GH Update Thursday 1/29/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/29/09


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Patrick is unable to stop the surgery in time. Patrick yells frantically to the team in the operating room but it’s too late. The surgical team falls to the floor.

Jason races to GH in the snow. He tells Rayner on the phone that Earl Bragg is at the hospital and he thinks Bragg swallowed the poison from the Equinox truck. Jason says Patrick is trying to “stop the surgery” on Bragg. Agent Rayner is concerned and says, “people will die” if Bragg is cut open and the poison hits the air.

At GH, Patrick tells Sam what went on in the operating room. He says the people inside are in danger.

Meanwhile, the entire surgical team is unconscious on the OR floor.

Robin is at home on the phone. She’s frantic and trying to find a babysitter. Emmy is crying in the background. Robin throws the baby monitor across the room.

Carly and Olivia are at the benefit in the hospital boardroom. Claudia is there with Sonny. Kate arrives. Claudia tells Sonny he needs to know something about Anthony.

Nik is at GH and he notices Rebecca in the distance so he runs after her.

Johnny finds Maxie at the scene of a car accident. He gets her out of the car.

Jason arrives at GH looking for Patrick. Jason tells Epiphany to expect agent Rayner’s call and to follow any orders Rayner gives her.

Anthony arrives at the hospital to see Ric. Anthony brings up his conversation with Claudia. Anthony lets it spill about what Claudia told him at their meeting. Ric looks nervous. Anthony wonders how Claudia got her info. Ric denies telling Claudia anything. Tracy arrives and says Anthony and Ric should leave at once.

Nadine is at the benefit talking to Edward. They discuss Michael. Nikolas comes back toward Nadine. He seems distracted.

Claudia says she has something to tell Sonny about her father. When she hesitates, Sonny advises Claudia not to be “loyal” to Anthony. Carly comes over and tells Sonny that Kate isn’t welcome at the benefit. Kate tells Olivia she must “talk with Sonny.” Olivia seems to side with Carly and thinks Kate should leave. Kate insists on seeing Sonny.

Jason finds Patrick and Sam at GH. Patrick is on the phone ordering a hazardous materials suit be brought to him. Jason gets Rayner on the phone. Patrick tells Rayner what happened in the OR. Rayner says the “stuff is lethal” and it can’t escape the room or “people will die.”

Johnny takes Maxie to an empty garage. Maxie insists she’s fine. Johnny says Maxie “almost hit him” with her car.

Spinelli arrives at GH. Epiphany yells and tells him where to find Jason.

Back at the benefit, Kate resents Olivia’s interference. Kate says it has nothing to do with Olivia and she should “stay out of it.” Kate wonders why Olivia is still in town. Kate and Olivia argue. Kate accuses Olivia of being interested in Sonny. Kate tells Olivia she should consider going back home. Olivia tells Kate she saw Sonny shoot Karpov. She says Sonny doesn’t need or want to be “protected.” Olivia says she’s glad Sonny doesn’t know about Dante. Lulu arrives in the middle of the squabble.

Sonny tells Carly not to “blame Kate for what happened to Michael.” Carly is visibly upset. She’s disappointed that Sonny doesn’t side with her. Carly walks away from Sonny.

Tracy tells Edward that Ric and Anthony are there for the benefit. Claudia hesitates in telling Sonny her news. Nadine talks with Nik about Edward. Nik is very distracted. Nik thinks he sees Emily (Rebecca) outside.

At home, Robin cleans up the mess she made as she listens to Emma cry. Robin tells herself the baby is fine but she doesn’t check to make certain.

Patrick gets geared up and ready to head into the OR. Spinelli and Jason are trying their best to lend a hand. Patrick heads into the OR. He starts to remove the unconscious surgical team from the OR. Liz is the first one Patrick carries out. Jason looks at Liz as she is still on the stretcher. Sam is at Jason’s side.

Back at the garage, Maxie blames Johnny for the car accident. Johnny says the garage is “abandoned.” Both Maxie and Johnny admit they “were driving too fast.” Maxie tells Johnny about Winnifred. Johnny calls Maxie “jealous.” Maxie wonders if Lulu and Johnny had a fight.

Back at the hospital, Liz is taken away to get oxygen. Patrick tends to Matt. Matt is conscious and he insists Patrick save “the others first.”

Nadine wonders why Nik is staring at the woman in the hall. Nik approaches the woman but it isn’t Rebecca. Nik apologizes.

Ric is at the benefit with Anthony. Carly is unhappy to see them. She tells Sonny she plans to “take” their money for the cause. Carly approaches Anthony and Ric for a donation.

Lulu is still with Kate and Olivia. Olivia tells Kate to go home but Kate insists on seeing Sonny. She and Lulu head in his direction.

Jason and Sam watch as the surgical team is taken out of the OR. Agent Rayner calls Jason for an update. Monica is then brought out of the OR. Jason is visibly upset so he hands the phone to Sam as Patrick continues to get everyone out of the OR.

At home, Robin finally checks on the baby. Robin stares at Emma and tells herself that everything is fine.

Sonny wonders why Ric and Anthony were” stupid enough to show up” at the benefit. Anthony wonders if Claudia told Sonny about their lunch meeting.

Olivia tells Carly she tried to get Kate to leave. Olivia is sympathetic with Carly. Kate stands in the background waiting for her chance to talk with Sonny.

Patrick gets Matt out of the OR. A team takes Matt away on a stretcher. Patrick goes in and looks at Early Bragg’s corpse.

Back at the garage, Johnny tells Maxie that Lulu found out about him not getting the job at GH. Maxie says Lulu “can’t get past” her legendary parents. Maxie says Lulu is “trying to write’ Johnny as her “hero.” Johnny blames himself for the argument with Lulu.

Nikolas is with Lulu at GH. He asks her to stand and turn for him at a particular distance away from him. Nik knows he saw Emily’s (Rebecca’s) face from that distance.

Jason tells Spinelli Andy Archer died in the OR. Spinelli is shaken and Jason asks Rayner questions on the phone. Sam is there, trying to help. Spinelli shows Jason what he found out about the hospital air ducts. Patrick tells Jason about the spheres on the x ray. He says there were five spheres on the films. Patrick says the “damage” was done by only one of the spheres.

Back at the garage, Johnny brings Maxie a beer. Maxie notices that Johnny has “changed the subject.” Maxie says Johnny can “talk” to her and “trust” her. She thanks Johnny for “saving” her.

Back at GH, Lulu tries to get Nikolas to explain his strange behavior. Nik says he “saw Emily.” He tells Lulu what happened. Lulu says it’s “a case of mistaken identity.” Nik isn’t sure. Lulu is concerned for her brother. Rebecca comes around the corner.

At home, Robin gives Emma a bottle without picking her up.

Rayner talks on the phone to someone about the “toxin.” Jason calls agent Rayner and puts Patrick on the phone. Patrick says the four remaining spheres must still be inside Earl Bragg. Rayner says they must be removed from Bragg’s body. Spinelli says the duct from the OR “connects directly to the hospital board room,” which is where the benefit is taking place.

Carly and Olivia are in the boardroom at the benefit. Kate approaches Sonny and suddenly passes out in front of him.

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