GH Update Monday 1/19/09

General Hospital Update Monday 1/19/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

In a flash forward, Patrick explains to Agent Rayner that he should have kept a closer eye on Robin and their daughter. Winnifred tells someone on the phone that Agent Rayner is currently talking to Patrick.

Back in present time, Patrick and Robin kiss. Robin pulls away and says that she is not ready to be intimate. Robin explains that she still feels fat. Patrick urges Robin to talk about her feelings. Patrick explains that Robin has had a lot of transitions to deal with lately. Robin doesn’t want to complain anymore. Robin admits that she should talk to Lainey. Matt arrives with a house-warming gift.

At Jake’s, Johnny asks Coleman if he is hiring. Coleman tells him that he doesn’t have any job openings. Coleman changes his mind at the last second. He presents an illegal job offer to Johnny, but Johnny declines it. Coleman tells him he can make some quick money by mopping the bar floors. Spinelli shows up at Jake’s. Spinelli questions Johnny as to why he is working there.

Lulu explains to Carly that Johnny is unable to get a job. Lulu says that Johnny lied to her about getting the hospital position. Lulu suggests that Johnny should work at the hotel.

Kate meets with Jax at the Metro Court. Kate asks what kind of business dealings Jerry had with Claudia in the past. In the meantime, Jason doesn’t want to divulge any information to Sam about his deal with the FBI. Sam offers her help nonetheless.

Johnny tells Spinelli that he didn’t like lying to Lulu. Johnny says that he has no choice but to work at Jake’s. Coleman tells Spinelli that he needs to start speaking clearly. Spinelli offers Johnny money. Johnny declines his offer.

Lulu says that Carly should offer Johnny a security position. Carly isn’t convinced. Carly doesn’t think it is a good idea to hire a Zacchara. Carly brings up that Jax might not be okay with the idea, either.

Jax says that he isn’t aware of any business between Jerry and Claudia. Jax divulges that him and Carly are working on their marriage. Kate is stunned. Kate warns that Carly isn’t the one for him. Kate adds that Carly always gets her way. Kate can’t believe that Jax is giving Carly another chance, so she walks away.

Matt tells the two newlyweds that he wanted to check out their new house. Robin opens the gift, which is a barbecue set. Robin and Patrick thank Matt for the gift. Maxie shows up. Maxie is bothered that Matt is there. Maxie and Matt bicker back and forth. Robin tells them to stop fighting. Maxie says that Matt is a jerk. Matt explains that he asked Maxie out and she rejected him.

Olivia speaks to Jax. He is waiting for paperwork from Hong Kong. Olivia talks about a hotel project. Nikolas interrupts and says that he needs to speak to Jax.

Jason tells Sam to stay away from Sonny. Jason brings up that Sam will have a difficult time getting info since she is dating Lucky and her mother is the DA.

Nikolas has some hotel safety concerns. Olivia explains that the luxury suites are up to code. Nikolas says that he wants an inspector to look at the suites regardless. Unbeknownst to them, a woman is listening to their conversation.

Carly states that Johnny needs to find a job on his own. Lulu is frustrated. Lulu says that Johnny wants to prove himself to her.

Spinelli explains that his money comes from Jason, which would be untainted. Johnny argues that Jason’s money is as dirty as his father’s.

Ric pays Jason a visit. Ric says that Jason is in big trouble and that retaliation is imminent.

Robin explains to Matt that Maxie has been through a lot in her life. Robin adds that Maxie is vulnerable. Patrick says that Matt needs to approach Maxie with caution. Matt leaves. Robin comments that Matt is just like Patrick. Robin doesn’t want Matt trying to woo Maxie. Patrick says that Matt and Maxie remind him of himself and Robin.

Johnny explains to Spinelli that he needs to start making some money pronto. Maxie arrives at the bar. Maxie questions Johnny as to why he isn’t working at the hospital. Maxie warns that lying to Lulu is going to come back to him.

Jax and Nikolas argue about Spoon Island. Nikolas wants Jax to sell him back his home. Jax is mad. Jax says that he won’t give in. Olivia tries to keep the peace. Nikolas says that he won’t back down.

Ric tells Jason not to interfere with Zacchara business dealings. Carly walks in and asks why Ric is there. Carly questions how Sonny can trust Ric, but not Jason.

Olivia makes a call to Nikolas’ inspector. She tells Nikolas that the inspector can view the suites at an earlier time.

Robin and Patrick discuss when they first met. Patrick says that Robin was playing a game at first. Robin says that she was worried that Patrick would never commit. Patrick brings up when he first said he loved her. Robin remembers Patrick’s HIV scare. They talk about their different memories. Robin admits that she loves their new home.

Maxie returns to Crimson. Lulu questions what took Maxie so long. Maxie divulges that she was at Jake’s. Maxie makes a slip about Johnny.

At Jake’s, Spinelli is doing work on his laptop. Spinelli and Johnny discuss Johnny’s relationship with Lulu. Johnny regrets lying to Lulu. Johnny admits that there are some things that Lulu will never forgive him for.

Sam speaks to Ric. Sam says that she would be a valuable asset to the Zacchara family business. Anthony pipes in and asks what Sam could do for their organization.

Carly says that the foundation benefit might be a good time for Jason and Sonny to patch things up. Jason questions Carly’s motives.

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