GH Update Wednesday 2/11/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/11/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the hospital Olivia and Kate are talking about Claudia and Sonny. Kate is sure Sonny loves her and will hate Claudia when he learns the truth. They watch Sonny help Claudia. Olivia points out Sonny making Claudia a priority.

Monica and Edward talk about their lives at the hospital and Rebecca and Sam walk up. Monica calls her Emily. Rebecca corrects her but Monica faints. Sam goes to get a doctor.

As they try to extinguish the flames in the stairwell Jason tells Nikolas about the Emily look alike. Nikolas asks her name.

On the roof, Carly worries about Jax in the helicopter.

Nikolas asks Jason about Rebecca. They clear the flames and go to help further.

Robin talks to the baby about Emma. Epiphany offers to take the baby but Robin says she’s fine.

Maxie, Johnny, and Emma are all at Mercy General. Maxie is concerned about Emma and worries about Robin putting her in charge of Emma. She thinks that Emma wishes she had Patrick and Robin. A doctor enters and refers to Emma as their daughter.

Mac is on the phone trying to figure out how the bio toxin reacts to fire. He gets the run around. Alexis enters and asks what idiot is trying to land a helicopter on the roof. Mac tells her its Jax. They hear over the radio that the helicopter is going down. Alexis goes to see.

Carly looks down at the helicopter on the ground below. She hopes it wasn’t Jax and says theirs no ambulance there to help.

Claudia tells Sonny she had to know if he would come back for her.

Olivia tells Kate that Sonny’s wife is his priority. Kate spots the DVD and tells Olivia that everything is about to turn around. Kate calls Sonny over and tells Sonny she needs to tell him something.

Patrick tends to Monica. Nikolas comes over and finds out that they saw the Emily look alike. Nikolas wants to know where she is. Nikolas tells Patrick that they need to get to the roof. Patrick agrees. And says they need to get there fast.

Nadine and Matt talk about losing Leyla. Matt feels a lot of guilt.

Elizabeth tells Lucky to leave her behind so the boys won’t be alone. Lucky says he won’t leave her.

Carly wants to see the report on the crash. Winnifred does find a report. Jason enters the picture. Greatest apologies but the following conversation between these four is interrupted on my video by a weather warning watch.

Mac and Alexis fight and Jax walks in unscathed. He made an emergency landing. Jax wants another chance, but Mac is skeptical. Jax makes a compelling argument.

Sonny tells Kate that she can wait. He leaves to find help. Kate asks Olivia to pick up the DVD.

Luke plays pool with Ethan. They talk about pool tactics and tricking their opponents. Ethan asks Luke if he’s ever been really scared. Luke tells him about facing a firing squad. Luke tells Ethan about Robert and Anna and how they are Australian. Nina and a man with a gun enter the bar and tell Luke and Ethan to put their hands in the air.

Lulu tells Tracey about how she’s always been worried for her parents. Tracey struggles with breath. They stay they will stay together and consider that Luke might be the only family survivor if things don’t go well.

Nikolas asks if Emily could have had any family given the strong resemblance to Rebecca. Monica and Edward say no but Nikolas thinks the resemblance is too great to be a coincidence.

Maxie worries that letting the doctor believe she’s Emma’s mom is against the law. Maxie also worries about the answers she gave the doctor, then she rants about how she’s not equipped to care for Emma. Maxie thinks of Felicia caring for her and says she’ll never have kids. The doctor enters with two treatment options for Emma. Maxie will have to choose one.

Robin tries to call Patrick but he doesn’t answer. Robin doesn’t want to call Maxie.

Patrick wants Spinelli to find out if Emma was admitted. The wireless internet is lost. Carly is worried about Jax. Sonny enters. They all argue about how to get out. They all think the roof is the best option.

Jax is still arguing about getting a chopper. He is confident he can do it this time. Mac is being swayed, but Alexis thinks its crazy. Alexis pulls rank and says Jax isn’t allowed to fly the helicopter.

