GH Update Thursday 2/12/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/12/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At GH, Claudia tries to make her way down the stairs and she runs into Trevor.

Maxie comforts Emma at Mercy.

Jason goes looking for Anthony. Sam finds Jason and tells him to go to the roof.

Nik tells Rebecca she’s a dead ringer for Emily.

Luke and Ethan are sharing a jail cell, playing a game.

Back at Mercy, Maxie does her best with Emma. Maxie talks to Emma about love and motherhood. Johnny arrives with Robin.

Jax returns to the roof for the next group of passengers. Patrick insists that Matt get on the next chopper, along with Edward, Tracy, and Nadine. Nadine helps Matt up the stairs.

Winnifred explains the fire to Mac in the trailer. Winnifred then explains the evacuation procedure at GH. Winnifred regrets that she was evacuated so soon. She asks Mac to see that Spinelli gets out of the hospital as soon as he can. Mac agrees to try so Winnifred heads to the PCPD.

Back on the stairwell, Trevor taunts Claudia. He shows her the poison sphere. Trevor explains how easy it was for him to steal the poison. Claudia tells Trevor that Sonny will “go after” him. Trevor continues to taunt Claudia.

Jason insists on finding Anthony so he can help Spinelli. Sam insists on helping Jason. Jason asks Sam to help with the evacuations instead.

Nikolas is still with Rebecca. He tells Rebecca about Emily. Nik then tells Rebecca about Emily’s family. Nik wonders if Rebecca is “related to” Emily.

Luke and Ethan are still in their cell betting for crackers. Luke yells for the guard. Luke and Ethan argue over what put them in jail in the first place.

Robin holds Emma at Mercy. Emma cries and Robin sets her on the bed as Maxie watches in silence.

Back at GH, Nik insists that Rebecca must be related to Emily. Rebecca refuses to give Nik information on her life. She asks Nik to leave her alone and walks away from him.

Sam finds Spinelli and tells him to head to the roof. Spinelli is concerned for Sam and Jason. Sam almost lets it slip that Jason is searching for Anthony.

Ric runs into Lucky. He asks about Liz. Lulu arrives. Olivia comes over and asks for help with Kate. Patrick says everyone needs to move to the roof immediately. Ric asks Patrick if he’s seen Trevor.

Claudia is still on the stairwell with Trevor. Trevor promises to “take care of John.” Trevor says Claudia’s love for John is “unnatural.” Trevor and Claudia struggle. Trevor throws Claudia down the stairs.

Luke tries to smooth things over with the guard. He tells the guard that Alexis is his close personal friend. Luke then offers the guard a night out at the Haunted Star in exchange for his freedom. The guard says the sheriff is his brother. Ethan laughs at Luke’s failure. Ethan’s lady friend arrives.

Ric finds Trevor and tells him to head to the roof. Trevor laughs at Ric and says he could care less if they see each other again. Trevor says Ric was unwanted compared to Sonny. The two part ways and Ric heads for the roof.

Lucky tries to talk Patrick into leaving on the next chopper. Patrick refuses. Olivia says Patrick has to go find Kate.

Back at Mercy, the doctor talks with Robin about Emma’s condition. He says the antibiotics aren’t working. Johnny and Maxie leave the room. Johnny says people are stuck inside the hospital. He tells Maxie that Spinelli is one of those trapped. The news upsets Maxie.

Back at GH, Sam and Spinelli discuss the wireless communication loss. Nik comes by looking for Rebecca.

Jason finds Claudia at the bottom of the stairs.

Ethan tries to smooth talk his lady friend. She offers to help Luke and Ethan escape. Luke is impressed.

Trevor comes upon Kate at the hospital. He offers to help her but Kate refuses. Trevor says he’s the reason Kate had a successful career. Trevor says he’s Kate’s only hope to escape the hospital.

Jason promises to get Claudia to safety. Jason’s arm starts to bleed. He takes Claudia out of the stairwell and says he’s coming back for her.

Spinelli tells Nikolas to head to the roof. Nik says he must find Rebecca first. Sam agrees with Spinelli. Sam offers to help Nik with his search. Spinelli goes back to his computer.

At Mercy, Maxie worries about Spinelli. She goes in to check on Emma and the baby. Robin asks Maxie to go to GH and get Patrick. Maxie and Johnny head for GH. Robin sits on the bed and holds a sleeping Emma.

At GH, Jax arrives to get the next group of passengers. Ric gets a spot on the chopper. Patrick promises to find Carly. Jax heads off to the chopper.

Ethan and Luke almost escape their cell but the guard arrives.

At Mercy, Robin talks to Emma as she waits for Patrick to arrive. She talks about her first meeting with Patrick. The baby sleeps as Robin tells her story. The doctor comes back in to check on things.

Maxie arrives at the trailer. She asks Mac about Patrick and Spinelli.

Inside the hospital, Spinelli does his best to get his wireless communication back. Spinelli leaves his computer while he goes to check on the safety of another part of the hospital.

Trevor is still with Kate. Trevor advises Kate to “move on.” He asks Kate to go with him, claiming to love her. Kate says she’s “ashamed” that she ever cared for Trevor. Trevor shows Kate the poison sphere. He offers Kate “a free ride out of the Zacchara world.” Sam arrives. Trevor runs and Sam goes after him.

Rebecca is lost in the fire. Nikolas begs her to go to the roof. Suddenly, flaming debris falls on Rebecca.

Maxie goes inside the hospital to find Spinelli.

Spinelli gets locked in a utility closet.

Patrick finds the computer, but no Spinelli.

The doctor at Mercy says Emma is improving.

At GH, Jason carries Claudia over to where Kate is waiting. Kate tells Jason that Sam went after Trevor. She says Trevor has the poison sphere with him, Kate thinks Trevor has flipped.

Sam follows Trevor onto the other side of the hospital roof. Trevor threatens to throw the poison off the roof.

Rebecca is trapped under the debris and Nikolas promises to free her.

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