GH Update Wednesday 1/14/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/14/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie

Carly asks Alexis what she can do for her. Alexis says that she thought they could go over a few details about the divorce. Carly asks if she should be discussing that with her attorney. Alexis says that she is there because she cares about her friend. Jax says that it is very nice and the feeling is mutual.

Robin and Patrick check out the house. Robin asks when Patrick thinks they can move in and says that she has a good feeling about it and they should call the realtor. Patrick tells Robin to slow down and asks her why she is pushing so hard.

Jerry tells Claudia that she will sleep sounder when she finds it.

Spinelli says that he was concerned about Jason.

Robin says that she is very motivated to get out of the apartment. Patrick says that they should look around first.

Alexis apologizes for overstepping. Jax says that whatever goes on between him and Carly is a personal matter. Alexis says that she is going to leave now. Jax says that Alexis probably thinks they spent the night together and Carly asks why he didn’t tell Alexis she was wrong.

Claudia asks why Kate is in her bedroom. Kate says that Claudia doesn’t share that room with Sonny. Claudia says that the guards shouldn’t have let Kate in and Kate says that Sonny has made it perfectly clear that she is welcome there.

Maxie says that she can’t believe that Spinelli isn’t returning her phone calls. Lulu reminds Maxie that she tore Spinelli’s heart out and bludgeoned it. Maxie reminds Lulu that they have to pay the rent today and Lulu says that she only has half. Johnny says that he will pay Lulu’s half of the rent because he still has some money left from the lease refund, but Lulu says no.

Jason tells Spinelli that the situation is being handled and that is all he needs to know. Jason tells Spinelli not to do anymore hacking into any files especially government files. Jason says that he relied on Spinelli too much and he lost sight of what working for him could cost Spinelli. Spinelli says that Jason didn’t force him into anything, but Jason says that he took advantage of Spinelli. Jason apologizes and says that there will be no more talking about business and no more questions.

Lucky and Sam talk about the previous night. Lucky says that Jason will probably twist the law to get Spinelli out of any trouble that he is in. Sam asks Lucky if he wants to help her fill out the application for her P.I. License. Lucky asks if it occurred to her to discuss it with him first.

Patrick and Robin talk about the house. Patrick says that they could continue to look, but the house is good. Robin says that she loves the house and the neighborhood. Robin says that she wants to move in as soon as possible.

Kate says that next time she will just have Sonny come to her. Claudia says that Kate can be Sonny’s mistress, but that means that she doesn’t barge into the bedroom and stays out of the wife’s face. Kate says that she will be sure to tell Sonny that Claudia was searching his bedroom and leaves.

Carly asks Jax why he let Alexis believe that they spent the night together when they didn’t. Jax says that he doesn’t have to explain his personal life to Alexis. Carly realizes that Jax is paying Alexis a lot of money to stall the divorce. Jax says that he believes they have a good shot at getting back together or at least moving in the right direction. Jax says that he has to get back to the hotel. Carly thanks him for coming by to set up Morgan’s v-tech v-motion.

Sam says that it didn’t occur to her to consult Lucky because it is a life decision about her that has to be made by her. Lucky says that he thought that them being a couple meant that all important decisions affected them both. Lucky says that he thinks the P.I. License is only to justify putting herself in dangerous situations.

Spinelli scares Claudia and she tells him that the next time he needs to use the doorbell.

Jason tells Bernie that he needs information about who the Zacchara’s are working with and what is on the ships that they are landing, but the shipments are not to be intercepted. Carly shows up and apologizes for not setting up a meeting for him the previous night. Jason asks Carly if she and Jax are getting back together and she says that she is hopeful. Carly says that she came to remind Jason that the benefit to kick off the Michael Corinthos Fund for Pediatric Head Injuries is the following night and she expects a big fat donation.

Claudia apologizes for snapping at Spinelli and says that Jason made a lot of trouble for Sonny by blowing up the shipment. Claudia tells Spinelli to go away and not come back until the confrontation is over. Spinelli asks Claudia to have Sonny call him and says that it is a matter of utmost importance. Claudia says that she can ask, but she can’t guarantee that Spinelli will hear from Sonny.

Sam tells Lucky that she is a fiercely independent woman with very limited job prospects and being a P.I. is one of the things that she is actually suited for. Alexis shows up and Lucky leaves.

Robin and Patrick talk about buying a house. Elizabeth shows up. Robin and Patrick tell Liz that they just bought the house. Patrick says that he is going to the garage and Robin asks what they have done.

Lulu says that she was told not to accept any excuses about the sketches being late. Lulu asks Carly if she can borrow some money because Maxie insists on paying the rent early and she is a little short. Carly says that Lulu can have whatever she wants. Lulu tells Carly that Johnny is out getting a job.

Epiphany tells Johnny that he should take some classes at the junior college since he has no experience. Epiphany says that she wishes she could hire him and that she will keep his information on file and let him know if anything changes. Johnny asks for the truth and Epiphany says that with no experience and education he really doesn’t have a chance.

Alexis and Sam talk about the P.I. License. Alexis says that if Sam wants it she should go for it. Alexis says that she will help in any way that she can. Alexis tells Sam that Spinelli might be in serious trouble. Sam says that she already knows and thanks Alexis for telling her.

Spinelli shows up to see Maxie. They talk about Jason. Maxie says that Jason wanted to make sure that Spinelli was safe and that Spinelli should let him.

Lulu calls the hospital and talks to Epiphany about Johnny’s interview. Johnny comes home and asks Lulu if she can come up with a good enough excuse to ditch “Crimson” for the rest of the day because he wants to spend as much time with her as possible because he got a job at the hospital.

Jerry tells Claudia that she will find what she is looking for in Sonny’s study.

Robin says that the apartment was too small. Liz says that if you do just one thing at a time, everything eventually gets done. Patrick says that he is going to the hardware store to make sure they are stocked up for the storm. Liz tells him to check her garage first so they aren’t buying duplicates. Liz tells them to call if they need anything. Robin says that moving in there is going to fix everything.

Jason says that his arrangement with the FBI won’t stay a secret if they keep showing up at his door. Jason says that if he had information already he would call and make arrangements to meet somewhere. Agent Rayner says that a truck carrying cargo from the Equinox Defense Analysis and Construction Corporation was hijacked. Agent Rayner tells Jason to find out if Sonny did it on Anthony’s behalf. Jason says that he will ask around. Agent Rayner says that they need Jason to recover the shipment as soon as possible.

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