GH Update Tuesday 2/10/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/10/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

As the fire rages in the hospital Jason says the hospital needs to be evacuated by helicopter. Sonny looks for Trevor and hopes he’s dead. Claudia wheeled by Carly and Kate wheeled by Olivia try to find their way around the hospital.

Robin tells Epiphany that it’s time to start evacuating. Lucky and Jax want to get to Elizabeth and Carly, respectively.

Patrick agrees with Jason about the helicopter evacuation. Jason tells Sonny that the only way out is the roof. Sonny tells Jason that Trevor has the missing toxin.

Nikolas looks to help people and find Monica and Edward near the fire. He takes them away and doesn’t see Rebecca passed out on the floor.

Matt talks to Elizabeth and tries to help her breathe. Patrick tells him he needs to rest also, but Matt is insistent saying its his fault because it was his surgery.

Lulu sits with Tracey. Tracey tells her to find a way out.

A nurse explains that patients will be evacuated corridor by corridor. Claudia wants to find a way out. Kate, Carly, Olivia, and Claudia argue. Carly says she’ll leave Claudia there and Claudia brings up karma. Kate warns Claudia that this may be her punishment for everything she’s done.

Lulu and Tracey both say Luke would never forgive them if they allowed harm to come to the other. Lulu tells Tracey she’s always been a good step mom. Tracey tells Lulu to leave again and Lulu says she won’t leave her.

Nikolas, Monica, and Edward look for a stairwell but can’t seem to find their way out. Edward criticizes Nikolas and Emily’s union because of his family but says maybe he was wrong.

Jason and Sonny wonder where Trevor could have gone, Sonny tells Jason that he left Anthony tied to a bed and that getting Anthony out alive is up to Jason. Sam comments that Jason and Sonny seem to be getting along, Jason agrees.

Spinelli and Winnifred work the computers to help. Patrick asks if they have gotten in touch with Mac. Mac requests a head count. Patrick tells Spinelli that Maxie is fine and has taken Emma to Mercy General for her fever. Spinelli tells Patrick that the storm has made wind speeds escalate and will make it difficult for the helicopters. Patrick says people need to get out.

A woman talks to Epiphany about her concern for her baby. She doesn’t want her to be in the cold or get sick. Robin looks on at the concerned mother, but needs to walk away.

Olivia asks Carly which way they should go. Kate tells Olivia to look for the DVD. Olivia goes off on Kate about the stupid DVD and how its not important and tells her to stop bitching and ordering her around. Carly applauds Olivia. Kate attacks Carly for helping Claudia after everything she‘s done. Carly tells Kate to shut up. Sonny amongst all of his women.

Mac and Patrick discuss evacuation tactics over the phone. Mac says they can’t get a helicopter but will send firemen up stairwells. They lose their connection. When Sam hears Mac’s plan she says there isn’t time for that.

Sonny tells the four women they have to get out because there has been another explosion. Olivia asks who he’ll save first. Sonny asks why they are sitting around and Carly says they are listening to what they are told. Claudia suggests Sonny take Olivia and Kate first and then come back for her and Carly. Sonny leave with Kate and Olivia. Carly wants to know why. Claudia says it’s obvious that she didn’t want to be with Kate. Claudia tells Carly to go if she wants. Carly leaves Claudia. Claudia moves towards a DVD in the corner on the floor.

Nikolas tells Edward and Monica that Tracey is stable. Edward goes to see her and tells Nikolas he has wonderful manners despite his crazy family. Monica and Nikolas talk about Emily. Nadine overhears Nikolas tell Monica that Emily was as close to perfect as you get and that that kind of love only comes around once.

Jason runs into the room where Rebecca Shaw is and flips her over. He carries her out of the burning room.

Edward sees Tracey. Tracey tells him he should be resting but he says he wanted to see her.

Lulu goes to see Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Lulu that if anything happens to her then Lucky is going to need Lulu’s help. Lulu tells her she will help but that Elizabeth can’t think about that right now and needs to focus on getting better. Nadine walks up. Patrick tells that Mac is working on an evacuation plan. Everyone is skeptical about being able to get down the stairs.

Robin and Lucky talk. Lucky wants to look for Elizabeth.

Sam tells Spinelli that the stairs are an impossible way to get out. They argue about the best way out.

Mac is on a walkie-talkie. He and Jax discuss the possibilities and discuss roof verse stairwell evacuation. Jax says he can land the helicopter in this weather.

Carly comes back to Claudia. Carly says she knew Claudia had to be hiding something to get rid of Carly. Claudia says it was so she could be alone with Sonny, Carly doesn’t buy it. Claudia tells Carly she’s planning to manipulate Sonny. Carly leaves her again.

Sonny leads Kate and Olivia to a stairwell. Kate asks him to wait, she has something to tell him that can’t wait. Sonny says its not the right time and leaves to go get Claudia and Carly. Olivia wants to know what’s going on.

Matt says Patrick is doing great but Patrick should learn to lean on him. Patrick tells him about Robin and Emma and tells him how afraid he is for his family. Robin goes to help Epiphany in the nursery and is able to pick up a baby.

Carly runs into Sonny and Carly tells him that Claudia is waiting for him. Sonny tells Carly to be careful because Trevor is still out there. Sonny says when it’s all over he’ll buy her a drink.

Rebecca thanks Jason for saving her. Jason is quiet and says she looks a lot like a sister he had that died. Sam runs up and immediately notices Rebecca’s resemblance to Emily, and Rebecca says she must really look like her. Jason says there isn’t time to talk about it. Sam helps Rebecca while Jason goes to find a fire extinguisher. Sam and Rebecca introduce each other.

Edward tells Monica and Nikolas that the police are working on getting people out. Nikolas goes to help.

Winnifred admires Spinelli’s bravery. He tells her that being afraid is not shameful. Carly asks them what the status is. Spinelli tells her that the best way out is the roof but it’s too dangerous. Spinelli gets word that Jax will try to land on the roof.

Sonny finds Claudia just as she gets her hands on the DVD.

Robin talks to the baby. She tries to comfort her but the baby cries.

Monica tells Edward its ironic that she might die in a hospital that she’s spent years in trying to save lives. As they speak Rebecca and Sam walk down their hall. Monica calls her Emily, Rebecca is clearly exasperated that she looks like this Emily person.

Jason and Nikolas try to extinguish one of the stairwells.

Lucky finds his way to Elizabeth’s side and they have an emotional reunion.

Kate tells Olivia that Sonny loves her and that when Sonny finds out the truth he’ll hate Claudia. Sonny wheels up with Claudia.

Carly goes to the roof to watch Jax try to land the helicopter. Spinelli says it looks like Jax is going to crash.

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