GH Update Wednesday 1/21/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/21/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

Patrick and Agent Rayner are in the interrogation room again, as they have been at the beginning of the last couple episodes.  We finally learn that the patient in the surgery from the flash forward scenes is a man named Earl Brague.  Patrick explains that he knew something was wrong from the man’s x-rays.  A nurse received a call which Patrick took and learned that Brague was carrying “classified materials.” Rayner then goes on to say this is not the FBI’s fault.  That the sole responsibility lies with Equinox and the FBI is just cleaning up their mess.  Patrick gets defensive about the use of the word “mess” and instead calls it a tragedy that could have been prevented.

Winnifred  is seen talking on the phone about compiling lists of possible victims of the tragedy.  She again says that Sonny and Claudia were both in attendance, but they do not have a location on Claudia at this time.

6 hours before surgery - 1 PM

Claudia is once again sitting in Sonny’s living room listening to Jerry Jax’s DVD.  He reveals the next clue is in Sonny’s study.   Sonny walks in on Claudia looking under the coffee table for the next clue.


Elizabeth and Patrick are at the hospital and begin by discussing Matt, his ego and competitive nature, and then move on to Robin.  Elizabeth tells Patrick that she is also seeing Robin struggle with her new roles as mom and wife and can understand Patrick’s concern.  Elizabeth apologizes for over stepping earlier by unpacking the moving boxes.

Anthony, Sam, and Ric are all at the Metro Court.  Anthony wants to know what Sam would like to do for his organization. Sam explains her experience and familiarity with piloting ships. Ric interrupts pointing out her relationships to both Jason, Zacchara rival, and Lucky, cop. Sam fills Anthony in on the fact that she and Ric hate each other since they slept together while Ric was married to Alexis, Sam’s mom. She assures Anthony Jason and Lucky have nothing to do with this and won’t be a problem

Johnny enters the Metro Court and is confronted by his father. Johnny’s just there to see Lulu. Anthony makes an ominous threat about Johnny’s continuous defiance.

Lulu and Maxie are at their desks in the Crimson office.  Maxie covers herself before almost slipping that Johnny was working at Jakes. Maxie talks up Johnny to Lulu then brings to question whether Lulu is really in love with Johnny or if she just thinks she needs to be.

Carly and Jason are in Jason’s penthouse talking about the Michael Corinthos benefit. Jason questions whether Carly is doing this to get Michael better.  She is determined to fight for Michael.

Claudia covers with Sonny with a story of a missing earring. Claudia tells Sonny the only  way to make nice with Anthony after getting Johnny out of Jail is to take out Jason.

Elizabeth understands Robin taking out her anger on her because of her experiences with Lucky’s drug addiction.  No sooner does she say his name, then Lucky shows up wanting Elizabeth to get off work.

Carly and Jason talk about Carly’s expectations for Michael. Jason just wants to make sure she doesn’t get her hopes up even though she‘s been reading about other miracles. She is almost in tears as talks about what its like visiting Michael and how its as if he is waiting for something.  And she wants to do all this for Michael.

Sonny wants to know why Claudia is pushing him so hard to get rid of Jason. Claudia questions Sonny’s resolve. Sonny says he knows what he’s doing. It all comes back to Claudia wanting the power she thought she was getting by marrying Sonny.

Johnny and Anthony argue over the laws that were broken to try to keep Johnny in the family. Johnny thinks he’s free, but Anthony disagrees.

Lulu gets defensive with Maxie and Maxie brings up the comparisons between Lulu and Johnny and Luke and Laura and how Lulu may be trying to recapture the love and relationship Luke and Laura have.  Lulu tells Maxie to get a life. When Maxie says Lulu needs to be fair to Johnny Lulu throws Spinelli in her face. Maxie says its not the same and points out everything Johnny has given up for her, so she better know what she wants from him.

Lucky has gotten tickets to Disney on Ice for them and the kids.  They discuss her trying to get off work and the impending snow storm. Elizabeth and Lucky laugh about her beating him at video games after she helped him with his taxes. Patrick looks on and smiles.

Carly and Jason continue talking.  Carly lets Jason off the hook on coming to benefit since she knows how much he hates those things.  Carly apologizes again for all the sacrifices Jason has made for her, taking over the business and going against Sonny.  After Carly leaves Jason makes a call and asks to get an appointment with Patrick.

Ric advises Anthony that threatening Johnny isn’t the best way to get what he wants. Anthony assures Ric he has a plan, for Sonny to kill Jason, Anthony to kill Sonny with the Zaccharas being the last standing.  Claudia walks in at the tale end. Claudia puts the moves on Ric after Anthony leaves.

Johnny goes to see Sonny at his house. He wants to know why Sonny helped him. Sonny explains it was apology for blaming him for Michael’s shooting. Johnny gives some back story about how he ran away and his father had the family that took him in killed.  Clearly Anthony is psycho. Johnny tells Sonny that he can see Sonny is doing all of this to punish himself for what happened to Michael and that it’s going to get him killed.

Johnny comes to see Lulu but she’s not there.  Maxie is and tells him to tell Lulu the truth about not having a job.

Claudia and Ric go back to Sonny’s house, her and Sonny’s house I guess but it will always be Sonny’s house to me. They go upstairs to, I guess we all know what.

Leyla and Epiphany are  at the hospital.  Matt, Patrick, and Elizabeth step off the elevator and discuss how Sonny is going to be involved in Patrick’s business with the new Michael Corinthos foundation.  Patrick is confident he can handle it.  They leave, the elevator opens and who steps out….. “Emily” or Natalia Livingston, whichever you prefer until a full name is revealed on the show.  Matt already has his eye on her and we hear her speak for the first time since she first appeared.

Sam goes to see Jason at his penthouse and tells him about talking to Anthony. Sam assures Jason her plan is good but Jason questions the dangers.

Carly goes to Sonny‘s to talk about Jason. Cut to Claudia and Ric kissing and falling onto her bed.

Matt talks up the newly introduced Rebecca Shaw (it might take me a little while to get used to that). She says she’s looking for the administration office and seems to be looking for a job as an X-ray technician. Rebecca calls him on his flirting and isn’t having it.  Elizabeth and Patrick just miss Rebecca. Matt tells them he just met a girl.

Leyla is currently smitten and tells Epiphany that she’s engaged to a guy her mom fixed her up with.  It was love at first sight. She seems very happy and is carrying around a picture of her fiancé. 

Maxie is telling Johnny she doesn’t worry about him as he can take care of himself. Maxie advises him not to try too hard to please Lulu, then tells him to take a look at the Luke and Laura love saga and get an idea what he’s living up to. Lulu enters from apparently another elevator because she doesn’t see Johnny as he leaves.

Sam tells Jason her getting in with the Zaccharas is all worth the risk but asks Jason what he thinks.  It’s up to him. If he says the benefits aren’t worth it she won’t go behind his back.

Sonny says he and Jason agree on keeping Carly out of their business and Sonny knows she’d choose Jason over him any day, so they should just think about the foundation.  Carly can’t help but try to push Sonny and Jason together.  Sonny says it can’t be because of Michael that he and Jason make amends. Sonny goes up stairs and for reasons I can’t fathom Carly picks up a stack of CDs. The same stack that has one of Jerry Jax’s messages in it.

Ric is making the headboards shake with Claudia and Sonny hears the noise as he goes up to change.

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