GH Update Wednesday 1/28/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/28/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Patrick is telling Rayner that they got the survivors out of the emergency room during the incident. He reiterates that they didn’t know there was a larger danger. He and his staff did the best they could while also keeping the FBI up-to-date about what was going on. He says that during all of this he couldn’t help but be worried about Elizabeth, who was in the OR at the time. He kept thinking about her and her boys, but he should have been thinking about Robin and Emma.

Winnifred is going through files with pictures of Sonny, Anthony, and Jason, when she gets to a picture of Spinelli she says that he can not be put in the same category as the other men.  She stands up for Spinelli and how great he is by saying he didn’t have to be in the hospital at the time, but he risked his life to help others. Winnifred doesn’t want Spinelli on a list of alleged criminals, instead he should be on a list of heroes.

1 Hour Before Surgery - 6PM

Jason is on the phone in his apartment. He is talking to someone who says he sold the weapons he stole from the truck and nothing else. Jason asks what the buyer looked like.

Nikolas visits Emily’s grave. He talks to her about missing her and still being able to see her all the time. He wonders if it would be easier if he lived somewhere else that wasn’t filled with memories of her. He says no day goes by that he doesn’t hear her voice. He then tells her that he met someone, and she’s great and kind of like Emily herself, but she’s not Emily. No matter how much he tries, he can’t stop loving Emily.

Carly is talking to Olivia about the menu for the benefit at the MetroCourt. Carly is impressed with Olivia’s work. Lulu comes in and needs to talk to Carly right away. Lulu says she should have listened to her dad and stayed emotionally unavailable. She tells Carly Johnny is blaming her for his problems and she is frustrated.

Sonny has seen Kate in his house and asks her why she’s there since she blew him off earlier. She covers that she went over to tell Sonny she wouldn’t be at the benefit for Carly and Sonny’s sake but would of course make a donation. Kate says the night Michael was shot still haunts her and that ever since then she and Sonny could never get back to how they were before. Sonny tells Kate that he is still looking for someone else involved in Michael’s shooting. Claudia then interrupts.

Sam is at the hospital with a wrist contusion. Elizabeth takes her to get looked at.

Matt tells Patrick he seems distracted and that he can handle the patient so Patrick can go home.

Jason lists the shipment buyers characteristics: white male, mid-30s, 5’10’’, 175lbs. He then tells the man on the phone that he should leave the truck and get out of town because this is bigger then he thinks. Jason then says that he has done his part and he’ll give his information to Rayner. Spinelli says they have to do more given the danger of the situation.

Sam tells Elizabeth she’s fine but Elizabeth insists she should be looked at. Sam tells Elizabeth about the accident. A guy came out of no where, Sam skidded and the other car slammed into a tree. Sam says the other driver probably didn’t survive.

Patrick and Matt are with a patient. He gives his name as Earl Brague.

Kate leaves saying she won’t be back. Before she leaves she tells him that even if he hurts someone else who’s to blame for Michael it won’t change anything, Sonny of course disagrees. Once she leaves Claudia says she’s sure Kate told Sonny about finding her in Sonny’s room the other day.  Kate hadn’t told, but now Claudia just has.

Lulu tells Carly about her Johnny’s fight, about him lying about not having a job and her lying about knowing he didn’t have a job. Lulu thinks he was unjustly upset, but Carly kind of, and I mean kind of, sees Johnny’s point. Lulu then tells her about when she tried to apologize and they fought again. Carly tells Lulu that while she is new to honesty, there comes a point when you have to realize you can’t make it better.

Matt and Patrick are with Brague. Patrick thinks they have some time.

Jason tells Rayner where the truck is and gives him the description of the man who bought the cargo. Rayner wants more. Jason doesn’t want to be involved any further because it will only cause him to be a target.

Patrick goes in to see Sam. We find out that Brague was the other car in the accident with Sam. Patrick asks Elizabeth to scrub in on the surgery. Sam asks about how Patrick’s family is. He says Emma is great, but can’t pretend that Robin is doing well.

