GH Update Friday 2/13/09

General Hospital Update Friday 2/13/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At GH, Kate tells Jason that Sam went after Trevor, so Jason takes off running. Kate lets Claudia know she’s aware of her role in Michael’s shooting.

Sonny and Carly are trapped under some debris. Sonny gets them out.

Nikolas frees Rebecca. Something falls from above and knocks Nik unconscious.

Jason looks for Spinelli but finds Patrick instead.

Sam is on the roof with Trevor trying to get the poison sphere from him.

Liz wakes up at Mercy in a hospital bed to find Lucky by her side.

Back at GH, Rebecca tries to wake Nikolas up. She does her best to pull him to safety.

Kate tells Claudia what she thinks of her. Claudia calls Kate “delusional.” Kate says she watched Jerry’s DVD and promises to tell Sonny what Claudia did.

Carly and Sonny try to make their way to the stairs.

Maxie heads up the hospital stairs to find Spinelli.

Jason tells Patrick he’s off to find Trevor and Spinelli.

Trevor is still on the roof with Sam. Trevor insists that the poison is his ticket to freedom.

Alexis is in her office. Diane arrives. Diane comments that many of her clients are trapped inside of the hospital. Alexis tells Diane that Jax is piloting people to safety. Diane tries to reassure Alexis.

Back on the hospital roof, Trevor says he’s out to save Johnny. Sam asks again for Trevor to hand over the poison. Sam pulls her gun as Trevor walks away. Trevor won’t give in. He says nobody knows what he’s capable of.

Back inside, Claudia and Kate are still waiting to be evacuated. Kate is certain Sonny will believe her information. Claudia claims Ian acted alone in the shooting. Kate says Jerry’s DVD was very specific. Claudia reminds Kate that Jerry isn’t the best source for reliable information. She calls Kate “desperate.” Patrick arrives to say Claudia and Kate will go on the next chopper.

Carly and Sonny make their way down the stairs.

Maxie heads upstairs, fretting about the smell of the smoke.

Lulu goes to see Tracy at Mercy. Lulu worries about the rest of the people stuck at GH. Tracy says she’s grateful and proud that Lulu stayed by her side during the fire. Lulu worries for Nikolas, Carly, Jason, and Spinelli. Lulu says there’s more to Tracy then her harsh exterior.

Back at GH, Nikolas finally wakes up. He thinks Rebecca is Emily. Rebecca reminds him that she isn’t Emily. She tells Nik she dragged him out of the fire. They head toward the roof.

Johnny learns from a police officer outside that Maxie went into the hospital.

Maxie walks through the hospital and calls out for Spinelli.

Rebecca and Nikolas head to the roof. Patrick, Kate, and Claudia are there. Jax comes to get Kate. Patrick promises to find Carly.

Sam is still on the roof with Trevor. She says Trevor can get on the chopper as soon as he hands over the poison. Trevor says he’s planning on throwing the sphere off the roof. Sam tries to change his mind but Trevor is irate. Trevor says he has big plans for the poison. Trevor says he’ll tell everyone that he got the poison from Sonny or Jason. He figures he can come out a hero. Trevor throws the sphere and Sam tries to catch it. Both Sam and Trevor go off the hospital roof.

Back in her office, Alexis learns that Ric is safe. Diane wonders about Kate. Diane can’t decide what she loves more – Kate, or her fashions. Alexis and Diane have a drink. Alexis has regrets about her relationship with Sam. She hopes they can “find some common ground” and have a normal relationship. Diane warns Alexis about “regret.” Alexis vows to be a better mother to Sam when the crisis is over.

Matt and Nadine are in an ambulance. Nadine tries to talk Matt into getting medical attention. Matt refuses to do anything until Patrick is safe.

Jax comes back to the roof for Patrick.

Maxie wanders the hospital looking for Spinelli. She wanders into a utility closet.

Johnny runs into Sonny and Carly on the stairs. Carly asks if John has seen Jax. Johnny continues up the steps looking for Maxie.

Kate and Claudia are in the trailer with agent Rayner. Rayner says he has questions but Claudia refuses to answer. Claudia tells Rayner that Trevor has the poison. Rayner says Trevor’s body was just found. He says Trevor jumped or fell off the roof.

Sam is hanging on for dear life when Jason comes out to the roof looking for Trevor. Jason is about to walk away when he hears Sam’s whimper.

Alexis gets word from Rayner that Jax is taking the last of the people to safety. Alexis and Diane discuss Sonny. Diane says she “would never allow” herself to get “intimately involved” with Sonny.

Back on the hospital roof, Jason finds Sam’s gun. He finds Sam and tries to pull her to safety.

Lucky visits with Liz. He says there’s no news on Nikolas. Liz tells Lucky about Rebecca. Lucky says he best go “check on” Nikolas.

Nadine is still in the ambulance with Matt. Nikolas comes into the conversation. Patrick arrives and sits with Matt and Nadine. Patrick wonders if the hospital will be completely destroyed. He vows to make sure the hospital is rebuilt. Patrick is about to head to Mercy with Matt when agent Rayner comes over to question him (Patrick).

Lulu brings Tracy some coffee and says she couldn’t reach Luke. Tracy wonders where Johnny is. Lulu admits to fighting with Johnny and says it was her fault. Tracy warns Lulu to “respect” herself.

Carly and Sonny makes it out of the hospital safely. Sonny says he “appreciates” what a “survivor” Carly is.

Matt is upset that Patrick was chosen to talk to Rayner rather then him. Matt says he should explain what happened in the operating room. Nikolas arrives.

Carly asks the firefighters if they’ve see Jax. Just then, Jax arrives.

Claudia and Kate are still in the trailer. Claudia is smug. Kate is pretty sure of herself. Sonny arrives and Claudia jumps up to hug him.

Back on the hospital roof, Jason pulls Sam and the poison sphere to safety.

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