GH Update Thursday 2/5/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/5/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At GH, Sam shoots Jason in the arm by mistake.

Robin and Emma try to get help on foot in the storm.

Back at the hospital, Patrick tends to Tracy after she falls to the floor.

Claudia wakes up with a start to find Sonny at her bedside. Claudia again says that Anthony shot Kate. Sonny wonders if Claudia is “sure” about the accusation.

Back at GH, Jason is mad at Sam for shooting him. He claims he just wanted Sam to “distract” the man. He says he didn’t mean it when he told Sam to shoot the deliveryman. Jason and Sam bicker. Sam blames Jason for moving the wrong way.

Claudia tells Sonny that Anthony is able to walk. She again says that Anthony shot Kate and made it look like Karpov did it. Claudia says Anthony did it so Sonny would join the family and eventually go to “war” with Jason. Sonny figures out the rest of Anthony’s “plan.” He wonders when Claudia learned the truth.

Patrick sends Tracy to intensive care. Carly arrives and wonders how “safe” they all are. Carly wonders if the poison is in the air at the hospital. Patrick says he doesn’t have a clue. He thinks Tracy is having “a delayed reaction” to the poison.

Nikolas goes to see Liz. Lucky is still there. Rebecca stands outside Liz’s door.

Robin tries to make her way through the storm on foot. She decides it’s best to return to the van. Robin is lost and has no clue where she parked the van.

Maxie and Johnny are driving through the storm together. They make small talk, which eventually leads to Maxie bringing up Georgie. Johnny doesn’t think they should go back to the apartment. Maxie says she feels “guilty” for kissing Johnny. Johnny blames himself but Maxie takes partial responsibility for what almost happened.

Back at GH, Epiphany patches up Jason’s arm. Jason won’t tell Epiphany what happened. Sam arrives and Epiphany leaves. Sam says she feels “bad” for hurting Jason. Spinelli arrives.

Patrick is on the phone with agent Rayner. He informs Rayner about Tracy. Patrick thinks the hospital should be evacuated. Rayner wants the spheres removed from GH first. He asks Patrick who may have taken the missing sphere. Patrick is concerned that more people will die.

Nik and Lucky are still with Liz. Rebecca is just outside the door. They discuss having a celebration dinner soon. Nik says he won’t invite Nadine to their dinner. Nik leaves Liz’s room but Rebecca isn’t in the hall anymore.

Claudia tells Sonny about her meeting with Karpov after Kate’s shooting. Claudia says she just learned Anthony’s secret. Claudia agrees that Anthony must be dealt with. She says nobody is “safe.” Claudia says even Johnny is in danger from Anthony. Sonny understands what all of this is “costing” Claudia.

Edward and Carly talk in another part of the hospital. Edward vents as Carly listens. He says Monica is doing fine. Carly tells Edward about Tracy. Edward says Tracy is merely looking for “attention.” Carly says Tracy is in the ICU. Carly does her best to set Edward at ease.

Anthony comes back to see Claudia. He tells her she’s “about to be weeded out.” Sonny stands in the doorway, and then he approaches Anthony. Sonny says he and Anthony need to “talk.” Sonny and Anthony leave Claudia’s room. Sonny nods at Claudia as he leaves.

Spinelli, Sam, and Jason approach Patrick. Rayner is still on the phone with him. Patrick asks Rayner for some help with the situation. Rayner says it’s out of his hands and the hospital will stay locked down until his team removes the remaining spheres. Rayner understands Patrick’s frustration. Rayner orders Winnifred to “lead the team” into GH and recover the spheres. Spinelli says Equinox is “pulling the strings” and they could care less about the casualties. Spinelli says they can’t give the FBI the remaining spheres.

Maxie and Johnny notice a van as they drive down the road. Johnny approaches the van. Maxie says it belongs to Robin.

Robin and Emma are lost and on foot. Robin keeps moving, clueless as to where she is.

Back at GH, Sonny tells Anthony he knows the truth about Kate’s shooting. Sonny pulls a gun and says he plans to kill Anthony. Anthony denies everything. Anthony says Claudia “tricked” Sonny into believing her story. Anthony insists he “can’t walk.”

Maxie and Johnny check the inside of the van. Both are worried so they head off on foot to look for Robin.

At GH, Spinelli tells Patrick not to let the FBI into the hospital. Regarding Equinox, Spinelli says everyone is simply a factor “in their cost analysis.” Spinelli says they have more power if they hold onto the spheres. Patrick fears the poison has “spread.” He wants the poison taken out of GH. Patrick leaves. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam how “unethical” Equinox is. Jason warns Spinelli that the “FBI is protecting” Equinox. Jason says if Spinelli gets on the FBI’s bad side again, he’s on his own. Jason storms off.

Carly is still with Edward. Edward is clearly worried about Tracy. Carly tries to find “hope” in their situation. Edward says he’s “proud of Tracy’s strength.” Edward then admits that he’s afraid for Tracy. Carly says she understands and she has similar fears and worries about her own kids.

Sam tries to calm Spinelli down. She reminds Spinelli that Jason’s “sacrifices” will have been in vain if Spinelli gets himself “in trouble” again. Sam leaves.

Patrick meets the FBI team at the hospital door. He lets Winnifred and her team inside. Spinelli lurks nearby.

Lucky is still with Liz. Nikolas offers to give his brother a break. Lucky insists on staying while Liz sleeps. Nik tells Lucky he saw Emily.

Edward visits Tracy. He sits with her and talks about all their lost family members. Edward says he’s not “prepared” to lose Tracy. Edward says he loves Tracy and is “proud” of her. Tracy makes a sarcastic comment, which makes Edward feel better.

Winnifred and her team retrieve the spheres. Someone comes into the OR while the team is in there.

Carly goes to see Claudia. She wonders why Claudia requested to see her. Claudia tells Carly that Sonny “is about to murder” Anthony. She says Sonny will need Carly to provide him with an alibi.

Anthony tries to talk his way out of being shot as Sonny holds the gun and listens. Anthony insists he’s innocent. He says Claudia is “manipulating” Sonny. Jason arrives and tries to stop Sonny from shooting Anthony.

Johnny and Maxie continue to look for Robin. Maxie insists they keep looking. They find the baby carrier buried in the snow.

Back at GH, Jason tries to stop Sonny. Sonny explains the truth to Jason. Anthony begs Jason to believe him. Sonny tells Jason all about Anthony’s plan. Jason says Anthony has to stay “alive.” Anthony wonders why Jason wants him to live and asks if Jason is working with “the Feds.” Sonny hits Jason so Anthony gets up and runs. Sonny shoots at Anthony then runs after him.

Winnifred and her team are still in the operating room. The unidentified person tries to take the spheres but Winnifred stops him. Winnifred realizes that the person is Spinelli.

Patrick tells Rayner that the team is inside the operating room. Patrick asks Rayner to have his people locate Robin. Patrick says he will tell everyone all about the crisis if Rayner refuses to help him. Nikolas comes over and Patrick tells him about Robin. Nik says he will “pull some strings” and see if he can help in any way. Rebecca is down the hall but Nik doesn’t see her.

Maxie and Johnny keep looking for Robin. They find her shivering in the snow. “Where is Emma,” Maxie shouts. Robin says she doesn’t know where the baby is.

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