Carly finds Lulu and tells her about Jax. Carly says she’s going downstairs and asks Lulu if she wants to come. Lulu says she needs to stay because her whole family is in the hospital. Carly asks Lucky about the stairwell he used to get up. He says its crazy to try that, but Carly says she can do it.

Nina has told the man with the gun that Lucky and Ethan stole from her. She looks in their bag of money and says that’s what they stole.

Maxie asks the doctor how much time there is to make the decision. He explains that the real decision is how much risk they are willing to take. Maxie tells the doctor that they are not Emma’s parents. The doctor says he needs a parent to make decisions. Johnny leaves to get Robin.

Patrick is responsible for managing patients, Jason will worry about the fire, and Sonny will make sure no one is left behind. Patrick calls for Ccarly and they realize she went after Jax. Jason says he’ll go after her but Sonny says no because Jason needs to do something else. Jason says what he’ll have to do won’t take long, he’s going to make sure Anthony gets out alive. Spinelli doesn’t know why Jason would try to save Anthony. Jason leaves and Spinellii realizes Jason is doing it for him.

Alexis and Jax continue to fight. Jax says too many people are at risk and he’ll find a helicopter no matter what. Alexis gives in and gives him a chopper. She tells him if he crashes she’ll kill him.

Claudia tells Kate she’s desperate to be with Sonny. Kate wants Olivia to get the DVD. Olivia picks up the DVD but doesn’t give it to Kate, saying its for her own good and walks away.

Patrick tells Nikolas, Monica, and Edward that people will be evacuated soon. Patrick takes Sam to help him. Monica and Edward want Nikolas to find Rebecca and get her out safely. Nikolas doesn’t want to leave them but they convince him to go.

Sonny looks for Carly. He finds Olivia as she throws the DVD into the fire.

Luke grabs his chest and falls on the table. When the man comes close to him Ethan hits him over the head. A man comes over and calls the injured man Sheriff.

Maxie talks to Emma. She wishes she could take Emma’s fever from her. She tells Emma that Robin wanted her really bad, and that there might be something wrong with Robin right now but Robin will get better. Maxie says she can’t stand to lose anyone else and asks Georgie to watch out for Emma.

Spinelli and Winnifred get the internet back up and get a message about an immediate airlift. Winnifred gets orders to board the first helicopter but she tells Spinelli she doesn’t deserve to go.

Olivia tells Sonny she was near the fire to protect Kate. Sonny tells Olivia about the roof evacuation and says he’s going to find Carly.

Patrick tells everyone a helicopter is coming. He tells Elizabeth she will be on the first one. Elizabeth doesn’t want Lucky to leave her.

Rebecca tells Nikolas that she freaked out after Monica passed out. She wants to know why Nikolas seems to care about her.

Claudia tells Kate she’s not Sonny’s type and Kate says she will tell Sonny eventually. Olivia tells Kate that she destroyed the DVD.

Sonny finds Carly and the hallway they are in bursts into flames. They run away from it.

The doctor tells Maxie that Emma isn’t responding to the anti-biotics. Maxie thinks she made the wrong choice. Robin sees Mac and asks about Patrick. Alexis tells them that Jax has landed the helicopter on the roof. Johnny enters and tells Robin about Emma and tells her she has to go with him. Robin hesitates and Johnny pushes her to be with her daughter. Robin goes.

Nikolas is speaking with Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t understand what’s going on. She wants to know who Emily is.

People are on the roof waiting for the helicopter. The helicopter lands, but no one knows who the pilot is. When it lands they see its Jax. He asks about Carly but she’s not there. They begin to load up the chopper. Winnifred says she shouldn’t be on the chopper and begins to cry because Spinelli can‘t come. Elizabeth wants Lucky to go with her but he can’t. He tells her to be strong and kisses her. Sam sees.

Jason enters a hospital room.

Carly and Sonny cough and walk through the hall. Something seems to fall on them and Sonny yells “Move.”

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