GH Update Friday 2/20/09

General Hospital Update Friday 2/20/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Winnifred goes to see Jason at his home. Winnifred says that she needs to speak to him about Spinelli. Winnifred says that Jason needs to help his friend.

At the Crimson office, Lulu, Maxie, Johnny, and Spinelli talk about Spinelli’s condition following the GH explosion. Maxie is disappointed that Spinelli can’t be her date to the gala.

Alexis and Nikolas meet in the lobby of the Metro Court. Alexis asks Nikolas if he has a check ready for Michael’s endowment fund. Alexis suggests that Nikolas’ attention is elsewhere.

Claudia catches Kate looking through Sonny’s things. Sonny walks in and demands to know what is going on.

Carly and Jax are in bed. Carly is happy that they are back together. Max suddenly walks into their hotel room. Max is wondering where Diane is. Carly tries to tell Max that this isn’t a good time to discuss Diane, but Max continues to ramble on.

Lulu explains to Johnny and Spinelli that they couldn’t get a celebrity to wear the Crimson dress. Maxie makes a phone call. She is unable to find an escort for the gala. Maxie is thinking about asking Johnny to be her date.

Lucky runs into Sam. Sam asks how Elizabeth is doing. Lucky says that she is recovering. Sam says that Lucky is a great guy, but she admits that the two of them are over.

Winnifred explains to Jason that the FBI is worried that Anthony hasn’t shown up yet. Winnifred maintains that Spinelli could be arrested again. Winnifred suggests that Jason have a back-up plan in case Spinelli is detained.

Kate tells Sonny that he has no idea who Claudia really is.

Alexis says that it must have been strange for Nikolas to run into an Emily look-alike. Nikolas admits that at first, he thought Rebecca was a figment of his own imagination. Alexis asks how much Nikolas knows about Rebecca.

Sonny brings up that Claudia shouldn’t disrespect Kate, but he adds that the same goes for Kate. Kate is offended. Kate says that Sonny is in way over his head. Disgusted, Kate leaves.

Sam discloses that she wants to pursue getting her PI license. Lucky feels torn, but finally admits that a break-up is the way to go.

Jason explains to Winnifred that his deal with Rayner is to bring him info on Zacchara. Winnifred stresses the importance of protecting Spinelli. Jason asks Winnifred to make sure Spinelli stays out of trouble. Diane shows up at Jason’s home. Winnifred leaves. Diane warns Jason not to believe everything Winnifred says. Diane comments that she is trying to avoid Max.

Max talks about his relationship with Diane. Jax and Carly hint that they want Max to leave, but Max ignores them. Max discloses that he told Diane to go on a diet. Carly is shocked. Max says that his true intentions were for Diane to eat healthier. Carly and Jax give Max some advice. Max finally leaves. Jax and Carly kiss.

Lulu tells Maxie that she can’t ask Johnny to be her escort. Maxie brings up the point that she is a heart transplant recipient. Lulu asserts that her boyfriend will not be Maxie’s date to the gala. Johnny doesn’t want to go, but finally agrees to, if needed. Lulu pipes in that she could wear the dress instead. Maxie asks Spinelli to choose who goes to the gala.

Diane vents about her relationship with Max. Jason doesn’t want to hear about Diane’s love life. Jason says it is pertinent that they talk about business. Jason discloses that he made a deal with the FBI to give up Zacchara. Jason wants to know what will happen if Anthony doesn’t show up. Diane maintains that Spinelli will spill the beans to anyone, so Jason needs to find Anthony ASAP.

Sonny questions Claudia about how she could trust him with the information about Anthony. Claudia says that she has come to trust Sonny since they have been married. Claudia says she wants to help Sonny. Sonny doubts that Claudia is happy being married to him.

Alexis thinks that Nikolas is obsessing over Rebecca. Nikolas divulges that he has been trying to get personal information out of Rebecca. Nadine suddenly shows up. Nadine wants to know if Nikolas’ feelings for her have changed.

Spinelli gets back to the penthouse. Jason says that Spinelli should be resting. Spinelli confides in Jason that he had to choose between Lulu and Maxie.

Claudia and Max are discussing dinner plans. Kate interrupts.

Maxie tries on the dress. Lulu is not too happy with the whole thing. Maxie and Johnny leave to go to the gala.

Nikolas tells Nadine that she is good to him. Nikolas spots Rebecca in the lobby.

Jax and Carly receive a knock on their hotel door. Carly thinks it is room service. It ends up being Morgan. Carly is thrilled to see her son. Jax tells Morgan that he is coming back home.

There is a knock on Jason’s door. Spinelli is hoping that Maxie decided not to go to the gala. Instead, Sonny is at the door. Spinelli quickly leaves Sonny and Jason alone to talk. Sonny suggests that he and Jason should work together.

Rebecca wants Nikolas to stop following her. Nikolas asks for one hour with Rebecca to explain everything.

Claudia thinks that Kate is delusional. Kate says that she has to plant a seed of doubt in Sonny’s mind. Claudia thinks Kate is desperate at this point. Kate warns that she is just getting started.

Sonny says that it is crucial that Anthony be found at this point. Sonny wants to know what Jason thinks about the whole matter.

In the limo, Johnny, Maxie, and Lulu discuss the gala. Johnny and Maxie get out of the limo, where they are greeted by paparazzi. Lulu seems lost. Spinelli calls Lulu. Lulu admits that Maxie and Johnny looked great together. Lulu worries that she might lose her boyfriend to Maxie.

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