GH Update Friday 1/23/09

General Hospital Update Friday 1/23/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick is talking to Agent Rayner about the patient in question, Earl Bragg.

Winnifred is on the phone talking about the benefit. She keeps mentioning Carly.

Four hours earlier:

Carly tells Robin about the benefit as Emma cries. Carly is annoyed that Robin is ignoring the baby. Robin and Carly bicker. Carly threatens to go get Emma if Robin doesn’t do it.

Spinelli is with agent Rayner at the PCPD. Spinelli insists on knowing why the charges against him were dropped. Agent Rayner tells Spinelli he should be “relieved” for being set free. Spinelli asks if Jason has made a deal with the FBI. Rayner won’t confirm or deny anything. Rayner is annoyed with Spinelli and all his questions. Spinelli offers his “services” up to the FBI. He offers to go to prison in return for Rayner releasing Jason from his deal with the FBI. Rayner tells Spinelli to “go” and “stay out of it.” Spinelli leaves.

At home, Robin rolls Emma out into the living room in her crib. Carly is appalled by Robin’s treatment of Emma. Carly offers to pick Emma up. When she does, Emma stops her crying. Carly talks to Emma as Robin looks on.

Matt runs into Rebecca in the hospital elevator. Rebecca says she’s applied for a job as an x ray technician. Matt seems very interested in Rebecca. He gets off the elevator. Nikolas is outside and tries to catch the elevator but the door closes before he sees Rebecca.

Maxie finds Spinelli in the Metro Court restaurant. Spinelli is acting rather strange so Maxie wonders if he’s drunk. Spinelli says he isn’t but that he’s looking for wireless access. Spinelli tells Maxie about trying to “hack into the FBI.”

Olivia is working at the hotel front desk. Kate comes into the lobby. Olivia is on her way to see Sonny and Kate asks her to give him his “wedding gift.” Olivia opens the box, which contains a watch. Olivia wonders why Kate won’t deliver the watch herself. Kate says Sonny means nothing to her.

Claudia and Sonny are at home. Claudia says she’s been afraid her whole life. Sonny seems to understand. Claudia says if Sonny kills Jason, Anthony will be satisfied. Sonny changes the subject. He says Claudia disrespects him by carrying on with Ric. Sonny says Claudia keeps snooping around the house and he finds that disrespectful as well. Sonny says for all he knows, Claudia could be planning to murder him. He asks Claudia what she’s “looking for” when she searches through the house. Claudia says she’s just trying to feel like the house belongs to her too. Sonny laughs. Claudia leaves.

Back at Robin’s house, Carly puts Emma in the crib. Robin says she’s going to the benefit. Carly compliments Robin on Emma. Robin apologizes for what happened to Michael. Robin asks Carly about her PPD. Robin asks if Carly felt “guilty” about her condition. Carly says she is grateful for Jason’s help during that time. Robin and Carly agree to “get along” for Michael’s sake during the benefit.

Olivia goes to see Sonny. She says she’s there to collect his donation for Carly. Olivia tells Sonny about her new position at the hotel. Sonny wonders which hotel owner Olivia works for. He says, “Jax is up to something.” Olivia says she got the job on her own merit. Sonny wonders why Olivia would work for someone like Jax. Olivia says she likes Jax and has no problem working for him. Sonny says Olivia “can’t trust” Jax. Olivia says Jax is “brilliant” and appreciative. Sonny begrudgingly congratulates Olivia. Before she leaves, Olivia presents Sonny with the watch.

Claudia arrives at the Metro Court and finds Anthony with Kate. Kate walks away. Claudia approaches her father and wonders why he was talking to Kate.

At home, Olivia explains that the watch was specially made for him. Sonny opens the box. Olivia tells Sonny not to think the watch is an “invitation” from Kate. Olivia again reminds Sonny of the “ruthless” person he is. Olivia tells Sonny to continue to allow Kate to be “free” from him.

At the Metro Court, Maxie scolds Spinelli for his actions. Spinelli feels guilty about all that happened. Maxie warns Spinelli to be cautious. Spinelli tells all about his “meeting” with agent Rayner. Maxie tells Spinelli the FBI is using him as “leverage” over Jason. Maxie tells Spinelli to steer clear of the FBI.

Anthony and Claudia have a drink in the hotel restaurant. Claudia claims to “miss” Anthony. Anthony finds Claudia’s comment humorous. Claudia says Anthony “needs” her in order for his plan to succeed. Anthony wonders what “plan” Claudia is referring to.

Monica, Edward, and Tracy discuss Michael at the Q mansion. Tracy doesn’t think they should donate for the benefit. Monica says feelings about Sonny must be “put aside” for the “good” of the cause. Edward and Monica believe Carly regrets keeping Michael away from the Q’s. Monica and Tracy bicker. Nikolas arrives to see Monica since it’s Emily’s birthday.

Robin is at home. She’s on the phone scheduling a makeover. Robin picks up the mess in the living room, leaving the baby in the crib.

Carly sees Patrick at GH. Patrick says he won’t be at the benefit but he plans on giving a donation. Carly tells Patrick that Robin will be at the benefit. Carly says she thinks there’s something “seriously wrong with Robin.”

Back at the hotel, Claudia is still with Anthony. She complains about Sonny and his lack of attention to her. Claudia brings up her dad’s aneurysm. She wonders out loud if Anthony can “walk” and “shoot.” Claudia talks about Kate’s shooting at the church. Anthony admits nothing. Claudia laughs it all off. Anthony calls Claudia’s scenario “interesting” but wonders why she is “stupid enough” to bring it up to him.

Sonny returns the watch to Kate at the hotel. Kate calls Sonny “a waste of time.” Sonny says he and Kate would be married if she “hadn’t gotten shot.” Kate calls herself a “fool.” Sonny wonders if Kate still loves him. Sonny promises to learn the truth about the shooting. He says he suspects everyone, including Claudia.

At GH, Carly tells Patrick how Robin treated Emma. Carly tells Patrick her own symptoms with PPD. Patrick makes excuses for Robin. Carly can tell that Patrick is concerned.

Back at home, Robin checks on the baby. Emma starts to cry again but Robin doesn’t pick her up. Robin asks Emma not to cry. She says she has no idea how to “comfort” Emma. Robin calls herself “a bad mom.” She promises to get “better.” The baby continues to cry as Robin talks to herself.

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