GH Update Tuesday 1/27/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/27/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick and Rayner are in the interrogation room.  Patrick explains that his first concern when arriving at the OR was the medical team in the emergency room.  He did not know there was a greater threat. Rayner asks what Patrick did to contain the situation and Patrick explains that he didn’t know what had infected the emergency room was airborne and needed to be contained. As they were evacuating the emergency room they realized the air duct in the room connected to the whole hospital.  By that point it was too late.

Winnifred reads a list of people that were in the board room at the time of the incident: Edward Quartermaine, Tracy Quartermaine, Ric Lansing, and Trevor Lansing. Winnifred says Olivia’s name then back tracks and says she was in the board room but left before the incident, others also left before the incident. She then says that Lulu was in the hospital but doesn’t know if she was in the board room.

2 Hours Before Surgery

Lulu is leaving a panicked message for Maxie in their apartment.  She tells Maxie how Lulu and Maxie will probably get fired because Lulu listened to Carly instead of Kate and went home when Carly and Kate were fighting earlier at the hotel and fears both of them losing their jobs.  As she hangs up Johnny walks in and announces he’s gotten Lulu a gift.  Lulu wants to know why he’d Johnny accuses Lulu of checking up on him. And Lulu explains calling the hospital to tell Johnny he had left his phone at home and finding out from Epiphany.

Sam and Lucky are in the only place they seem to get along these days, the hot tub at Sam’s house.  As they are kissing Lucky utters Elizabeth’s name. Sam pulls away.

Jason is talking to Agent Rayner at his door, while Spinelli listens from the stairs.  Rayner is pushing Jason to find the lost Equinox shipment.  He won’t tell Jason what it is, but does say it’s deadly and bad enough that the higher ups are really worried and that it won’t be controlled much longer. He reiterates if Jason doesn’t do this Spinelli will go to prison.  When he leaves Jason calls Spinelli downstairs and Spinelli says Jason has sold his soul to save him.

Patrick, Robin and Maxie are at Robin and Patrick’s house.  Robin is defensive that Patrick asked Maxie if she would stay around until the sitter came later that night. Patrick is apologetic as he doesn’t want to fight. Robin then turns on Maxie. Maxie won’t say anything because she doesn’t want to get yelled at. Robin says Patrick is unnecessarily worried and says she’s fine.

Johnny is defending his choice to lie about finding a job because of his family connections and again mentions vague secrets that always come back to haunt people. Lulu throws back that Johnny is just too arrogant. Johnny fires back with how crazy his family is. Lulu says he can’t hide behind his family and her family wasn‘t perfect but she found a job. Johnny says she’s a go-getter and he’s a loser and leaves, present in hand.

As Sonny is about to put a DVD into the DVD player, but Claudia pulls it away from him thinking it‘s the DVD from Jerry. She talks about mutual respect and then brings up his relationship with Kate, and how he‘s rubbing Kate in her face.

Kate goes to speak with Olivia at the MetroCourt. Kate says its about Sonny and Olivia looks exasperated.  Kate asks Olivia what she knows about Jerry Jax. She says she saw Claudia watching a DVD with Jerry Jax in it and it looked like a message.  She wants Olivia to warn Sonny.

Back to Sonny playing a DVD which turns out not to be a message from Jerry. Claudia apologizes for freaking out.

Sam and Lucky are now clothed. Lucky brings up Jason and why he went to see him. Sam says there is nothing going on with them and Lucky says there’s nothing going on with Elizabeth either. Sam rightfully points out, “except that you called me her name.” Sam brushes it off as a slip but says it means a lot about what Elizabeth means to him. Sam says Lucky has been great and has helped her. Lucky wonders if she’s saying goodbye. Sam asks if that’s what he wants.

Spinelli asks to help Jason with his task.  Jason of course says no, but Spinelli persists. They argue, Spinelli gets no where. Spinelli makes a call and asks for a meeting, we don’t know with who.

Sam tells Lucky she knew they were drifting apart and says its better to end while they are still friends. Lucky says they both made mistakes and neither put in effort. People need to work on things, but Sam doesn’t want to hash through it all and asks him to leave. Lucky asks her to reconsider, that they could grow stronger from this. He leaves her to think about it.