At the MetroCourt Carly and Jax talk about how the storm has hit early. Jax says he’ll be running a little late to the benefit but will be there soon. Jax is surprised how calm and understanding Carly is. They part on good terms.

Sonny asks Claudia why she was in his room. She says the more important question is why Kate was in her room. Sonny doesn’t see Kate being in his room as strange and asks Claudia again. Claudia says she was just there to see what his room was like. He doesn’t buy it and accuses her of snooping for evidence. She says he’s crazy then they switch gears and say its time for the benefit.

Kate is watching Jerry Jax on the DVD where Jerry mentions Claudia’s guilt in Michael’s shooting.

Patrick brings up Sam’s c-section a couple years ago and says she would probably understand how long its taking Robin to recover. Sam doesn’t remember much but understands him asking.

Brague keeps pointing to his stomach and urging them to start operating. Matt seems inclined to do just that.

Rayner and Jason continue arguing. Rayner says he wants to protect Jason as much as possible because he needs him. He wants a name. Jason gives him his source, Sandy Masone. Rayner then says that this help does not change the original deal for Zacchara, alive not dead. Spinelli again feels bad. Jason says that Masone going down is worth it to save Spinelli. Then Spinelli says it might be a good idea for the two of them to find the mysterious weapon. Spinelli explains that the more Jason does the more thankful the Feds will be. They go through what they know and think up a possible situation. They figure that the buyer was not a Port Charles resident and therefore would need a car. Spinelli goes to look up all recent car rentals.

Nikolas pictures Emily while he’s riding the hospital elevator. He steps out and sees Nadine who is looking forward to the benefit.

Kate is watching the Jerry Jax DVD. He says that Claudia teamed with Ian Devlin and how she orchestrated all of the events that led to Michael’s shooting. He gives a new clue about the gateway to her peace of mind.

Sonny and Claudia show up at the MetroCourt boardroom and see Carly. Claudia offers to leave but Carly tells her she can stay. Edward is the next to arrive. And makes a comment about how its too bad she and Sonny didn’t grow consciences in time to help Michael.

Patrick tells Sam he’s going to order her a CAT scan. She is anxious to leave to get to her shipment, but then says she’ll say. Sam then tells Patrick that what she does remember about her time after her c-section was knowing that Jason was there for her and loved her. And that she’s sure Patrick can do the same for Robin.

Monica enters the room with Brague and says she‘ll assist in the surgery. Matt sets up an OR room. Matt says he’ll handle the surgery and sends Patrick away.

Olivia is talking to Jax about a flight leaving in 20 minutes. He tells Olivia that she needs to tell Carly that he had to fly to Hong Kong to do his business in person and then tells her to stay and help Carly.

Kate sees Lulu at the MetroCourt. Kate tells Lulu she can redeem herself by coming with her to the benefit and making sure she gets to speak to Sonny alone, by keeping Claudia and Carly away.

Edward asks if there’s a change in Michael. Carly calmly tells him no. Nikolas and Nadine also enter the board room. Edward spirits Nadine away. Nikolas goes to talk to Claudia, and reminds us that he knows she was responsible for shooting Michael. Am I the only one that forgot that? Sonny gives Carly encouraging words.

Spinelli says he has pulled up a couple men that match the description, one of which is Earl Brague. He then says he’s going to see if they have criminal records. Jason scolds him for his hacking but Spinelli assures him no one will know. He then says Earl Brague was in an accident and was brought into General Hospital. Both men look very concerned.

Patrick is looking at the x-rays and notices something. He then gets a call about Earl Brague and poison. Patrick rushes up to the OR to stop the surgery and has Epiphany call the room to stop it.

We see the montage from the first episode that introduced this situation. Flashes of Patrick running, the surgery, Robin throwing the baby monitor, Kate, Lulu, Maxie and Johnny, Nikolas almost seeing Rebecca. Patrick yells but no one can hear him and then all the OR staff is lying on the floor.

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