GH Update Monday 2/16/09

General Hospital Update Monday 2/16/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Rebecca tells Nikolas that she has no intentions of leaving in the ambulance. Rebecca says that she wants to return to her hotel room. While Rebecca and Nikolas are talking, Nadine is listening to their conversation.

Inside the hospital, Johnny searches for Maxie.

Sonny and Claudia hug, while Kate watches in disgust.

Jason rescues Sam. Luckily, Jason is able to grab the biotoxin sphere before it falls.

Luke and Ethan are still sitting in a jail cell. Luke is growing impatient and wants out. Luke tells the deputy that he wants to speak to his son immediately.

Robin speaks to Emma. Robin realizes that she is stronger than she thought. Robin brings up that her and Emma survived a scary situation in the blizzard.

In the ambulance, Nikolas, Rebecca, and Nadine are headed for a hospital. Nadine asks to check Rebecca’s vitals. Rebecca explains that Nikolas saved her life.

Johnny continues to look for Maxie. Johnny finds Maxie’s shoe among the debris.

Sonny tells Kate that he is glad that she’s okay. Sonny explains to Kate that he and Carly got stuck in the hospital corridor. Kate hints that there is something that Sonny needs to know. Agent Rayner walks in. Olivia says that she is worried about Kate. Rayner says he needs to talk to Sonny alone.

Carly and Jax reunite. Jax divulges that he wants to give their marriage another try. Alexis interrupts, inquiring about Sam.

Jason asks Sam if she is okay. Jason says that they need to find Spinelli.

Luke demands his one phone call. The deputy refuses to comply. Luke brings up Lucky and how he came to be a police officer.

Mac visits with Monica and Edward. Edward explains that there was a woman, Rebecca Shaw, trapped in GH during the explosion. Edward adds that Rebecca looks just like Emily. Mac agrees to look into it.

Alexis tells Carly and Jax that Trevor Lansing is dead. Alexis comments that some people are still unaccounted for. Lulu appears and Carly hugs her. Lulu is worried that she still hasn’t gotten a hold of Johnny.

Jason and Sam look for Spinelli. The stairwell is starting to fill with more smoke.

Agent Rayner speaks to Sonny in private. Agent Rayner says that he can charge Sonny with many different RICO violations. Rayner infers that Sonny is working with Jason.

Ethan can’t believe that Luke’s son is a police officer. Luke admits that Lucky is good at his job.

Jason throws the sphere into the fire. Jason and Sam begin to cough. Sam says that they need to find Spinelli.

Johnny finds Maxie, but she maintains that she can’t leave the hospital without Spinelli.

At Mercy, Nikolas offers to pay for Rebecca’s medical bills. Nikolas tells the doctor to run tests on Rebecca. Rebecca is offended and tells Nikolas to leave the room. The doctor comments that he thought Nikolas was Rebecca’s husband.

Rayner says that he really wants Anthony Zacchara. Rayner discloses that if Anthony isn’t found, he is coming after Sonny. Sonny says that if Rayner is going to arrest him, he better do it now.

Claudia and Kate are brought into the same room. Olivia leaves them alone together. Kate warns that she is about to spill the beans about Claudia’s secret.

Luke and Ethan talk about Lucky. Luke recalls memories of Lucky as a child. Luke reminds Ethan that he still needs to pay him back.

Claudia comments that Kate is paranoid. Kate stresses that Michael’s shooting devastated Sonny. Claudia maintains her innocence, but Kate isn’t buying her story. Kate explains that she has no choice but to tell Sonny the truth.

Alexis tells Rayner that the biotoxin situation takes precedence over Sonny’s RICO violations. Alexis explains that her daughter is still in GH.

Mac tells Robin that Patrick is no longer in GH. Robin is relieved. Robin is grateful that Maxie and Johnny found her and Emma in the snowstorm. Mac says that it is fortunate that they are all safe.

Edward questions Nikolas about Rebecca’s identity. Nikolas admits that he couldn’t find out much about the mystery woman. Nikolas adds that Rebecca might be more candid in the future.

Jason’s gun shot wound is beginning to ooze.

Ethan ponders how long they are going to be stuck in jail. Luke says they need to figure out a way to get out.

Lulu can’t believe that Johnny went to rescue Maxie.

Johnny explains to Maxie that the fires are spreading. Maxie asserts that she’s not going anywhere without Spinelli. Maxie is worried that Spinelli could die. Johnny stresses that they don’t have much more time to get out of the hospital.

Sam re-bandages Jason’s gun shot wound. Sam and Jason discuss where Spinelli might be in GH.

Nikolas tells Edward and Monica how he saved Rebecca’s life and vice versa. Nikolas goes to check on Rebecca. Edward is worried about Nikolas’ sudden attachment to Rebecca.

Kate proposes that Claudia should confess. Claudia doesn’t like the idea. Claudia reminds Kate that she doesn’t have any evidence of her involvement in Michael’s shooting. Sonny and Olivia enter the room. Kate decides to keep quiet for the moment. Kate and Olivia leave.

Robin tells her uncle that she is thankful for Maxie and Johnny’s help. Robin admits that she should have been the one to bring Emma to Mercy. Mac reassures her that everything is going to be okay.

Lulu is furious that no one is concentrating on getting people out of GH. Johnny and Maxie come out of the hospital. Maxie hugs Johnny, which Lulu witnesses.

The doctor discloses to Nikolas that Rebecca left the hospital.

Sam and Jason continue to look for Spinelli. The hospital fires are still spreading.

Sonny thanks Claudia for telling him about Anthony’s involvement in Kate’s shooting. Claudia brings up the past, which surprises Sonny. It appears that Claudia wants to confess about something.

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