GH Update Monday 2/2/09

General Hospital Update Monday 2/2/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the Haunted Star, Luke aims a gun at Ethan. In the hospital boardroom, Claudia collapses. In the meantime, Jason tells Sam that no one is getting in or out of the hospital. Jax knocks on the hospital doors, demanding to be let in.

Maxie tells Johnny that she wishes she were at home during the blizzard. Johnny says that they are lucky that they found shelter during the storm. Maxie finally agrees with him.

Luke wants to know what Ethan’s agenda is. Ethan asks if Luke is going to let him go. Luke says that he won’t call the authorities.

Claudia is brought out of the boardroom. Anthony is concerned. Sonny doesn’t buy Anthony’s worried father act. Anthony warns Ric that Claudia needs to keep her mouth shut about Kate’s shooting.

Jason explains to Jax that he can’t let him in the hospital. Jax is upset and wants to know whom the bio toxin has affected.

Mac updates Lucky on the situation at the hospital. Mac says that the OR team was affected. Mac says that Elizabeth was in the OR. Elizabeth wakes up. Epiphany explains to her that the whole OR team is down.

Luke decides to play a game of chance with Ethan. Luke deals Ethan some cards. Luke thinks he will easily beat Ethan.

Tracy and Edward ask Nadine what is going to happen next. Nadine explains the evacuation process. Tracy is growing impatient. Tracy says that her father should be evacuated next. Anthony pipes in, saying that he should be next. Sonny interrupts and says Carly should go next.

Johnny explains that Port Charles needs a place to bring their custom cars. Johnny admits to Maxie that he wants to have his own garage.

Lucky is worried that the situation is at its worst. Lucky doesn’t know how to help Elizabeth. Jax shows up and wonders how the situation is going. Frustrated, Lucky walks away.

In the hospital lobby, Spinelli explains to Lulu how the FBI got involved in the bio toxin matter. Lulu is worried about Johnny. Sam interrupts and asks Spinelli if he has heard anything from the FBI.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that she is really tired. Epiphany says that Liz needs to rest. Jason asks Epiphany for an update on Liz’s condition. Epiphany says that the outlook is not good.

Anthony is wheeled out of the boardroom. Tracy and Carly get into a shouting match. Tracy makes some accusations. Sonny sticks up for Carly. Edward is evacuated.

Patrick checks on Matt. Patrick explains to him that the patient ingested five spheres of a bio toxin. In the meantime, Luke and Ethan discuss their families over a card game.

Maxie tells Johnny that he should pursue his dream of opening a garage. Johnny admits that he is surprised by Maxie’s words of encouragement. Maxie explains that her sister, Georgie, was the ambitious one.

Sam says that they are all stuck in the hospital. Lulu is growing anxious and wants to find Johnny. Lucky interrupts their conversation.

Claudia is being wheeled into the quarantine area when Jason runs into her. Claudia is about to confess something, but she suddenly passes out.

Patrick confides in Matt that he is worried about his condition. Maxie tells Johnny that she always wanted to work in fashion. Maxie adds that her dream came true when she got the chance to work for Kate. Johnny asks if working at Crimson is what Maxie wants. Maxie explains that she gets the freedom to write and expand her skills at the magazine.

Luke contemplates offering Ethan a job at the Haunted Star. Tracy and Sonny argue back and forth. Carly doesn’t want there to be any more arguments. Tracy is escorted out of the boardroom next.

Lulu is shocked that Lucky endangered his life to enter the hospital. Sam berates Lucky for his decision to enter the hospital. Lucky asks Jason where Elizabeth is. Jason looks concerned.

Luke warns that Ethan should never try to break into his casino again. Anthony asks a nurse where Claudia is. Anthony heads to the ICU to check on his daughter.

In the boardroom, Ric says some snide remarks to Carly. Ric is evacuated next. Carly is upset that the benefit for Michael was ruined. Sonny tells Carly that she is strong in a crisis. Carly gets a phone call from Jax. Jax apologizes for not being there. Jax says that he can’t enter the hospital.

Sam and Jason discuss the hospital situation. Jason thinks that there might be co-conspirators in the bio toxin matter. Spinelli is checking his laptop when he discovers that Maxie’s car has crashed.

Maxie divulges that Spinelli believes in her. Johnny admits that is the way Lulu feels about him. In the meantime, Lucky visits Elizabeth in quarantine. Liz wakes up, happy to see Lucky.

Matt wants to know if the bio toxin is fatal. Leyla wakes up. Patrick explains the situation to her. Leyla takes off her oxygen mask. Leyla says that she needs to tell Patrick something. Leyla admits that she is happy that Patrick is with Robin. Leyla adds that she is in love with someone else. Struggling to breathe, Leyla’s oxygen mask is put back on. Leyla starts to code.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that the boys don’t know about the hospital situation. Lucky says that Elizabeth shouldn’t worry.

Claudia is asleep in her room when Anthony shows up. Anthony confesses that he cares about Claudia, but she has her mother’s mean streak. Anthony is furious that Ric told Claudia about Kate’s shooting. Anthony is disappointed that Claudia would go blab to Sonny. Anthony adds that he has no choice but to get rid of Claudia. Claudia is asleep the whole time.

Jason and Sam head to the OR room. They are shocked to find that one of the spheres is missing.

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