GH Update Wednesday 2/18/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/18/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

 At Mercy Claudia wants to know if Sonny wants to stay married because she needs to know what her options are. He reiterates that their reasons for being married are gone.

In their home Patrick and Robin talk about how glad they are to be safe and together. They share a loving kiss.

We again see the room that presumably holds Spinelli explode. Jason goes into the room.

Maxie and Winnifred argue outside General Hospital. Maxie wants to rush to the rescue but Lucky stops her.

Tracey throws her bedpan across the room as Lulu enters. Tracey wants to leave the hospital and Lulu knows its because she hasn’t heard from Luke.

Robin apologizes for letting Maxie take Emma to the hospital but that she believed it was the right thing. Patrick understands. She then tells him that she heard of all the great things he did. Patrick wants to know what happened with Robin and Emma. Robin admits to making wrong decisions that night and says it won’t happen again.

Claudia tells Sonny how much she’s given up for him and how she has chosen to trust him. Sonny says he wants to know how far they are both willing to go to get what they want. A doctor comes in to see Claudia and Sonny leaves.

Nikolas asks the MetroCourt front desk about Rebecca Shaw. Artie, at the front desk, says he can’t give out information but Nikolas tries to use his influence with him. Rebecca overhears him asking for a lot of personal information and tells him she’ll sue the hotel and file stalking charges against him.

Olivia tells Sonny that Kate wants to see him, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Olivia doesn’t want Sonny to give Kate hope and this surprises Sonny as he is married to someone else. Olivia explains that Kate has gotten crazy thoughts in her head.

Patrick thinks he should have been home earlier but Robin tells him that she was the one that pushed him away and that he couldn’t help what happened at the hospital. He asks her again what happened. Robin thinks her first mistake was taking Emma to the hospital in the blizzard, but Patrick thinks she made the right decision. She tells him it wasn’t right because Emma got stuck in a tree. She tells Patrick how the car broke down and her phone didn’t work so she thought it would be best to get out of the car and look for a house. Patrick thinks that makes sense but Robin knows it was a bad choice.

Lucky brings Maxie to the police trailer and yells at her for trying to risk her life, but Winnifred points out that earlier Lucky defied the rules like Maxie wants to.

Jason brings Spinelli out of the fire and Sam gives him mouth-to-mouth.

Maxie continues to attack Winnifred and Winnifred attacks her back about how she doesn’t understand why Spinelli even adores Maxie. Maxie goes on and on about how great Spinelli is.

Spinelli gains consciousness and seems surprised that Jason and Sam risked their lives for him.

Sonny goes to see Kate. Sonny tells her that the back and forth between them is bad. Kate tells him all she wanted was him but Sonny says she is better off not being married to him. She still has something to tell him.

Johnny brings Claudia coffee and wants to know if she’s ready to leave the country. Claudia says she might not have a choice but Johnny can stay. Claudia tells Johnny that she told Sonny about Anthony’s plan. Claudia hopes that Anthony is burning in hell. Johnny doesn’t know if Sonny will be grateful enough to her to keep her around.

As Spinelli, Sam, and Jason try to escape the building Spinelli wants to go back for his laptop but Jason and Sam say no.

Lucky goes to see Nikolas because Nikolas needs some perspective on the Rebecca situation. Lucky says Nikolas needs to take a break for the night and Nikolas leaves. Lucky then asks the front desk for Rebecca Shaw.

Lulu tells Tracey she wishes Luke had showed up. Tracey says she doesn’t care but Lulu knows she’s lying. Tracey thought she and Luke were in a good place and loved each other, Lulu thinks it’s a bad idea to love anyone.

Johnny knows Sonny will turn on Claudia when he finds out about Michael but Claudia thinks that Sonny doesn’t have to know. Claudia asks Johnny to keep quiet. Johnny doesn’t understand why Claudia would want to live like that.

Sonny tells Kate that he and Claudia deserve each other and that she understands his world. Kate wants to know if he and Claudia got divorced if he would come back to her. Sonny explains that by being with Kate he was trying to be something he’s not and who he is bad for her. Kate takes that as a no. Sonny says he sees no reason not to stay married to Claudia. He explains that perfect love doesn’t work for him. Kate can’t accept this but Sonny is adamant that he will stay with Claudia. Kate says he’s getting what he deserves.

Jason, Spinelli, and Sam find it difficult to escape the building, as you do in a burning building.

Kate tells Olivia that things would be so different if she had that DVD. Kate says it’s better because now she knows that Sonny isn’t interested in love, only power. Kate name calls both Sonny and Claudia and says Sonny is going to pay for what he’s done to her.

Johnny knows Claudia can’t keep this secret forever. He brings up Kate knowing the truth. Sonny enters and asks to speak to Claudia alone. He tells her he spoke to Kate and Claudia looks pretty scared.

Jason, Sam, and Spinelli are trapped in the stairwell but they decide to make a run for it anyway. They hold hands and agree to go through it and promise not to let go or stop moving. They go through the door.

Lucky speaks to Rebecca as a police officer. She says she’d be happy to help out by answering questions. She knows something is up when Lucky tells her that Nikolas is his brother.

Nikolas speaks to Emily at the Quartermaine mausoleum. He promises to find out about Rebecca.

Patrick gets up to get Emma and Robin is back to looking uneasy and tells Patrick to feed her.

Sonny tells Claudia that he and Kate wouldn’t have worked out even if she wasn’t shot. He talks about how it’s easier being with someone who knows the mob life like Lily, his first wife, not that Claudia is anything like her. Sonny says that now that Anthony is gone and he and Jason aren’t enemies that he’s looking for new opportunities and he’s willing to stay married. Claudia says she is too.

Maxie is freaking out outside the hospital as Sam and Jason emerge. Then comes Spinelli. He sees Maxie and is so happy. Maxie runs to him and kisses him.

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