GH Update Wednesday 2/4/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/4/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Patrick is trying to make a call but has no cell service. Patrick tells Jason that Robin and Emma are on their way.

On her way to the hospital Robin’s check engine light goes on.

Maxie and Johnny continue kissing.

Lulu wants to sneak out of the hospital. Carly warns her against it.

Elizabeth wakes to find Lucky by her side. She tells him that he makes her feel safe. Elizabeth asks Lucky to talk to her, she wants to hear his voice.

Jax is trying to get a Senator of the phone. Agent Rayner comes in and tells him he’s not authorized to make that call. He tells Jax about the missing sphere.

Carly tells Lulu that leaving could harm a lot of other people. Lulu says she’s very worried about Johnny and wonders where he is.

Johnny and Maxie stop kissing. They talk about what they are doing. They still think doing this would be good for the people they love but are still unsure. Johnny doesn’t want to take advantage of her and Maxie appreciates that.

Robin thinks she may be lost.

Patrick, Jason, and Epiphany talk about Robin. Spinelli wonders if Patrick is concerned about Robin’s judgment.

Edward and Tracey sit with Monica. They typically only talk about themselves, they complain about the scrubs they are in and fight about how Alan was better than Tracey. Monica wakes to the fighting and tells them to shut up.

Rayner continues to tell Jax how the incident occurred. He tells Jax that anyone attempting to leave the hospital will be shot on sight.

Carly asks Lulu what she would say to Johnny if she could. Carly says they should make themselves useful and they go to find Epiphany.

Maxie and Johnny are glad that they stopped. Maxie talks about how hurting Spinelli would destroy her, and Johnny feels the same way about Lulu. Johnny tells Maxie she is kind.

Sam got the police to send a car to Robin’s house. Sam, Jason, and Patrick can’t figure out who could have stolen the hazmat suit and worry they will never find him.

Robin pulls over to calm Emma and can’t  get it to start up again. Emma stops crying and Robin worries something is wrong.

Lucky starts listing the places he and Elizabethr have lived together. Jason overhears Elizabeth and Lucky reminiscing back to a time they loved each other.

Jax is trying to get a list of Equinox board members but has a bad connection. Alexis arrives. Both want to help.

Spinelli worries about Maxie’s accident. Sam assures him hat she is fine, but Spinelli is still concerned. Sam tells Spinelli that he reminds her of her brother who died at General Hospital.

Edward and Tracey tell Monica that they are all sealed in the hospital. Jason enters the room. Monica wants to talk to him. Monica wants to know if Jason had anything to do with this catastrophe.

Robin struggles with Emma and sees there is not cell phone service.

Lulu and Carly ask if there is something they can do to help. Epiphany gives them a list of instructions. Patrick pulls Carly aside. He wants to know what the board room captives know about the toxin and wants to know if someone in the board room would have had a motive to steal the missing sphere.

Elizabeth and Lucky wonder how things would be different if they’d stayed together. Lucky says he’ll always regret what happened for letting their marriage fall apart. He apologizes for all of his mistakes. But they are still there together. Sam looks on.

Jax tells Alexis how he was supposed to leave the country and feels bad about leaving Carly to begin with.

Jason tells Monica he is working with the FBI. He says he would never hurt innocent people or put the hospital at risk. He asks Monica if she needs anything. She says him being there is enough. Then tells him to go help. Monica stands up for Jason to Tracey and Edward.

Patrick wants to know what the protocol is if the toxin is found. Jason and Carly reunite. Jason asks Carly about the people in the board room again. But she says Ric was with her, Anthony can’t walk, and Trevor passed out.

Robin takes Emma out of the  car to find a nearby house for help.

Lulu brings Spinelli a snack. She asks him about Maxie. She wonders aloud about Johnny.

Maxie tells Johnny all the bad stuff she has done. Johnny points out the nice things she’s done. Maxie credits Spinelli for her good deeds. Johnny says Spinelli is lucky to have her. They both say they probably wouldn’t have had sex. Johnny wants to get snow chains for his car so he can get to Lulu.

Elizabeth asks Lucky how many times they’ve actually been married, he says twice. They talk about their perfect wedding and how they thought they’d never break up. Lucky says maybe they needed time to grow up. Elizabeth rests as Lucky watches.

Jason stops a man from breaking a door to get out. He holds Jason at gun point to try to get out.

Robin and Emma walk through knee deep snow.

Tracey tells Patrick he owes the Quartermaine’s an apology. They yell at each other ad Tracey collapses.

Jax calls for Carly. Both Spinelli and Lulu wish it was Maxie and Johnny, respectively. Jax says he’s trying to get into the hospital but Carly says he shouldn’t.

Sam tries to reason with the gunman and pulls a gun on him. They argue about whether Sam can make the shot. Jason and the man scuffle and Sam fires. Jason is hit in the arm.

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