GH Update Tuesday 2/3/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/3/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

The first couple of minutes are interrupted by a winter weather warning in my area.

We are brought back just in time for credits.

Ethan, our new Aussie friend, enters a bar. He sees his friend Nina kissing a man. The man is Luke, and he wants the money Ethan owes him.

Maxie and Johnny are continuing to bond and talk about how both Lulu and Spinelli don’t know the bad things about them and how they both think they are better then they actually are. Maxie asks what Johnny’s big secret is.

Sonny goes to Claudia’s hospital room and finds Anthony there. Anthony questions Sonny’s concern for Claudia and tells him to go see Kate.

Patrick is working on Leyla after she crashes. Epiphany tells him that she’s gone and Patrick calls Leyla’s time of death.

Nikolas apologizes Nadine for not being there for her. She says its fine and Nikolas spots Rebecca again. Nadine needs to leave because she’s on call and Nikolas looks on to where Rebecca went.

Luke tells Ethan that he left evidence of where to find him on the Haunted Star. Ethan says he left it there on purpose and suggests teaming up together. Luke says no but Ethan is pretty sure it will happen.

Olivia is by Kate’s bedside as Kate wakes up. Kate wants to know where her purse is, that’s where the Jerry DVD is. She tells Olivia the DVD is a matter of life and death.

Sonny tells Anthony he’ll stay with Claudia because he’s her husband. He tells Anthony to go since he hates Claudia. Sonny credits Claudia for helping everyone by taping the vent up. Sonny doesn’t want Anthony to be the first person Claudia sees when she wakes up.

Maxie tells Johnny he can trust her. He says the secret was even before Lulu killed Logan. Johnny ignores a call from Lulu.

Spinelli and Sam talk about Jason’s search for the missing poisonous sphere. Spinelli calls Winnifred to get the Fed’s involved.

Patrick is very upset about Leyla. Epiphany tells Patrick about Leyla’s planned wedding.

Robin stands beside Emma’s crib and tells her she loves her but still can’t pick her up. She touches Emma’s forehead and feels her burning up.

Luke tells Ethan he’s $500 short of paying him back. Ethan says they should consider it a loan. Ethan says they have a lot in common, practically brothers. Luke is done with the sucking up he just wants his money.

Maxie advises Johnny to not just ignore Lulu since she’s not a quitter and that she’d probably just keep thinking the best of him if he let her. Johnny says its better to hurt Lulu now then hurt her later down the road. Maxie agrees since she always disappoints people, especially those that love her most. She knows that Spinelli will leave and that will make her fall apart.

Spinelli tells Winnifred about the missing sphere. He asks her about possible accomplices.

Patrick cries for Leyla. Her fiancé arrives looking for her.

Robin takes Emma’s temperature and says its way too high.

Olivia questions the importance of the DVD and says she can’t get her purse because the board room is off limits. Kate references a time back in Bensonhurst when Olivia broke the rules and says she knows Olivia can get her the DVD now. Olivia says she’ll try and Kate will owe her.

Sonny talks to an unconscious Claudia. Nadine interrupts for a medical reason. Sonny leaves and then Nadine leaves and Anthony enters. He closes the door, stands up, walks towards Claudia and picks up a pillow saying, “I’m going to have to make this quick.”

Anthony tells Claudia she’s ungrateful and berates her for picking Sonny over him. Trevor walks in and says he faked his symptoms to get out of the board room. He then says his act was nothing compared to Anthony’s act of paralysis. Anthony says they should stop fighting and kill Claudia. Claudia gains consciousness and pushes the emergency button.

Patrick tells Leyla’s fiancé about her accident and subsequent death. Her fiancé begins to cry. Sam sees him to a chair. Sonny wants Patrick to explain to him what has happened like he’s a 10 year old. Patrick recaps the events of Earl Brague. Sam tells Patrick that one of the spheres is missing. Patrick says if they don’t find it there will be a lot more deaths.

Robin is leaving a message for Patrick that she is taking Emma to the hospital.

Lulu finds Nikolas wandering the halls. He tells Lulu about his “Emily” sighting. Lulu brings up the obvious, that a lot of people know Emily and he wouldn’t be the only one seeing her. Lulu tells Nikolas she is worried about Johnny and worries that he will leave.

Maxie tells Johnny about the pressure of having BJ’s heart and how it caused her to act out and Georgie was the only one that understood her. She says people always leave or die that are close to her. She says Spinelli is very important to her. Johnny says they have a deep connection and Maxie says she’ll miss him when he’s gone. They both talk about doing dumb things so the people they love will leave. Johnny says, “like what, have sex with me?” And Maxie says yes.

Ethan says he doesn’t have the $500 and Luke says he better come up with it. Ethan says Luke should cut him a break and says he doesn’t see Luke as having kids to support because he’s not the caring father type. Luke says he’s right about the last part.

Lulu wants to find something to do to help. Nikolas says they should just stay out of everyone’s way. And asks Lulu again about Johnny. She says they began to fall apart after he left his family.

Maxie is telling Johnny about her sex partner history, Lucky, Logan to name a couple. She says that if she had sex with someone Spinelli would be upset but not as upset as if she had sex with Lulu’s boyfriend. Maxie says it’s not about her and Spinelli. Maxie says sleeping with her would totally ruin him and Lulu forever. Johnny sees this as doing Lulu a favor. They laugh and give each other a meaningful look.

Robin struggles getting Emma ready to go to the hospital.

Sonny goes to see Kate and runs into Olivia. Sonny asks if Kate asked about him, Olivia says no and Sonny says he doesn’t want to bother her.

Trevor wants to know what the rush is in killing Claudia. Anthony doesn’t want Claudia to talk. Trevor calls Anthony on shooting Kate. Nadine comes into the room and finds a chaired Anthony and Trevor and tells them to leave. Sonny enters the room and says Anthony tried to kill her because he doesn’t want her to tell Sonny something.

Maxie explains by doing this she will ruin her friendship with Spinelli and lose a potential friendship with Lulu. They decide to do for it and start kissing.

Spinelli tells Patrick and Sam that Brague had no known associates. Patrick sees Robin called and left a message that Emma was sick and they were on their way.

Olivia tells Kate that the DVD was gone. Everything had been put in contamination boxes. Kate says they have to find it.

Claudia tells Sonny that Anthony can walk and is the person responsible for Kate’s shooting.    

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