GH Update Friday 2/6/09

General Hospital Update Friday 2/6/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Nikolas and Patrick talk at GH as Rebecca stands nearby. Patrick is frustrated and walks away as Nik notices Rebecca and goes after her.

Sam comes upon Jason. Sam says Sonny hurried past her looking for Anthony. Jason tells Sam that Sonny plans on killing Anthony.

Anthony runs down the hall and into Ric. Sonny follows close by and asks where Anthony is headed.

Outside in the storm, Johnny and Maxie try to locate Emma. Robin is confused.

Ethan and Luke shoot pool in a bar. Luke tells Ethan about Holly. Ethan says he knows Holly, so Luke becomes suspicious.

At GH, Jason tells Sam that Anthony shot Kate. Jason says without Anthony to give to the FBI, he’ll have to turn Sonny over in order to protect Spinelli. Jason heads off after Sonny.

Carly is still with Claudia. Claudia tells Carly about the shooting. Carly is angry. Claudia seems torn.

Ric tries to get Sonny to calm down. Sonny is angry and says Anthony must die. Ric suggests that Sonny “neutralize” Anthony instead of killing him.

Back out in the storm, Maxie tries to help Robin remember what happened to the baby. A baby cries in the distance. Maxie finds Emma perched on a tree. The baby seems fine but Robin seems very confused.

At GH, Carly goes to Kate’s room and tells her what’s going on with Sonny.

Sonny wonders how much Ric knows about the shooting and about Anthony’s plan. Ric says “revenge” won’t solve anything. Ric and Sonny argue. Sonny insists on killing Anthony. He offers Ric protection if he agrees to help. Sonny gets frustrated and heads off to look for Anthony.

Anthony hides in the hospital chapel. Trevor comes in and Anthony fills him in. Anthony is frantic. Trevor advises Anthony to “hide.” Anthony says he has to leave the hospital as soon as possible. Trevor promises to “distract” Sonny so Anthony can get away. Trevor leaves. Anthony gets on his knees and yells, looking up at the ceiling.

Jax goes to the trailer to see Rayner. He promises to make the situation “ugly” if Rayner doesn’t “work with” him.

Spinelli is in the operating room with Winnifred. He asks for Winnifred’s help to keep the poison away from the FBI.

Johnny and Maxie head back to the van with Robin and the baby. Johnny tries to fix the van. Maxie holds the baby. Robin says she got lost while looking for help. Maxie turns the key but the van still won’t start.

Ethan and Luke are still playing pool. Luke thinks Holly told Ethan about him. Ethan says Luke is wrong. He claims he only wants to “learn” from Luke.

Back in the operating room, Spinelli and Winnifred disagree about giving the poison to the FBI. Spinelli says Equinox is incompetent. Winnifred says she’s been ordered to return the spheres. Spinelli tries to change her mind.

Sam and Jason run into Ric. Ric won’t tell Jason anything about Sonny. Jason gets physical so Ric tells what he knows. Ric leaves. Sam and Jason head off to find Anthony before Sonny does.

Sonny runs into Trevor. Trevor says he had no idea that Anthony was Kate’s shooter. Trevor brings up the past. He says Anthony is better off dead. Trevor tells Sonny where Anthony is hiding. Trevor walks away from Sonny.

Carly is still with Kate. Kate claims to love Sonny. She says Sonny will return to her after Anthony dies. Carly says, “Sonny loves power” the most and Claudia provides that for him.

Johnny gets the van started so they head to GH with Emma. Maxie holds the baby because Robin still refuses to pick her up. Maxie is concerned about Robin’s behavior.

Back at the hospital, Patrick asks Sam where Spinelli is. Sam hasn’t got a clue but she’s clearly worried about Spinelli. Patrick wonders what Spinelli might have done.

Spinelli is still with Winnifred. Winnifred says they must “fight” Equinox “legally and through the system.” Spinelli isn’t convinced but Winnifred says he can “trust” her.

Ric goes to see Claudia. Ric says he “confided” in Claudia to “protect” her. Ric blames Claudia for telling Sonny. Ric says Sonny will “get everything” when Anthony dies. Ric is visibly upset so Claudia tells him to leave. Trevor arrives.

Sonny goes to the chapel. Anthony makes his way to the door. Sonny aims his gun at Anthony. Sonny calls Anthony a “coward.” Sonny says Trevor gave Anthony up. Sonny asks why Anthony wanted to kill Kate. Anthony begs for his life as Jason bursts into the chapel.

Luke and Ethan are still at the bar. Luke warns Ethan to tell him the truth. Ethan claims to be adopted. He says Holly once told him about Port Charles.

Jax is still with Rayner. Jax gives Rayner one hour to get things rolling. After that, Jax says he plans on going into the hospital himself.

Back inside the hospital, Carly runs into Nikolas in the hall. Nik asks if Carly has seen an Emily look alike in the hall. Carly wonders if Nikolas is feeling ok. Nik heads off and he sees Rebecca.

Spinelli and Winnifred are still disagreeing in the operating room. Spinelli says he hopes Winnifred knows what she’s talking about.

Patrick and Sam wonder where Spinelli is. Robin calls Patrick on the phone but they lose the signal before Patrick can warn her about the situation.

Ric and Trevor are still with Claudia. Trevor tells Ric that Claudia chose the “smarter brother” in Sonny. Trevor also says Ric made “a big mistake” in teaming up with Anthony. Trevor is convinced that Anthony will die at Sonny’s hands. Trevor says he’s heading out of town soon. Trevor advises Ric to distance himself “from all things Zacchara.” Ric leaves Claudia’s room. Trevor compliments himself and tells Claudia he’s “played” the “game” both “perfectly and elegantly.”

In the chapel, Jason tries his best to talk Sonny out of shooting Anthony. Sonny refuses to back down and so does Jason.

Trevor tells Claudia he and Johnny “will be the only ones left standing” when the crisis is resolved. Trevor says he’s glad Sonny will “relieve” him of Anthony.

Back in the chapel, Anthony begs Jason to shoot Sonny. Jason tells Sonny since “Spinelli is innocent, he doesn’t deserve to go to jail.”

Back in the operating room, the team carefully packages the spheres as Winnifred and Spinelli watch.

Back in Claudia’s room, Trevor says he hopes the poison will kill Claudia. Trevor shows Claudia a container with the missing sphere, calling it his “free pass.”

Back in the chapel, both Sonny and Jason refuse to back down. Sonny shoots at the wall to silence Anthony.

Johnny, Robin, and Maxie arrive at GH with Emma. Jax is outside and he tells them about the lockdown.

The FBI team continues to pack up the spheres in the OR. Spinelli notices that something isn’t right so he calls out for the team to stop.

Nikolas finds Rebecca in the hall and approaches her.

In the chapel, Jason again asks Sonny to back down. Instead of shooting Anthony, Sonny hits him with the gun. Sonny tells Jason he wants to kill Anthony but he won’t do it.

Trevor is still with Claudia. Trevor plans to “trade” the sphere for his “freedom.” Meanwhile Carly walks into the room and sees the sphere in Trevor’s hand.

Still outside, Jax tells Robin, Johnny, and Maxie what happened inside the hospital. Robin asks about Patrick.

Meanwhile Patrick is inside trying to call Robin’s cell phone. Patrick heads off to look for Spinelli.

Spinelli senses danger in the operating room. Before Spinelli can do anything, there’s a huge explosion in the OR.

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