GH Update Friday 1/30/09

General Hospital Update Friday 1/30/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kate collapses in the boardroom at GH. Sonny tries to help. Claudia thinks Kate “is faking it.”

Fumes from the OR continue to go through the air duct that leads into the boardroom.

Jason and Agent Rayner talk. Jason is in a panic about the benefit. Rayner orders Jason to “seal off” the boardroom. Jason worries for the attendees.

Someone lurks around the Haunted Star. He finds some money hidden in the floorboard but is caught by Luke.

Lulu is with Nikolas at GH. They discuss Emily. Nik is certain he saw Emily. He’s afraid the “hallucinations” may have returned. Lulu seems worried.

Robin is home with Emma. She notices that Emma won’t take her bottle. Robin is afraid to pick up the baby.

Back at GH, Patrick is on the phone with Rayner. Sam is there. Rayner wants the air ducts sealed off and the spheres removed from Bragg’s body so Patrick agrees to take care of it. Spinelli is there so he talks to agent Rayner. Patrick heads off to seal the ducts. Rayner tells Spinelli to close down the hospital ventilation system. Sam heads off after Patrick, offering to fill in for him. Patrick is determined to take care of things himself.

Nadine tends to Kate in the boardroom. Trevor, Ric, Sonny, Carly, Claudia and others are still in there. Carly tries to get out the door but can’t get it open. Jason is outside. He tells Carly about the toxin.

On the Haunted Star, Luke holds a shotgun on the intruder. The young man claims he’s not a robber. He also claims to be unarmed. The young man says he’s just seeking shelter. He claims to be a terrific bartender. Luke isn’t impressed.

Back at home, Emma is fussy and Robin still doesn’t pick her up. Mac arrives unexpectedly. He claims to have been “in the neighborhood” but then admits he’s there to “check on” things. Robin is happy to see Mac and sends him in the bedroom to see the baby.

At GH, Spinelli is hesitant to help Rayner with “illegal” activities that may later incriminate him. Sam talks with Rayner on the phone. Spinelli closes off the GH ventilation system. Rayner says people will get sick due to the “air born’ nature of the toxin. He says “even a small dose” is dangerous.

Everyone in the boardroom is nervous. Jason tries to explain from outside. He tells them to seal the vent immediately. Jason promises to get everyone out as soon as he can. Sonny asks for help for Kate.

Patrick suits up and goes into the operating room to block the air vent and remove the spheres from Earl Bragg’s corpse.

Back on the Haunted Star, Luke’s guest makes him a drink. Luke is semi impressed. He asks for another, different drink. The young man, Ethan, complies. Ethan talks about his Australian roots. Luke tries the next drink and seems impressed. He wonders why Ethan is in town. Ethan claims to be a traveler. Luke asks for a third drink. Luke introduces himself but is certain Ethan knows who he is.

Mac feeds the baby then reports to Robin that she’s fine. Robin is relieved for the help. Mac can tell something is “wrong” with Robin. She tells him about the hospital benefit and says she planned on going. Robin asks Mac to stay with the baby so she can head to GH.

Sam and Spinelli see Nik and Lulu and fill them in on the situation. Nik is familiar with Equinox. Nik and Lulu are very shaken with the news.

In the boardroom, Claudia takes control and seals off the vent. Carly talks to Jason through the door. He says a medic will come and get Kate. Ric and Sonny carry Kate to the door and the medic takes her out. Ric closes the door. Anthony laughs hysterically.

Patrick is in the operating room trying to retrieve the spheres from Earl Bragg’s body. Patrick works cautiously and carefully so as not to damage the spheres.

Luke enjoys Ethan’s drinks on the Haunted Star. Ethan claims never to have heard of Luke. Luke continues to drink while talking with Ethan about the casino.

Mac thinks Robin should skip the benefit due to the weather. Robin insists she’ll be fine. Mac says he can stay with the baby. Mac gets a call from the PCPD.

At GH, Patrick reports to Rayner that he removed the four spheres. Patrick says he left them in the operating room for safekeeping. Patrick says the spheres “are compromised” because of Bragg’s stomach acid.

Back in the boardroom, Tracy worries about Edward. Trevor gets upset and yells at Jason. Sonny can’t get a signal from his phone. He and Claudia argue. Sonny compliments Claudia for sealing the vent. Anthony notices Trevor’s nervousness. Anthony makes snide comments to upset Trevor. Trevor suddenly collapses. Carly calls for help.

Nikolas runs into Jason in the hall. Jason fills Nik in on what’s going on in the boardroom. Nik wants Jason to get Nadine out. Nikolas heads for the boardroom to save Nadine. Jason gets physical with Nik in order to stop him. Nik starts to tell Jason about seeing Emily.

Patrick is with Lulu, Sam, and Spinelli. They discuss the situation. They realize everyone is in danger because some of the toxin most likely escaped. Suddenly a staff member collapses nearby.

Back on the Haunted Star, Ethan’s story seems suspect to Luke. Luke wonders what Ethan is up to. Ethan claims to have no family to help him. Luke says it’s best to be self-sufficient. Luke gets very tired and he falls asleep.

Mac talks with Rayner from Robin’s house. Mac says there’s a “crisis” and he has to go to the office. Robin understands and Mac leaves.

Back at GH, Nik apologizes to Jason. Jason wonders if Nik is hallucinating. Nik says he saw someone who “looked a lot like Emily.” Jason heads off to handle the boardroom crisis.

Back in the boardroom, medics take Trevor away. Ric is jarred. Anthony continues with his stupid comments. Ric confronts Claudia about telling all to Anthony. Carly and Sonny talk. Sonny tries to reassure Carly as Claudia watches.

Patrick understands the danger if people keep coming into the hospital so he tells Epiphany to close the ER. She has no clue what’s going on so Patrick asks Sam and Spinelli to fill her in. Agent Rayner calls for an update. Patrick tells Rayner about the people who passed out. Rayner says the hospital must be “placed under quarantine.”

Ethan takes the bullets out of Luke’s shotgun. He takes the money from the floorboard just as Luke holds the gun on him again.

Patrick puts out the quarantine order at the hospital. He makes an announcement over the speaker.

Meanwhile someone comes into the OR where the spheres are still sitting.

In the boardroom, Claudia decides to tell Sonny the truth about the shooting. Ric tries to discourage her. Before she can tell Sonny the truth, Claudia passes out.

Jason locks the hospital doors. Sam is with him. Patrick continues his announcement over the hospital speaker.

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