GH Update Thursday 1/15/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/15/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At GH, Patrick is frazzled. He heads for the OR to stop Matt from operating on a patient. Patrick races up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.

Epiphany tries to reach Matt to stop the operation, without success.

Matt starts the operation. Monica and Liz are in the OR as well.

Nik is at GH and he sees a woman that resembles Emily.

Johnny appears to be helping Maxie through a crisis.

Robin is stressed over motherhood.

Spinelli gets bad news and races out of the penthouse.

Carly is with Sonny. Kate approaches Sonny.

Lulu seems to have gotten bad news.

Jason is in his SUV, racing to an undisclosed destination.

Matt hits a snag in the surgery. He tries to stop the bleeding but instead he and Monica get hit with the patient’s blood. Patrick shouts for everyone to leave the operating room. Monica falls to the floor.

Patrick is sitting in a dark room talking about Robin. He talks about staying detached, emotionally. He seems to be explaining what happened to someone.

9 hours before the above-mentioned surgery, Patrick arrives at GH. He’s very tired and tells Epiphany so. Leyla compliments Patrick on being a good father. A storm is brewing in Port Charles. Patrick is distracted.

Liz visits Robin in the new house.

Carly and Jax are at the Metro Court. Carly says she’s taking the chefs for the benefit that evening. Jax is all for it. Carly gets emotional for a minute about Michael. Jax is supportive. Carly feels slightly guilty about asking the Q’s for a contribution. Carly says Sonny called her and wants to talk about the benefit. She wonders if Jax objects.

Spinelli goes to see Sonny. Sonny tells Spinelli to “be brief.” Spinelli says he’s worried about Jason’s “well being.” Spinelli spills that Jason is “in trouble with the FBI.”

Back at the hotel, Carly says she will cancel with Sonny if it upsets Jax. Jax says it’s fine for Carly to meet with Sonny. Jax tells Carly about a deal he’s helping Lady Jane with. Jax is pleased that Carly is being honest with him. They each go on their way.

Jason is frazzled and on the phone. He talks with Bernie about finding an Equinox truck. Maxie arrives at the penthouse. She tells Jason that Spinelli is “upset” about the FBI “deal.” Maxie says Spinelli is upset that Jason won’t confide the “deal” in him. Maxie worries Spinelli will “do something stupid.” She asks Jason about his agreement with the FBI.

Spinelli goes on about being arrested. Sonny listens and chastises Spinelli for trusting Winnifred. Spinelli says Jason saved him from punishment. He tells Sonny he knows there was an “unholy bargain” between Jason and the FBI. Sonny yells at Spinelli for coming to him and telling all. Sonny advises Spinelli to stay quiet and be “grateful” for his freedom. Sonny advises Spinelli to find a different job. Spinelli leaves.

Liz is still at the new house with Robin. Robin is unpacking. Liz offers to help. Robin seems agitated. Liz notices Robin’s distraction. The baby wakes up and Robin asks Liz to feed her. Robin says she has errands to run and rushes off. Liz finds the whole thing odd.

Maxie is still with Jason. She’s convinced Spinelli needs a talking to from Jason. Jason won’t disclose anything to Maxie. Maxie tells Jason about the night she spent with Spinelli right before the arrest. Jason says he made the “choice” to free Spinelli. He advises Maxie to be Spinelli’s “best friend.” Jason tells Maxie to keeps Spinelli calm and things will be fine.

Claudia is at home. The DVD Sonny found on the floor is in his entertainment center. Claudia has no idea. Carly arrives and the two bicker. Sonny arrives and says Carly can visit whenever she wants to. Claudia says Carly wants Sonny back. Carly wonders if she and Sonny should meet at the hotel. Claudia storms off. Carly says Jason and Sonny need to fix their friendship. She and Sonny discuss the guest list for the charity event. Carly says the old days should be remembered – she says Jason and Sonny should “work things out.”

Maxie is at the office talking to Clarice on the phone. Maxie gets rid of Clarice as soon as she can. Matt arrives. He asks Maxie out on a date. Maxie declines. Matt flirts with Maxie.

At GH, Patrick discusses a patient with Epiphany. Patrick says he’s heading home and Epiphany isn’t happy with the news. Patrick says he’s concerned about Robin so Epiphany tells him to go home. Patrick leaves.

Jason loads his gun. Robin comes to the penthouse for a visit. Robin tells Jason about her move. She shows Jason some pictures of the baby. Robin asks Jason about Carly’s PPD when she had Michael. Jason hesitates to give Robin any details. Robin asks Jason about Carly’s symptoms. Jason explains what Carly went through. Robin is a bit judgmental. Jason says Carly was afraid of Michael. Jason tells Robin how “lucky” Emma is. Jason asks Robin if she’s “having problems with Emma.” He tells her to “get help” if necessary. Robin thanks Jason and leaves, claiming to “feel better.”

Liz is at Robin’s house unpacking boxes. Patrick comes home and wonders where Robin is. Liz tells Patrick Robin went out for a little bit. Liz says Robin left as soon as Emma began to cry. Patrick seems worried but he doesn’t say anything.

Maxie is still with Matt. Matt wonders if Maxie is “dating” Spinelli. Maxie says Spinelli is a trusted friend. Spinelli arrives. Matt tells Spinelli that Maxie will always consider him her best friend and nothing more.

Liz arranges the flowers Patrick brought home. Patrick is concerned about Robin. Liz tries to set his mind at ease. Liz gives Patrick the list of where things are in the house. Patrick thanks Liz for her help. Patrick says he’s worried about Robin’s mental state.

Jason gets a visit from Sonny. Sonny tells Jason about Spinelli’s visit. Sonny asks Jason if he “made a deal to save Spinelli.” Jason admits he did. Sonny asks if Jason sacrificed him for Spinelli

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