GH Update Thursday 2/19/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/19/09


Written By Laurie F.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Sam is outside of GH. Agent Rayner and Winnifred come upon her.

Spinelli wakes up in his room to the sound of Maxie’s voice.

Jax and Carly are at the hotel. Jax compliments Carly on her beauty.

Milo finds a DVD in the gatehouse and asks Max about it. Claudia comes down the Corinthos stairs and claims the DVD belongs to her.

Back at the hotel, Jax and Carly discuss the fire. Jax says he feared he wouldn’t see Carly alive again. Carly isn’t sure how Jax feels about their relationship. Jax says he wants to move back in with Carly. Edward interrupts a kiss.

Back at GH, Sam tells Rayner the poison sphere was burned on the 10th floor. Rayner wonders what happened to Anthony. Rayner wonders if Sam knows something. Sam says she saw Anthony before the explosion. She tells Rayner that Anthony isn’t paralyzed. Sam says she assumes Trevor set Anthony free. Rayner says Spinelli will go to prison if Anthony didn’t survive the fire.

Back in Spinelli’s room, Maxie promises to take care of her friend. Maxie says the two need to discuss their “relationship.”

Johnny and Lulu are at the apartment. Johnny gives Maxie the credit for saving Robin and Emma. Johnny apologizes for fighting with Lulu.

Back at Sonny’s, Claudia snatches the DVD from Max and Milo. She asks them to look for one more. Milo is curious as to the content of the DVD. Max embarrasses Milo by reminding him of some pictures from his past.

Back at GH, Rayner insists that he “wants” Anthony. Winnifred steps in on behalf of Spinelli. Rayner says Spinelli broke the law and he should be punished. Alexis interrupts. She tells Rayner not to question Sam and she’s acting as Sam’s lawyer. Sam and Alexis leave. Rayner tells Winnifred to watch Spinelli.

Back in Spinelli’s room, Maxie and Spinelli discuss their relationship. Maxie says she doesn’t want Spinelli to be “like Jason.” She says Spinelli can’t keep risking his life. Maxie insists that Spinelli take better care of himself. She promises to see to it that Spinelli recovers.

Back at the apartment, Johnny seems distant. He insists that he can’t escape his “past.” Lulu says she’s not concerned with Johnny’s past. She says they need to “live in the present.” Lulu gets a text that upsets her.

At home, Claudia watches the latest of Jerry’s DVD’s. Jerry taunts Claudia. He won’t tell her how many DVD’s are floating around. Jerry gives Claudia the next clue.

Olivia arrives to Mercy to pick up Kate. Kate gets upset again about Olivia burning the DVD. Kate says Sonny and Claudia deserve each other and the misery of their marriage.

Sam fills Alexis in on what went on inside the hospital. They discuss Spinelli’s legal problems. Sam insists that Spinelli needs her help. Alexis advises Sam to be cautious and warns her about the difficulty of winning a Federal case.

Max and Milo are at the hotel. Max is asking Milo for some help with Diane. Diane comes into the restaurant and Max runs to meet her. Diane notices that Max is a bit “nervous.” Milo happens by. He starts to talk with Diane about “a heart healthy diet.”

Maxie and Lulu are at Crimson. They’re discussing a problem with a red dress at a fashion show. Somehow the Crimson dress never made it into the fashion show.

Johnny goes to the house to see Claudia. She shows him the DVD. Claudia tells John she’s staying with Sonny. Johnny thinks Claudia ultimately wants Sonny to “care for” her. Claudia says she’s staying with Sonny and she’s got it under control. Johnny thinks Claudia’s secret will come to light. Johnny says he can’t bring himself to break up with Lulu.

At the Metro Court, Milo talks to Diane about heart disease. He insists she needs to eat healthy and exercise. Max agrees with Milo. When Milo leaves, Diane gets upset with Max for setting her up.

Winnifred goes to see Spinelli. Winnifred is flustered when she finds Spinelli getting dressed. Spinelli seems happy to see her. Winnifred tells Spinelli that he’s in trouble if Anthony doesn’t turn up.

Still at the hotel, Edward worries about GH – he wants Jax and Carly’s support. Jax and Carly agree to help out. Jax goes off to talk with Olivia. Carly tells Edward that the hospital should be rebuilt, inside and out. Jax says he has “a new assignment” for Olivia.

At the penthouse, Winnifred says Spinelli should be “rewarded” not punished. She says if Anthony can’t be prosecuted, someone must take his place. Winnifred is worried for Spinelli. She tells Spinelli that he could be in deep hot water. Spinelli says he won’t ask Jason to choose him over Sonny. Winnifred says Spinelli needs to hide. Winnifred runs out of the room.

Johnny comes over to Crimson. Maxie says they need to get into the Campbell’s Gala. She says they need to find a celebrity to wear the red dress at the gala.

Diane is still at the hotel restaurant with Max. She insists that she knows how to take care of her heart. Max says Diane sometimes forgets to take care of herself because she’s so busy. Max says he know heart disease “runs” in Diane’s family. Diane is surprised by Max’s knowledge and touched by his concern.

At the hotel, Edward tells Carly he wants the hospital rebuilt within a month.

Jax asks Olivia to work on the hospital project with Edward. Olivia introduces herself to Edward. She pulls him aside and starts to discuss the project. Jax and Carly head in the other direction.

Kate watches Claudia from outside Sonny’s door. Claudia heads upstairs to search for the DVD. Kate comes into the house.

Lulu says they can’t find anyone to wear the dress so Maxie offers. Maxie says she can fit into the “Go Red” dress and since she’s the recipient of a heart transplant, it’s fitting that she wears the dress. Maxie says she just needs an escort. Spinelli arrives but he’s clearly not well.

Kate searches Sonny’s house for the DVD. Claudia comes down the stairs and catches Kate.

Carly and Jax get friendly on the hotel elevator as they head upstairs. They continue to undress each other when the coast is clear. When they finally reach the top floor, Carly and Jax exit the elevator. Mary boards the elevator and smiles knowingly.

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