Maxie hates that Robin doesn’t fight back. Robin brings up the staff cuts

Mac goes into Jake’s and Carly is still there. Coleman says he’s not supposed to serve him. It appears Mac is a recovering alcoholic.

Johnny tells Lulu she’d get a better tip if she showed some cleavage. He gives her a number to make extra cash if she likes to dance, she realizes it’s a job for a stripper. Lulu tells him not to insult her because she knows people. Johnny says Luke is a dead beat who hasn’t been around in years.

Spinelli wonders why BJ would want to bake a cake for him. BJ tells him she’s been baking since she was a little girl and baked her cousin Maxie a chocolate cake before she dies. Johnny walks up and insults Spinelli, BJ admonishes him. Johnny flirts with BJ and we find out Spinelli works for him. BJ informs us that Johnny is a criminal and tells Spinelli he should be ashamed to be working with him. Johnny says BJ will be quite a challenge and doesn’t care about the ring on her finger.

BJ meets up with Bobbie at Kelly’s. BJ wants to put healthy foods on the menu like V8 and Campbell’s Soup.

Patrick asks if Robin wants to be fired. She could move to a different city and get out of her rut but tells her her job is secure. She wants to know about the rest of the staff. Even Maxie can tell Patrick doesn’t care. Monica interrupts and tells Robin the bartender at Jake’s called about Mac.

BJ comes into Jake’s and scolds Mac because he had been doing so well with AA, he says he’s only drinking club soda. BJ talks to Caly about how Bobbie is worried about her. She tells Carly she’s wasting her life when she has so much going for her. BJ feels sorry for her. Johnny walks into Jake’s and Carly has her eye on him and walks over to him. They play pool. Maxie thinks it’s a bad idea. Robin comes into Jake’s to take Mac home. Anyone, even Maxie, can see this is not the first time Robin has done this for Mac.

Spinelli goes back to Kelly’s and mentions Maxie to Lulu. Spinelli recounts the cake story and says he wants to bring the cupcake to Maxie’s grave. Maxie is glad to see her favorite Spinelli back. He invites Lulu but she declines.

BJ goes to see Maxie. She tells Maxie about her life and how unfair it is that only one of them got to live. Spinelli shows up with his cupcake. Spinelli seems to understand what the people around Maxie lost from her death, even though he never met her. He wishes he could have known her.

Montage over music: Patrick fires Bobbie. Johnny blows off Carly. Lulu mops up at Kelly’s. Robin carries Mac home.

In her room, Maxie wakes up. Maxie is grateful to have Spinelli in her life and says she knows she’s lucky to be alive. She visits BJ’s grave. Maxie realizes that people may actually need her in her world. And even though she can’t be a doctor she can do other things to help out. Maxie promises BJ that she will always honor the life and the heart she gave her.

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