GH Update Monday 1/26/09

General Hospital Update Monday 1/26/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

In a flash forward, Patrick explains to Agent Rayner that everything was done to try to postpone the patient’s surgery. Patrick says that Epiphany tried to alert the ER staff to stop the procedure, but by then it was too late. Winnifred is on the phone with someone, explaining that not all the people are accounted for.

Back in present time, Sonny tells Kate that Karpov wasn’t behind her shooting. Kate wants Sonny to let it go. Kate wanted to believe that Sonny could walk away from the business, but now Kate admits that could never happen. Kate brings up that she asked Sonny repeatedly to leave it alone. Kate walks away in frustration.

Anthony tells Claudia that she is scared that Sonny will find out the truth about Michael’s shooting. Claudia divulges that she knows that her father shot Kate at the church.

Agent Rayner calls Jason. The agent wants to know if Jason has any info on the Zacchara family. Jason says he is working on it. Lucky shows up at Jason’s home, asking about Sam.

At the hospital, Sam asks Liz for advice on Lucky. Sam explains that her and Lucky are trying to work things out.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is disgusted that Nikolas has come to the house on Emily’s birthday. Monica sticks up for Nikolas. Nikolas says that he will always love Emily.

Carly tells Patrick that she is worried about Robin. Carly explains that Robin is behaving strangely. Carly adds that Robin needs help. Patrick brushes it off, but Carly insists that Robin see someone. Carly reveals what she went through when Michael was born. Carly says that Jason was wonderful and took care of Michael when she couldn’t. Carly says that postpartum depression is very serious. Carly adds that Robin needs to speak to someone as soon as possible.

Robin talks to Emma. Robin doesn’t know why she is having a hard time being a mother. Robin promises that she will always love her daughter. Robin is frustrated when Emma starts crying again. Maxie shows up. Maxie is excited to show Robin some baby clothes for Emma. Maxie realizes that Robin has been crying.

Sam divulges that she is doing undercover work. Sam explains that she is glad that she stopped Jerry. Sam asks Liz to talk to Lucky about the situation. Elizabeth says that Sam should stop her undercover work.

Jason doesn’t reveal that Sam is helping him with undercover work. Lucky is mad that Jason won’t give him any answers. Spinelli shows up and wonders if they are talking about him. Jason asks Spinelli to trust him. Spinelli brings up that he doesn’t like to be treated like a child.

Monica and Nikolas talk about their memories of Emily. They look at some pictures in a photo album. Nikolas says that Emily would want him to love again. Nikolas admits that he is having a hard time dealing with his grief. Monica agrees that it is tough and says that she gets angry a lot.

Maxie comments that Emma is sound asleep. Maxie questions if she is holding Emma too much. While Maxie is rambling, Robin looks overwhelmed. Patrick comes home and asks how everything is going.

Lulu asks Carly again about hiring Johnny. While they are speaking, Kate interrupts. Kate is irritated with Lulu. Kate would like to fire Lulu, but Carly brings up that she can’t.

Claudia says that she has done everything that Anthony wanted. Anthony thinks that Sonny will eventually come after him. Claudia promises that she will keep looking out for Anthony and the family business. Anthony tells Claudia that she should be cautious.

Spinelli doesn’t want Jason to blame himself for the Feds coming after him (Spinelli). Jason reminds Spinelli that he was the one that told Spinelli to hack into the FBI database. Jason doesn’t want to argue anymore.

A man makes a phone call. There is a knock on his door. Another man brings in a package.

Kate threatens that Lulu needs to do her job. Lulu heads back to the Crimson office. Kate tells Carly to butt out. Carly says that Jax won’t want to sleep with Kate again. Kate has had enough. Kate says that Carly would do anything to come between her and Sonny. Kate says that Sonny is in danger being married to Claudia.

Sonny makes a call about a shipment. Anthony shows up at Sonny’s house. Anthony questions Sonny on his judgment calls regarding the business. In the meantime, Claudia makes a call and asks Trevor where Anthony is.

Sam and Lucky meet at the Metro Court. Lucky reveals that he spoke to Jason. Sam thanks him for being honest with her. Sam admits that she talked to Elizabeth. Lucky and Sam decide on a truce. Sam asks Lucky to come back to her place.

Patrick asks if Emma is asleep. Patrick says that he wanted to make sure everything was okay at home because of the blizzard. Patrick doesn’t understand why Robin would want to go to the benefit at the hospital. Robin is mad at Patrick, so she storms out of the room. Maxie says she’ll check on Robin.

Jason says that Spinelli should go visit Maxie. Spinelli won’t let their discussion go. Jason is growing impatient. Jason brings up Spinelli’s strengths. However, Jason is adamant that Spinelli should not be using his cyber skills illegally anymore.

A man looks at the contents of a briefcase, which came from an Equinox truck. In the meantime, Anthony warns Sonny that he doesn’t know everything about Claudia. Anthony says that Claudia is unstable and a liar. Sonny says that he can handle Claudia. Anthony isn’t convinced. Anthony adds that Claudia craves power. Sonny discloses that he doesn’t believe anything Claudia says.

Kate and Carly discuss Sonny. Carly says that she doesn’t care if Kate needs to rescue Sonny. Carly says that she doesn’t want to talk about Sonny. Carly brings up Michael’s condition. Carly says that she blames Kate for what happened to Michael.

Robin brings up that Patrick hovers over Emma. Maxie thinks that Robin is jumping to conclusions. Maxie says that Robin should be thankful that Patrick is protective of Emma. Patrick and Robin get into another argument.

Agent Rayner pays Jason a visit. The agent wants some information pronto. In the meantime, a man makes a call about the Equinox suitcase.

Carly doesn’t want to argue with Kate anymore. Carly thinks it is pointless and says that she has better things to do. Claudia walks in on Sonny. She is worried that he has found one of Jerry’s DVDs.

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