GH Update Tuesday 2/17/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/17/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Mercy Claudia continues to give Sonny “context” by reiterating how afraid she was for her life as well as Johnny’s. Ric interrupts with the news that Trevor is dead and Anthony is missing.

Nikolas is angry at the doctor for letting Rebecca leave. The doctor says he can only give personal information to her family.

Outside General Hospital Maxie and Johnny hug and she thanks him for saving her life. Lulu walks up and tells them how worried she was for both of them.

Inside General Hospital Sam and Jason continue to search for Spinelli who is passed out in the utility room.

Patrick and Rayner are back in the interrogation room. Patrick rehashes the events including how many biotoxin spheres there were and their whereabouts. Then he erupts saying he needs to be with Robin and Emma.

Nikolas drops in to see Robin and Emma and Robin tells him Emma is doing much better. Robin gets concerned about Nikolas and he tells her about Rebecca.

Rebecca goes to see Elizabeth. She says she stopped in to avoid Nikolas. Elizabeth again tells Rebecca about Emily and how they look very much alike.

Maxie, Lulu, and Johnny go into the special police trailer. Maxie wants to know where Spinelli is and Johnny tells her he doesn’t want to rescue her again tonight. He then turns his attention to a coughing Lulu. Mac comes in and scolds Maxie’s actions.

Claudia has no sympathy for Trevor and isn’t worried about Anthony. Sonny defends Claudia for telling him the truth about Anthony and attacks Ric for keeping Anthony’s secret. Ric tells Sonny Claudia just told him to save herself because she knew Sonny would beat Anthony and she wanted to be on the winning side.

Jason and Sam break into a room but find nothing.

Robin thinks Nikolas’ sighting is related to his brain tumor but he assures her it isn’t. Nikolas wants to find out everything about Rebecca.

Rebecca tells Elizabeth that she knows nothing about Emily and has no connection to her. Elizabeth points out how different her hair is from Emily’s. Elizabeth tells her how much Nikolas loved Emily, but Rebecca doesn’t think that concerns her and doesn’t want to feel obligated. Elizabeth understands but thinks Rebecca should try being nice to him. Rebecca leaves.

Johnny and Lulu apologize to each other for their fight earlier in the evening. Johnny is still down on himself though. Lulu tells Johnny that Claudia is in the hospital and he rushes to go to her.

Maxie apologizes to Mac for scaring him but says she’s not leaving the scene with out word from Spinelli. Lulu offers to wait with her.

Sam climbs through a vent to see if she can find Spinelli.

Sonny wants to know why Ric is turning against Claudia since they were so close. Claudia admits she’s backing the winning side and accuses Ric of trying to get on Sonny’s good side. Sonny says Ric is afraid now because Ric might have to take the fall for dead Trevor and missing Anthony. Ric leaves and Sonny wants to know what Claudia was going to say before Ric came in.

Patrick tells Raynor he doesn‘t know where Anthony is or why Trevor would take the biotoxin. Winnifred gives an update on Emma being in stable condition. Patrick ends the interrogation and leaves the room. Winnifred gives Patrick her thanks for leading everyone through the crisis.

The doctor tells Robin Emma can be released, but Robin is skeptical it might be too soon. Mac tells Robin Emma will be happier at home.

Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth. She tells him about seeing Rebecca and how she was hiding from him. Elizabeth tries to get Nikolas to see Rebecca’s side of things.

Sonny wants to know why Claudia was talking about how he was going to kill her in the past. Claudia wants to know if he trusts her or if she’ll always be held to her past mistakes. Johnny enters the hospital room and tells them about Robin and Emma. Sonny leaves to see Robin. Claudia tells Johnny about Trevor and Anthony. She tells him that Kate stole one of Jerry’s DVD’s and knows about her involvement with Michael’s shooting. How did I forget that Johnny knew about these DVD’s? Must have missed that one.

Maxie tells Lulu about Johnny saving her in the snow and them hiding out in an abandoned garage. She also tells Lulu about Robin and Emma and how Johnny helped save them. Maxie says they owe Johnny forever. She gives Johnny a lot of praise.

Sam can’t see anything and they don’t know where else to look for Spinelli. They travel through the fire calling his name.

Robin gets ready to take Emma home. Sonny enters and offers Robin a ride home. Mac declines for her and leaves. Sonny tells Robin how great Patrick was. Sonny asks if she’s ok and she says she will be when she gets to see Patrick. Robin tells Sonny that Emma is her number one priority.

Nikolas wants to know about Rebecca. Elizabeth thinks that maybe Rebecca will become curious and start asking questions. Nikolas says Rebecca brings him a surge of hope and brings back so many memories. Elizabeth reminds him that she isn’t Emily. Nikolas is sure there is a connection.

Johnny is worried about Kate knowing the secret and worries for Claudia’s safety. Claudia says the DVD is destroyed.

Maxie continues her story, all with praise for Johnny. Maxie says Johnny is someone you can trust and should hold onto and hopes Lulu and Johnny can work things out. Lulu leaves to go check on Tracey.

Spinelli hears Jason and Sam and tries to get their attention but they can’t hear him.

Nikolas catches up with Rebecca at the MetroCourt. He wants to know why she left like she did.

Robin, Mac, and Emma arrive at Robin’s house. Mac worries about Robin’s health because of her compromised immune system. She says she’s fine and that she feels like herself again.

Patrick arrives in the hospital room and sees Robin and Emma are gone. Sonny tells him they went home and that Robin looked tired but happy. Sonny tells Patrick he did a great job, Patrick doesn’t think so because he wasn’t with his family.

Johnny tells Claudia he’ll take her back to Italy that night. Claudia asks about Lulu and Johnny says Lulu won’t want him after she finds out about Michael’s shooting. Claudia thinks she can work Sonny and Kate to her advantage and keep Sonny and his power in the end. Claudia wants to do it her way.

Winnifred enters the police trailer and asks Maxie about Spinelli. Maxie is mad that Winnifred left Spinelli there without helping him. Maxie says she tried to save Spinelli while Winnifred did nothing. Winnifred calls her Maximista and Maxie freaks saying only Spinelli can call her that.

Sam and Jason finally hear Spinelli but then his voice disappears.

Patrick comes home to Robin and Emma. They are all so happy to be reunited.

Rebecca says she’s grateful to Nikolas but she just wants to be alone.

Sonny wants to know where Johnny is. He tells Claudia she needs to rest and she says he sounds like a real husband. He thanks her for telling him the truth and says he doesn’t hate her anymore but they got married to settle a business deal and now the deal is over. Claudia asks if he wants out of the marriage.

Sam and Jason try to communicate with Spinelli but have a hard time. Spinelli drops down into a room and sees cylinders. Jason goes to get something that will help break the lock and it seems that the room Spinelli is in explodes.

Maxie and Winnifred watch from the ground.

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