GH Update Monday 2/23/09

General Hospital Update Monday 2/23/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Patrick arrives back home. Patrick tells Robin that the roads are all clear from the blizzard. Robin shows Patrick a newspaper article, where he is being praised as a hero. Robin wants to celebrate, but Patrick insists that they stay home.

Nikolas brings Rebecca to Wyndemere. Rebecca comments that Nikolas’ mansion is a depressing place to live.

Kate reminds Claudia that she is the one that is in control. Claudia calls her bluff. Claudia assumes that Kate doesn’t have any credible evidence anymore.

Sonny and Jason discuss working together to find Anthony.

In the limo, Lulu talks to Spinelli via her cell phone. Lulu explains that Johnny and Maxie are still at the gala. Spinelli tries to reassure Lulu, but Lulu is worried that her boyfriend and Maxie are getting closer. Lulu realizes that she should have told Maxie that Johnny would not be her escort for the night.

Nikolas shows Rebecca around his home. Nikolas introduces Rebecca to Alfred. Nikolas advises Alfred that he doesn’t want to be interrupted. Rebecca thinks the whole thing is creepy.

Robin tells Patrick that she has a babysitter in place for Emma. Patrick says he would rather order in for food. Robin finally backs down and agrees to stay at home for the night. Patrick admits that the three of them should spend some family time together. Emma begins to cry. Robin remarks that Patrick needs to check on their daughter.

Kate reinforces to Claudia that Sonny is already suspicious. Claudia wants Kate to remain quiet about the whole thing. Kate won’t back down. Claudia warns that Kate needs to keep her mouth shut. Kate says that she doesn’t have anything left to lose. Kate walks out, just as Ric shows up. Ric asks Claudia what’s going on.

Jason asks Sonny if he wants the organization back. Sonny divulges that he never wanted to give up the business. Jason discloses that he would like to work for Sonny again. Sonny gets a call. Sonny says that Anthony has been located. Jason says that he’ll go get Anthony.

Lulu tells Spinelli that they need to accept that Maxie and Johnny are together for the night. Spinelli sends a photo to Lulu, which shows Maxie and Johnny smiling for the camera. Lulu is disgusted.

Nikolas explains to Rebecca how he fell in love with Emily. Nikolas says that Emily was diagnosed with breast cancer some years ago.

Robin makes Patrick some soup for dinner. Patrick is happy for them to have some alone time. Robin is still having a hard time with Emma crying. Robin brings up getting a nanny. Patrick thinks that Robin wanted to take a maternity leave. Robin says that she wants to go back to work. Patrick and Robin argue back and forth. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn’t have postpartum depression. Patrick says that wasn’t what he was thinking. Robin questions why they had to stay home for the night. Patrick is tired of fighting. Patrick says he doesn’t want to argue with Robin anymore.

Nikolas tells Rebecca that Emily almost lost her battle to cancer. Nikolas says that Emily recovered. Nikolas adds that he lost his memory for a while.

Lulu is shocked by the photo. Johnny and Maxie return to the limo. Maxie tells Lulu that she got many compliments about the dress.

Sam goes to see Jason. Sam asks how Jason’s gunshot wound is healing. Sam inquires about Spinelli. Jason admits that he needs Sam’s help.

Ric tells Claudia that she shouldn’t believe that Sonny will be loyal to her. Sonny walks in and questions why Ric is in his home. Ric can’t believe that Sonny is defending Claudia. Ric warns Claudia that Sonny will dump her sooner or later.

Lulu, Maxie, and Johnny return to the Metro Court. Maxie comments that the night went well. Lulu says that Maxie shouldn’t have been the one that wore the Crimson dress. Maxie leaves. Lulu thinks that she was too harsh towards Maxie.

Patrick doesn’t want to fight with Robin. Robin agrees that they should stop arguing. Robin admits that they should treasure every moment with each other. Patrick says that Robin has his full support.

Nikolas shares his memory of the night Emily was murdered. Nikolas shows Rebecca a picture of Emily. Rebecca thanks Nikolas for telling her about Emily. Rebecca says that she won’t be able to help Nikolas with his grief. Nikolas tries to reassure Rebecca that isn’t what he’s after, but Rebecca leaves in a hurry.

Lulu admits that she is jealous. Lulu says that it bothers her that Johnny was the one who rescued Maxie from the explosion. Johnny says that no one can come between him and Lulu.

Maxie goes to Spinelli’s bedroom. Spinelli wakes up to find Maxie there.

Sonny can’t believe that Ric still hasn’t left his house. Ric says that he needs to speak to Sonny. Ric says that he wants to help Sonny with shutting Jason out of the business. Sonny updates Ric on the situation. Sonny says that he and Jason have patched things up.

Anthony makes a call, telling someone that he plans to go to Brazil.

Jason and Sam are shown into a hotel room. The hotel employee thinks that Jason and Sam want to be alone, so he leaves. Jason says he is on the trail to find Anthony.

Maxie talks about her night at the gala. Maxie surprises Spinelli by admitting that she would have rather gone to the gala with him. Maxie says that because of BJ, she is alive today. Maxie realizes that she was given a precious gift by receiving BJ’s heart. Spinelli admits that he cares about Maxie. Spinelli tells Maxie that he loves her. Maxie falls asleep before she can hear Spinelli’s words.

Maxie starts to dream. Maxie finds herself looking at a headstone, which bears her own name.

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