Spinelli arrives at the MetroCourt and meets with Winnifred.

Kate explains to Olivia that she grew suspicious of Claudia when she caught her sneaking around Sonny’s bedroom.  Olivia says there might be a logical reason since she is Sonny’s wife. Kate is sure something is going on and asks Olivia to please talk to Sonny. Olivia accuses Kate of jerking Sonny around, she wants to be left out of it.

Sonny watches a DVD of him with Michael and Morgan. Claudia interrupts. They begin talking about the benefit and how it will be a reminder of what has happened to Michael. He says Edward and Monica will be there as a reminder to how Sonny stole Michael from them.

In the hospital Epiphany, Leyla, and Elizabeth talk about the impending emergencies that will occur during the snow storm. Matt complains about all the worry and then says he’s glad he doesn’t have to go to the benefit. Patrick defends the benefit as a good cause. Patrick asks to speak with Elizabeth, he is worried about Robin.

Rebecca Shaw exit’s the MetroCourt and receives a phone call. She sees Lucky, but he doesn’t see her.

Patrick talks to Elizabeth about how different Robin has been since the baby, and how she’s not getting any better.  Elizabeth asks if Robin is reluctant to hold Emma. Patrick says it seems like he’s the one to do most things when he’s home. He asks Elizabeth if she thinks he should be worried.

Robin is at the house listening to Emma cry over the monitor. Judy, the baby sitter, calls.

Johnny comes back to the apartment and tries to give her money because he doesn’t want to live off of her. Lulu apologizes for blowing up at him, but Johnny says she had a point. Lulu says they can both benefit from Carly’s connection. Johnny can’t because of Sonny. Lulu tried to defend Sonny but Johnny says she doesn’t know Sonny at all. She wants to know why he’s been so moody. Johnny says Luke gets him more then Lulu and says that Lulu wants to change him. Johnny then says that things have happened between him, Carly and Sonny that makes it impossible for him to accept anything from them, ever.

Spinelli tells Winnifred about Jason’s deal with Rayner. He asks Winnifred for information to help Jason. She agrees to help him. Maxie sees the exchange and is upset.

Sam calls Jason and tells him she will be landing a shipment for Zacharra tonight. She asks him to go look for her if he doesn’t hear from her by 2AM.

Lulu says she thinks its good Johnny doesn’t want to be a part of the mob. It’s a bad place where innocent people like Michael Corinthos get shot. Johnny tells her to shut up. He says she has no idea what she’s talking about. He reminds her that he and she were together that night. Johnny says Sonny knew what could happen when you join the mob and sometimes kids get shot and Sonny shouldn’t have dragged his family into it. Lulu doesn’t know what this has to do with them, and Johnny says everything. She doesn’t know what he’s done. She screams at him, what have you done? Johnny walks out and says he can’t make this work.

Elizabeth says it’s possible Robin is depressed but all Patrick can do is be supportive. Robin calls for Patrick and tells him Judy can’t come to babysit. Patrick says he’ll be home soon. Robin says she doesn’t need a babysitter and hangs up on him.

Jason is yelling into the phone at Bernie, saying they can’t be discreet anymore they need the shipment. Spinelli comes home and says he has information. He tells Jason that the truck they are looking for is filled with weapon grade poison. Jason tells Spinelli to go to Maxie’s but Spinelli says no and that he has more information that he will withhold if Jason doesn’t let him help.

Claudia says she will stay home from the benefit if it will be easier for Sonny. Sonny doesn’t care. He can’t hide from his choices and she can do what she wants. Claudia says they should start getting ready. As they go upstairs, Kate sneaks into the house. I have to say, where are Milo and Max. Why can she just go inside and sneak around?

Maxie is in her car in the storm crying.  She swerves off the road to avoid something. Her car is in a mound of snow and unconscious behind the wheel.

Spinelli explains to Jason that he has to help him to thank him for all he’s done. Jason says they can work together. Jason gets a call from Bernie and finds out who stole the cargo.

A patient is taken into the hospital. Matt says he’ll take it so Patrick can go home.

Robin stares at the snow storm outside her window.

Kate picks up the Jerry Jax DVD and starts to leave Sonny’s house. Before she can leave Sonny comes down and sees her. He asks what she’s doing there.

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