GH Update Friday 1/16/09

General Hospital Update Friday 1/16/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.


Patrick is still in the dark room, explaining the night of the storm to someone. He talks about Robin and Emma. It’s revealed that the person Patrick is talking to is agent Rayner. Patrick feels responsible for whatever happened.

Winnifred is talking at the PCPD about a number of people who have died and about people being evacuated from a location. She says Sonny was in the building and she doesn’t know if he’s alive.

8 hours earlier:

Sonny is talking with Jason about the FBI deal.

Robin returns home from her “errands.” Patrick and Liz are there. Robin is happy with the way the house looks. Robin wonders why Patrick is home early. Liz leaves. Robin finds Liz’s help “stifling.” Robin insists to Patrick that she doesn’t have PPD.

Matt, Maxie, and Spinelli are at Crimson. Maxie tells Spinelli to ignore Matt. She tells Matt to get lost. Matt finally leaves the office. Spinelli wonders if Maxie only views him “as a companion.”

Alexis visits Nik at Wyndemere. Alexis praises Nik and Nadine in Washington. Alexis asks about Nadine signing the patent over to Nik. She wonders why Equinox hasn’t contacted Nik. Alexis worries as far as Nik’s citizenship issues are concerned.

Claudia views Jerry’s DVD. He gives her another clue. Ric arrives at the house. Ric notices Claudia’s nervousness.

At the penthouse, Sonny tells Jason to give the FBI info on Anthony. Jason says he can protect Sonny. Sonny wonders if what Jason is doing is “worth it” simply to “save Spinelli.”

Nik tells Alexis how “wonderful” Nadine is. Alexis worries that Nadine will get hurt. Nik brings up Emily. Nik says he “enjoys Nadine.” Alexis wonders if Nik has “a future” with Nadine. Nikolas says it’s Emily’s birthday and he’s “having a difficult time.”

Robin says Patrick is “looking for signs” of depression. She admits to “going to see Jason.” Robin explains Carly’s situation with depression. She says Jason is “objective” so that’s why she confided in him. Patrick thinks Robin should seek Dr. Winters’ opinion, rather than Jason’s.

At Crimson, Spinelli wonders if Maxie is attracted to Matt. Spinelli doubts Maxie’s denial. Maxie tells Spinelli how much she cares for him. Sam arrives. She asks Spinelli about his issues with the FBI.

At the penthouse, Jason says, “once Anthony falls” Sonny will fall as well. Jason tells Sonny to cut his ties with Anthony. Sonny says he has no intention of doing so.

Back at Wyndemere, Nik says he can no longer “wallow in his grief.” He says Nadine helped him pick up the pieces of his life. He says Emily will always be in his heart. Alexis says time may help Nikolas. Nik says he gets “overwhelmed by sadness” sometimes. Alexis says she “understands” and suggests Nik level with Nadine about his feelings. Nadine arrives.

Still at their new house, Robin and Patrick bicker about her mental health. Robin resists when Patrick suggests she see Dr. Winters. Patrick is concerned. Robin says she feels like Patrick is “pushing” her. Patrick apologizes.

Sonny says Jason “took a risk by telling” him about the Feds. Sonny says he infiltrated the Zacchara organization to find out who really shot Kate. Sonny says he “was forced” to join Anthony’s family. Jason says Anthony is unpredictable. Sonny says he will soon “control” the entire organization. Jason says Sonny is on his own if he stays with the Zacchara organization. Sonny tells Jason they must both do what they need to do. Sonny leaves.

At home, Patrick feeds the baby. Robin apologizes for taking off earlier and for yelling at Patrick. Robin says Liz “intimidates” her because “she’s perfect.” Robin says she feels “inept.” Patrick praises Robin. He tells Robin to pick up Emma so he can take a picture. Robin hesitates. She’s clearly uncomfortable holding the baby for the picture.

At Crimson, Spinelli tells Sam he’s worried about Jason. Sam wonders about the details of Spinelli’s release. Spinelli is impressed that Maxie asked Jason about “the deal” Jason made.

Ric is still at Sonny’s looking through his CD collection. Claudia comes down the stairs and wonders what Ric is up to. Ric wonders why Claudia is so secretive about her computer. Claudia invites Ric upstairs. Anthony comes in just as Ric kisses Claudia.

At Wyndemere, Nadine has treats for Nikolas and family. Alexis watches silently as Nadine unpacks and rattles on. Alexis leaves. Nadine says she misses her aunt. Nik says he understands. Nik wonders if he can “take a rain check” on their afternoon and meet up with Nadine at the benefit. Nadine agrees.

Sam goes to see Jason. She says she wants to “help” Spinelli. Jason says he has it under control. Sam says she’s sure Jason made a “deal’ with the FBI.

Anthony is upset that Claudia is getting friendly with Ric. Ric stands up for Claudia. Sonny comes home and wonders why Anthony is there. Anthony tells Sonny he’s unhappy that John hasn’t returned home yet. Anthony is upset that Sonny got John released from jail. He’s also upset that Sonny hasn’t “retaliated” against Jason. Sonny says he has “a plan.” Anthony says he’s already gotten the ball rolling on his own.

Liz gets to GH. Matt and Epiphany are there. Matt makes small talk with Liz. Matt is looking for Patrick. Liz tells him Patrick took flowers home to Robin. Matt says he’s “enjoying being a devoted uncle.” Matt says some nice things about Patrick.

At home with Robin, Patrick gets the baby back to sleep. Robin shows him the picture. Robin says she can handle things at home and Patrick shouldn’t let his job at GH slide. Patrick says he’s sorry for being “over protective.” Patrick says he’s happy and appreciative to have his “little family.”

Still at Sonny’s, Anthony says a new shipment is on its way. He won’t tell Sonny where or when. Sonny is agreeable with what Anthony says. Anthony laughs at Sonny’s calmness. Anthony says he now has “faith” in Sonny. Anthony and Ric leave. Sonny wonders if Claudia had any idea about Anthony’s “power play.” Sonny notices Claudia’s nervousness. She talks her way out of his questions. Claudia promises to be on Sonny’s “side.” Sonny is skeptical – he wonders what Claudia is hiding. Sonny promises to find out Claudia’s secrets eventually. Claudia says she’s “tired” of Sonny’s suspicions.

Spinelli catches Maxie flirting with someone on the phone. Maxie says she just flirted to secure clothing samples. She asks Spinelli if that lowers his opinion of her. Spinelli says he can’t call the kettle black since he made his own mistakes recently. Maxie tries to reassure Spinelli. Maxie says she’s had her own regrets in life. She says that she and Jason are there for Spinelli.

Jason is still at home talking with Sam. Sam says the Feds are “using” Jason. She guesses that Jason will be giving them info on Sonny. Jason gets upset. Sam assumes Jason won’t hand over Sonny. She wonders what Jason’s plan is.

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