GH Update Monday 2/9/09

General Hospital Update Monday 2/9/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

In Claudia’s hospital room, Trevor tells her that everything is going to work out in his favor. Trevor admits that he took the sphere, which he has in a sealed container. Claudia thinks that Trevor has lost his mind.

In the hospital chapel, Jason tells Sonny that Anthony doesn’t deserve to die. Sonny wants to shoot Anthony regardless of Jason’s opinion. Jason pleads with Sonny. Sonny changes his mind. Sonny hits Anthony in the head with his gun, knocking Anthony unconscious.

In the OR, Spinelli and Winnifred discuss the hospital situation. The spheres are in the process of being transported out of the OR. Suddenly, Spinelli yells that the OR isn’t safe.

Robin, Emma, Maxie, and Johnny show up at the hospital where they are told that they cannot enter the building. Robin asks where Patrick is.

Nikolas comes face to face with Rebecca for the first time.

Spinelli, Winnifred, and the others barely escape from the OR. There is a huge explosion. Nikolas finds Rebecca and asks if she is okay.

Everyone is frantic after the explosion. Carly checks in on Claudia. Carly finds out that Trevor has the missing sphere.

Jason and Sonny wonder where the explosion came from. Sonny is concerned and hurries out of the hospital chapel.

Jax brings Robin, Maxie, and Johnny to where Rayner is located. Rayner calls Patrick. Patrick tells him that there was an explosion in the OR. Robin asks if Patrick is okay.

Ethan tells Luke about his adventures around the US and what led him to Port Charles. Luke thinks that Ethan has an agenda.

Jason carries Anthony to a hospital room, where he puts restraints around Anthony’s arms. Anthony wakes up and asks Jason what he’s doing. Anthony questions Jason about the fire in the hospital.

Smoke is beginning to fill up in the area around the OR. Winnifred asks Spinelli how he knew that the OR was going to blow up. Spinelli says that he noticed the anesthesia was leaking. Winnifred thanks Spinelli for saving her life.

Robin asks Maxie and Johnny to bring Emma to another hospital. Maxie is shocked that Robin doesn’t want to be with her daughter.

Olivia is panicking about the explosion. Kate wants to know where Sonny is.

Carly pleads with Trevor to hand over the biotoxin. Trevor says that he has no intentions of giving up the poison when it’s his only leverage. Trevor tells Claudia that her life will always be full of pain and anguish. Trevor leaves the room. Carly tells Claudia that Trevor is crazy.

Maxie and Johnny are driving Emma to Mercy Hospital. Johnny suggests that Maxie have Spinelli meet them at Mercy. Maxie asks Johnny if he is going to contact Lulu.

Lulu, Jason, and Sam find Winnifred and Spinelli amidst the smoke. Spinelli explains what happened in the OR.

Patrick and Nikolas are trying to extinguish some of the fires around the OR area.

Rebecca checks in on Elizabeth. Elizabeth is shocked since Rebecca looks just like Emily.

Carly runs into Sonny. Carly explains that Trevor has the biotoxin in his possession. Sonny promises to take care of Trevor.

Trevor finds Anthony. Anthony wants Trevor to release him from the restraints. Trevor refuses. Trevor says that Anthony deserves to die.

The fire is quickly spreading to the oxygen storage area.

Luke and Ethan talk while playing a game of pool. Ethan takes out a picture from his wallet while Luke isn’t looking.

Rebecca leaves before Elizabeth can say anything to her.

Robin is able to enter the hospital. Epiphany is thankful to see Robin.

Maxie, Johnny, and Emma show up at Mercy. Johnny asks a nurse to take a look at Emma ASAP.

Jason realizes that the fire is spreading to the patient rooms. Lulu, Spinelli, and Winnifred run in one direction, while Nikolas and Patrick go another way.

Sonny aims his gun at Trevor. Trevor warns that the container holding the biotoxin will break if Sonny shoots him.

Ethan and Luke continue their game of pool.

Jason and Sam head off to Elizabeth’s room, while Patrick tells the hospital staff where to go.

Rebecca realizes that she is trapped amidst the fires.

A doctor checks out Emma. He prescribes an antibiotic. Maxie thinks that Robin will blame herself if something happens to Emma.

Patrick talks to Robin via phone. Robin admits that she is in the hospital. Robin explains that Maxie brought Emma to Mercy.

Winnifred tells Carly that her and Spinelli are assisting patients to safety. Carly wheels in a wheelchair for Claudia.

Sonny finds Anthony. Anthony pleads for Sonny to release him, but Sonny doesn’t want to listen. Anthony can’t believe that Sonny would leave him to die.

Luke thinks that Ethan is playing him. Luke says that Ethan has to pay him back. Ethan starts to argue with Luke. Luke says that Ethan needs to work harder at being a good con.

Elizabeth starts to cough while Nikolas wheels her out of the room.

Rebecca passes out.

Patients are being evacuated from GH. Epiphany tells Robin that she needs to go be with her daughter.

Johnny apologizes to Maxie for his behavior with the nurse. Maxie says that she is thankful for what Johnny did. The doctor reveals that Emma has pneumonia.

Claudia can’t believe that Carly wants to help her. Carly wheels Claudia out of the room.

The smoke is getting thicker. Olivia finds a wheelchair for Kate. Kate inquires about Sonny. Kate wants to find him, but Olivia says that they need to get out of the hospital immediately.

Trevor taunts Sonny. Sonny shoots at Trevor, just as there is another explosion. Sonny is thrown to the ground, leaving him unconscious.

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