GH Update Thursday 1/22/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/22/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick talks with agent Rayner about “the events leading up to the incident.” Rayner asks about the patient’s x rays and the surgery.

Winnifred talks on the phone about the benefit.

Five hours before the surgery:

Nikolas goes to the house to see Robin. Nik brings Robin a gift. Robin avoids Nik’s questions and changes the subject to Emily’s birthday. Nik admits he’s been thinking of Emily lately. Robin understands. Nik says Nadine has been a big help.

Sonny listens to the noises outside of Claudia’s door. Max comes by and says it’s a loose shutter. Claudia and Ric hear the conversation from inside the bedroom.

Meanwhile Carly is downstairs flipping through DVD’s. Jerry’s DVD is in the group she’s looking at. Sonny comes back downstairs. He and Carly talk about their childhoods.

Sam is at the penthouse with Jason. She insists on helping Spinelli by working for Anthony. Jason warns Sam to be careful. Sam says she has it under control. She’s fairly certain Anthony will hire her because Ric is so against it. Jason reminds Sam not to “underestimate Anthony.” Spinelli bursts in. Jason leaves, advising Spinelli to visit with Sam. Spinelli assumes Sam is also “in the Jackal saving business.”

Back at Robin’s house, Nik says he’s sorry he couldn’t make the wedding. Nadine’s name comes up again. Robin knows Nik can’t stop thinking about Emily in spite of Nadine. She tells Nik she had a similar experience when she lost Stone. Nikolas wonders how Robin is feeling.

Back at Sonny’s house, Carly talks about how snow always meant happiness to her. Sonny says snow “meant claustrophobia” to him. He talks about his stepfather. Sonny picks up the stack of DVD’s.

Upstairs, Claudia tries to convince Ric to stay until Sonny leaves the house. Ric wonders what Claudia is “after.”

Spinelli shares some snacks with Sam at the penthouse. Spinelli admits to being “distracted” lately. He and Sam sit and talk about his first visit to the penthouse and how things have changed. Spinelli asks Sam what “activities” she’s working on lately. Sam is on to Spinelli trying his best to “work” her.

Robin admits to Nik she’s struggling with motherhood. Nikolas says he was a better parent when Emily was alive. Robin says she’s still uncomfortable with Emma. Nikolas understands. Robin says she is there for Nik if he needs to talk about Emily.

Rebecca applies for a job at GH. She stops to talk to Matt. Matt offers to take a coffee break with Rebecca. She declines and asks for directions to the nearest coffee shop. Jason arrives at GH looking for Patrick. Patrick is talking to Leyla. Jason says he wants to talk to Patrick about Carly.

Carly calls Sonny “a control freak” because he picks up the DVD’s and puts them away. Sonny says Carly isn’t a great housekeeper and she has no semblance of order in her house. Carly gives Sonny the guest list for the benefit.

Ric is still upstairs with Claudia. Ric wonders why Claudia is trying to “manipulate’ him. Claudia claims to want info on Anthony’s “agenda.” Ric tells Claudia Anthony can walk. He also says Anthony shot his rifle “on Sonny’s wedding day.” Claudia is shocked. Ric fills Claudia in on what he knows. Ric says Anthony manipulated Sonny and Claudia. Ric says he’s uncertain if he can “trust” Claudia. Claudia is well aware of how risky it was for Ric to open up. Ric tells her about Anthony’s plan to get rid of Sonny and Jason. Claudia wonders if Ric is “ok” with Sonny having to die in order for Anthony to get what he wants.

Downstairs, Sonny wonders why Robin isn’t on the guest list. Carly makes excuses then agrees to personally invite Robin to the benefit. Carly wonders if Sonny will bring his wife to the benefit. Sonny says he may. Carly leaves.

Spinelli denies trying to “work” Sam. He says he’s merely interested in her life. Sam tells Spinelli about her visit to the spa. Sam brings up Jason’s possible deal with the FBI. Spinelli blames himself for everything. Sam doesn’t give Spinelli any details on Jason’s affiliation with the FBI. She thanks Spinelli for the food then leaves.

At GH, Jason wonders if Carly has “false hope” about Michael. Patrick says he’s been open and “honest” with Carly about Michael’s health. Jason says he’s simply worried about Carly creating a disaster for herself. Patrick asks Jason about his visit with Robin. Jason doesn’t disclose anything but he does say it seemed as if Robin was “covering something.” Jason also says Robin seemed “tense.”

Back at the Drake house, Robin opens the gift Nikolas brought. Nik again brings up Emily’s name. Robin says she was responsible for bringing Emily and Nikolas together years ago when Nikolas was injured. Nikolas says he’s grateful to Robin for bringing him “the gift of love.”

Jason comes home and Spinelli heads upstairs, obviously trying to hide something. Jason is suspicious of Spinelli’s strange behavior. Spinelli admits to trying to “hack into the FBI.” Jason gets upset.

Claudia comes downstairs and is surprised by Sonny. She tells Sonny she was in the den. Sonny asks if Claudia heard the “banging” noises upstairs. Claudia says she didn’t. Sonny wonders if Claudia is ok. She brings up the lost shipment. Sonny asks why Claudia is so nervous. He says he can tell she’s hiding something.

Leyla is happy and on the phone at GH. Epiphany is there and comments on Leyla’s

happiness. Patrick approaches Liz and asks if Jason is a good “authority” on Robin. Liz says she thinks so but wonders why Patrick is asking. Patrick tells Liz about Robin’s visit with Jason. Nikolas arrives. Rebecca stands in the elevator, unnoticed.

Robin is still at home. Emma cries as Carly knocks on the door. Robin is surprised to see Carly but invites her inside. Carly tells Robin about the benefit. The baby cries so Carly tells Robin she can “wait” while Robin tends to her. Robin takes the comment as an insult. Carly notices Robin’s strange behavior.

At GH, Nik tells Patrick that Robin was fine when he visited her. Rebecca changes elevators. Nik continues to talk with Liz and Patrick.

A man comes into a hotel room and makes a phone call. He mentions the “cargo on the Equinox truck.”

Agent Rayner is at the PCPD. He’s on the phone talking about Equinox as well. Rayner talks about “volatile cargo” that was “hijacked.” Spinelli comes in to see Rayner. Rayner reminds Spinelli of his crimes. Rayner says Spinelli’s punishment would have been severe. He wonders why Spinelli wanted to meet with him. Spinelli asks why Rayner released him.

Sonny asks Claudia what she’s up to. Claudia says everything she does is to gain “power.” Claudia says she enjoys being useful to the family. Claudia says she may need “protection” from Anthony. Claudia gets emotional. Claudia says she want to repay Sonny for respecting her. She seems on the verge of telling Sonny something important. Claudia tries to warn Sonny about Anthony in a round about way. Sonny notes that Claudia is afraid and he wonders “why.”

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